“I am a Good Boy Sir” – Nathan Wonder to Cade…

Cade Maddox is having a great time with submissive Good Boy Nathan Wonder. Let’s join them!

Cade Maddox is making some good stuff that suits my desires and fantasies. Frankly, I enjoyed his latest video starring with Nathan Wonder.

I like how Cade Maddox plays the dominant role in this video. I am pretty convinced that Cade is naturally dominant regardless of having sex in front of cameras or not. Maybe because that is how I behave, be it sexually in bed or in general with my partner(s). Many people believe that a dominant partner is rough in sex. This is not a scientific claim, and I don’t have any statistics to back it up. However, I have a reasonably long experience, at least when it comes to finding a compatible sexual partner in our gay world. Like Cade Maddox, I am dominant but not rough.

One should not confuse “passionate” with “rough” either. The urge to penetrate as deep as possible during an act of sexual penetration is part of our instinct. We are not much (if any) different to animals. The desire to perform penetration in a way to please both partners and in the form to initiate the partner’s response is what I would call “passion”. Doing it without any concerns about your partner’s (bottom’s) feelings (physical and mental) is being “rough” (if that is the way you achieve climax and ejaculation).

A dominant partner is the one that governs, prevails and controls in a way that is not selfish and is looking for a mutual sexual climax and satisfaction. A rough partner (particularly top) is narcissistic and only has one thing on his mind – to empty his balls. Unless there are two compatible partners- a bottom willing and enjoying being fucked roughly.

Yes, I just realised that I am talking too much. Let’s get back to Cade Maddox and Nathan Wonder and their bed gymnastics!

Cade Maddox and Nathan Wonder - scene from a gay porn video


I am a Good Boy Sir

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