Breaking Now! Johnny fucks Zach Covington!

The latest release. Right now – Johnny Ford seduces and fucks young Zach Covington!

The latest news from a vibrant gay porn scene is not a sensation but is worth mentioning. Now, we can watch Johnny Ford seducing and fucking young Zach Covington! My first reaction is – I am very jealous of you, Johnny. Young Zach is a cute, attractive, smooth-bottom gay boy.

What would you do if given a chance to meet young Zach Covington? I am going to spice this hot production with some of my fantasies. Do you fantasise when watching porn? Most of the time, I do. I understand producers must pack as much action as possible in one video. However, I am an old-school gay boy. I love the story behind every fuck. A story I can remember later.

Do you know when you spot someone in a bar and are keen to pick him up? First, you try to make that all-important eye contact and to see if there is any chance of getting a response. What do you know about that person? One vast and empty nothing. Usually, I fill that open space with my imagination. Once you get into conversation with your “pray”, you start getting a partial picture of the person. Based on that, you build more of your imagination…

What if I try to make a story about what happened before cameras were switched on and two gay lovers got into each other on the bed? Let’s make our own gay porn story before we watch the video! I am going to try!


The healthy sexual fantasy that makes you horny with your eyes closed

Johnny is a good-looking guy in his mid-forties. He is a regular visitor to the local gym but is not into bodybuilding. That is his way of maintaining good health, fitness and fabulous physique. His beard-framed face does not signal his sexual preference. Johnny is gay. He is the “predator” top only for bed gymnastics and other activities. Johnny was exceptionally horny this morning and decided to leave office early.

Zach is a fresh country boy that just arrived in the city and is still settling down. He got up mid-morning and decided to get out and check out his new neighbourhood. Zach is a red-haired and bearded student. He is a sensible young gay guy who is just starting to find his new freedoms in a big city. Zach walks into the coffee shop and orders his espresso while casually glancing around to see who else is in. He noticed Johnny, who had just settled in with his cappuccino. Johnny looks very similar to Zach’s mathematics teacher back in his little town. He always had a crush on his teacher. Zach settled in a corner opposite Johnny.

Johnny noticed the young lad that had just walked into the shop. There was something attractive in him—a slim body and boyish face despite trying to look older with his beard. Johnny’s body and mind immediately responded with a healthy erection. It is time for action, old boy.

Look at my eyes

Two lads enjoyed their coffees, and shortly after, their eyes met. Zach quickly turned to the other side but could not resist looking toward Johnny soon after. Johnny was still looking at him. Zach did not know how to respond and looked at the floor. It is time to act now, Johnny! If you want to fuck this beautiful young guy. Johnny took the cup in his hands and walked towards Zach’s table. “Hello… May I?” He did not wait for permission to sit down. Something was telling him that he had just got a new pray.

Eh, I just realised that I might be talking too much, and you want to see some graphics from the video. Fine… Fine. I do get boring sometimes. Before I show you the photos, I need to apologise for the quality; that is the best I could do when capturing them on my screen. There must be a better way to do it. Any suggestions?

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Before I provide another link for those who want to see it all and uncensored, out of my own curiosity. Did you like my story? Let me know in the “comments” box please

Johnny fucks Zach Covington

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