New Service Bitch Enzo screwed behind the scene

Fresh Release by The Bro Network & Masqulin starring Clark Delgaty and Enzo Muller

The video about new Service Bitch Enzo being screwed behind the scene by a top dog Clark. Have you ever managed to get inside a gay club during the daytime? Have you ever been curious about what is behind the scene in so many dark areas of a standard gay club? Maybe your questions will be answered by this video. Do you know who is the service bitch in your local gay club? The ultimate question might be – do you go to gay clubs anymore? Here, in Sydney, gay clubs are closed because of the lack of crowd. How about your town?

Enzo Muller is fresh-faced and inexperienced. When he arrives at the club, he immediately encounters top-dog Clark Delgaty. Enzo is unsure what to expect. Enzo is not from the city but is eager and excited and wants to do well. Clark is not sure about him but agrees to show fresh-meat Enzo some moves and heads on stage to work the pole. Enzo takes a turn on stage to show the crowd what he has made of, to little fanfare. Clark insists he sees exactly what he is working with. Enzo is a little shy, but Clark promises that a cock ring will give him the confidence he needs.

Enzo is the club’s new Service Bitch, and Clark orders him to suck his dick. Enzo goes to town on Clark’s big uncut French Canadian cock. Deep-throating and face fucking him backstage. Clark fucks his sweet bubble ass and climbs on top, riding him, and Clark glands Enzo, who shoots a massive load on his smooth stomach before he finishes all over Enzo’s face.

The picture quality is also impressive, considering the environment in which this video was produced. It brings you the feeling of sweat mixing with surrounding dust. You can almost smell the fresh sperm shooting all over the bitch’s face.

Let’s see the Service Bitch in some action


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