Is Anon Cum-Dump just a fantasy?

Cade Maddox & Anon Bottom in the “Anon Cum-Dump”

It was a hot and humid night. I hate sleeping while air-conditioning is switched on. It was very early morning. You can call it very late in the night too. Just after 3 am. I woke up and knew immediately that sleeping for the night was over. I stretched myself while still in the bed. My cock was hard as a rock. It is a shame not to be able to have a good night of sleep after my last day before the holidays—anyway, no drama as I am just starting two weeks of holiday. Christmas break provides nice rest.

There is no point staying in bed. I slept without clothes, and my cock was swinging widely as I walked to the kitchen. It is very early coffee time this morning. I was having a cup of coffee just moments later. My cock was still hard. I scratched my balls thinking – I turned forty this year, and my sex drive is better now than when I was a teenager. During that time, one thing changed for sure. It is much easier to find another gay guy for sex now than ever before. All that is thanks to technology. Networking…

Living in Darlinghurst in Sydney makes it even easier. This Sydney suburb has the highest share of gay men in Sydney. It is probably true even on a federal level. How many times have I picked up just walking from shopping? An eye contact… another eye contact… smile… “hi”… the next thing is we are kissing on my bed. And more than just kissing, as you would know. I love kissing. Do you?

Anon Bottom

My stubborn cock finally changed to its normal state. What was that erection all about? I am alone in the apartment. I did not have any erotic dreams either… It was very relaxing standing in the hot shower for a while. What am I going to do this early? Well, my phone was on the table. I turned on the app that helps so many gay guys meet. I don’t know how good it is for dating, but a quick hookup is perfect.

Quick browsing just to see who is on. One profile stood out. Anon Bottom was the name. He was only around four hundred meters away. Young, slim and smooth bottom. Perfect match for me. I started conversation. He did not mind that I am twenty years older than him. Apparently he is in his room and taking anonymous gay guys fucking him all night.

I was not sure about that offer. I prefer one on one and with a lot of foreplay, kissing… You know what I am about. However, my cock was hard again and pushing me through the door. I got the address, dressed and went out.

Illustration for a homoerotic story - Anon cum-dump and video with the same name. Anonimous young gay guys being fucked by a group of people - porno
Anon cum dump

Homoerotic story

I will keep the rest of the story for myself. Photos above should be good enough to give you an idea of what sort of a gay porn I just reviewed. As I said, the story is mine.

This production can be tagged as: gay sex, anal sex, bareback, anon… Acting was decent. I think it is worth having a look at it. Probably more suitable for solo viewing.

Cade Maddox & Anon Bottom

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