Fresh and Smoot Fernando Ragel & Cade Maddox

Featuring: Cade Maddox, Fernando Ragel

This production was published on June 13. 2022 and is currently available. I enjoyed watching it and might watch it again. This would be highly unusual for me. I don’t usually watch anything and especially porn more than once. Maybe because I certainly find young, fresh and smooth Fernando Ragel very attractive. I would top him any time. In my dreams of course. Well… Some years ago that would be a quite reasonable statement. However… You know what I want to say…

Cade Maddox has picked a perfect partner, as far as I am concerned. I regularly review production by and there is no reason to repeat some things about him. He is not new in this business of gay porn production and content creation. Cade Maddox is, what they say, an old hand in this. His cock is as impressive as some time ago when I watch one of his earlier production.

The young Fernando Ragel is a good-looking man. I know I am biased when it comes to bottoms but he would score well in my books. He is slim. It appears that he is naturally smooth (including his pink boy-pussy.

The review

I am sure you are longing to see nude photos of Fernando Ragel. I have to apologize for the quality of those photographs. I hope I would be able to get better quality photos in the future. So, ladies and gentlemen, please watch Cade Maddox fucking fresh and smooth Fernando Ragel and enjoy.

Fernando Ragel chocking on Cade Maddox cock

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If you chose to watch it, please let the rest of us know some details. Did you like this latest gay porn content production? Did you watch it alone or with a partner… perhaps in a larger group? How often do you treat yourself with some hot gay porn? Please use the comments box to share your answers with the rest of us

Cade Maddox topping Fernando Ragel

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