Explicit – Adam Killian & Shae Reynolds fuck raw

Another Hot Production by Lucas Entertainment starring Adam Killian and Shae Reynolds

Adam Killian and Shae Reynolds bring some life to a rainy and dull Sunday afternoon in Sydney, Australia. It is time for another of my gay adult production reviews. This one was pretty good. Do you like daddy-type shafting a young slim, and smooth gay boy? You will like this one then. I will love to know if this type of scenario is more popular with daddy-type guys or with gay guys enjoying being handled by a daddy-type? Please don’t be shy; let us know in the comments block.

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Shae Reynolds is a horny bitch who is always ready to drop to his knees to service some dick. And if that dick belongs to a daddy, he will be attentive. Because Shae loves pleasuring an older man with his ass and mouth. For those that watched this production, it is evident that this young queer bitch is a male nymphomaniac. His holes are screaming for someone to fill them with his cock. And to populate them with his hot sperm.

I am not sure if I am really into this type of scenario. For some reason, I am having a problem seeing myself as a daddy-type guy. Yes, I am top only. I am also hairy. Not as hairy as Adam Killian, but I am hairy for sure. A couple of years ago, I did not have a body similar to his. However, even my body shape is similar. And indeed, I like bottoms with the look and feel presented by Shae Reynolds. This production made me comfortable accepting the role of a daddy-type partner. That certainly made me enjoy this production.

Photos of Shae Reynolds

That’s exactly what he does with Adam Killian, who gives his big fat dick to Shae for some full-attention service. But first, both guys love ass-eating; the licking action is incredible between these two. One of Shae’s favorite positions is doggy style; he gets on all fours so Adam Killian can get in him deep and reach his prostate. Well, a bit deeper than prostate. For tops that are not aware of that – prostate is located no more than four inches deep.

Photos of Adam Killian

I know you are keen to see some good gay bareback action, folks. Here it is:

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