Inter-racial – Gay boy Tayler Wu sex in Turkey

My sexual adventures – Hot Gay Air Crew Member in Turkey – Istanbul

A young Air Crew Member from China was excited about his first deployment on the international routes. His name is Tayler Wu. Tayler has been with this airline for several years but could not get to be selected for one of their crews operating on international connections. Finally, he has succeeded and is very excited about the whole trip.

“Sleeping with that gay guy making rosters was the right thing to do” – went through his mind as the crew started preparing for landing in Istanbul, Turkey. He was a bit tired from the trip that lasted just over eight hours. However, he will have a full day and night break before boarding his next flight. He was keen to get to know Istanbul if possible in that short period.

The last passenger left the plane, and crew members could finally relax. Tayler Wu was the youngest among them. They all grabbed their luggage and headed out. Border crossing for crew members was relatively straightforward and quick. Tayler did not have much baggage. Just as every other crew member. Minibus taking the crew to their hotel was already waiting, and they boarded it quickly.

The crew’s room keys were ready, and everyone grabbed their keys and went to their rooms. Tyler was longing for a shower after a long shift. He was pleased with his room and undressed immediately and walked into the shower. He was trying to adjust the water when he realised that the cold water tap was stuck. Tayler walked out of the shower and called reception. They said that someone would be with him shortly. Tayler wrapped a towel around his body, and just a few moments later, someone knocked on the door.

“Mr. Tyler Wu” – asked young strong looking guy in an overall.

“Yes. Please come in” – Tyler was quick to let the young serviceman in his room. He explained what was the problem and serviceman went to the shower. Tyler liked the young guy. Problem was fixed quickly and serviceman came out of the bathroom.

“It is my first time in Istanbul” – Tyler said looking at serviceman packing his tools. Their eyes met briefly.

“Oh, I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Please let me know if you need anything else” Serviceman looked straight into Tyler’s eyes. It was that kind of a look. You know… Yes, indeed, he was interested… However, the service members quickly left the room, and Tyler rushed to the bathroom. Yes, if you wanted to know, his cock was hard.

“I wish I had asked him to stay and have a drink,” Tyler thought loudly. Wow, Turkish boy! And he missed to get him. He looked as interested. After turning the TV on, Tyler finished showering and lay down on the sofa. The room was warm, and he lay naked. Tired from a long flight, Tyler soon started sleeping.

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