The best gay locker-room tales – Threesome

Gay tales from the local locker room! It is even better than that – we are about to watch a gay threesome in the locker-room

We are back to another set of gay tales from the locker room. A gay threesome in the locker room is on the menu today. It was prepared for you by Falcon Studios. Hot Taylor Reign will have his ass and mouth filled with horny fuckers Bruce Beckham and Drake Von. Don’t get embarrassed by your erection in the locker room. There are not one but two doctors to care for your gay sexual desires. Have you ever had your erection exposed in a locker room? Maybe somewhere else? You are welcome to share your gay only sexual desires here. That is why we are here after all. Come on!

According to Porn hub insights, the locker room appears to be at the bottom of the top twenty most popular searches regarding gay porn. I just checked that and must admit to being surprised. It is not at the top of my search words, but it would not be so low. What is your favourite?

Most Popular Gay Searches
Most popular gay searches

What is your most popular search for gay porn?

What is your most popular search for gay porn?

I am reviewing a lot of gay porn, as you probably noticed. Yes, I am trying to cover most, if not all, categories of gay porn, but your input and suggestions would be welcome. I want to thank you for filling out the survey on the left.

The list of the most common searches above is based on previous surveys and the popularity of specific search terms regarding gay porn. You might notice that many people are using it for straight/gay sexual encounters. Is that still the case today? Let’s find out.

Let’s get back to the video produced by Falcon Studios and starring Bruce Beckham, Taylor Reign and Drake Von

Bruce Beckham

According to Pornhub, he is ranked 150 among gay porn stars. So far, he has attracted 5.8 million video views and 4.1 thousand subscribers. These numbers are impressive by any standards. Bruce Beckham is also active on his OnlyFans platform. He is 6’0″ (183 cm) tall and weighs 195 lbs. (88 kg) from New York. For those looking, Bruce is single. All videos starring Bruce show him as the gay top guy. Many videos are describing him as a gay daddy. He is undoubtedly a daddy with a big curvy cock.

Taylor Reign

Professional faggot, known to make art and passionate connections. The exhibition, Kinks, Bareback, Groups, Leather & Porn, & Exhibition are just some of my interests. Check out my videos here and at TaylorReign.XXX

Taylor Reign

Born in October 1990, Taylor is a very experienced gay porn actor. His career spans back to 2011. It would be fair to classify him as a versatile bottom. Ranked 88 among gay porn stars by Pornhub, Taylor Reign attracted 7.3 million video views and two thousand subscribers. Would I fuck him if there is a chance? You bet I would.

Drake Von

Born in November 2002, Drake Von joined the gay porn scene in 2021 at nineteen. Out of thirty-two roles he played for various gay porn studios; Drake was bottom only once! It is pretty evident to me that this boy is a top. He is American, 5’8″ tall and weight 145 lbs. (66 kg)

Gay Tales from the locker room 3 – Falcon Studios – Official description

Football twink Drake Von is embarrassed when he pops a boner in front of muscular doctors Bruce Beckham and Taylor Reign. However, both docs assure the hung athlete that he has nothing to be ashamed of and they want to examine his bushy hard-on further. With Drake’s girthy dick being so fat that it requires both medical men’s oral attention. They begin sucking him off before working their way to his fur-lined hole.

Drake then gets a chance to show off his tongue’s talents as he rims both bent-over physicians. Still, in the team’s locker room, Drake and Bruce start stuffing Taylor at both ends, each taking turns to bareback the doctor’s ass. Getting double-teamed by the young jock and the daddy doctor has Dr Reign cumming all over his stomach with Drake and Dr Beckham, then unloading themselves on bottom’s face and still-stiff dick.

My rating for Tales from the locker room 3 – Another solid production by Falcon Studios in every sense. All three actors performed well too. I am happy to rate it with four stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gay Threesome on Snowmobile – Winter Skyy Riders

Threesome on Snowmobile! Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion are bringing winter gay sex to your monitors in Winter Skyy Riders. Time to watch Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark, and Tayler Tash fuck on a snowmobile

Threesome! Something many of us dream about often but participate in rarely or never. What is the probability of a threesome among the gay population? Is that probability higher among gay guys, or is it more prevalent among straight people? I don’t think that anybody can answer these questions accurately. Is that important? I don’t think so. Have you ever fucked outdoors in the wintertime? I enjoy winter fucks, but these are always in the warmth of my bed. Winter Skyy Riders are bringing us a gay outdoor threesome on a snowmobile! Guys in Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion have good gay sex imagination.

Outdoor sex is another thing that is much more often part of our fantasies but not something we practice often. If ever. I might be wrong, though. If you scroll through your local Grindr, at least one person will suggest some gay sex activities outdoors. I suppose that sex in car qualifies as outdoors sex. Please let me know what your take on this is.

Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion assembled an excellent cast of gay porn actors to produce this video. Everything is done professionally. It is hard to find any faults in this production. Gay porn actors Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark and Tayler Tash performed very well. Keep in your mind that fucking on a snowmobile is not something bound to be comfortable. Particularly outdoors during winter.

Winter Skyy Riders – Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark and Tayler Tash – Official description

Snowmobiling studs Skyy Knox and Gabriel Clark went behind a random building for a public quickie without realising that horny security guard Tayler Tash was monitoring the area. After walking up to Skyy, who has a mouth full of Gabriel, Tayler takes both men inside and begins to pump Skyy full of his meat. Tayler barebacks Skyy’s muscular ass and only pulls out for Gabriel to suck him off to get a tease of what Skyy’s hole tastes like.

With both tops sitting on the snowmobile, Skyy gets a workout as he repeatedly moves back and forth between sitting on each of their stiff cocks. A few more pumps into Skyy have Gabriel busting a nut right before Skyy unloads some cum for Gabriel to lick up, and Tayler finishes all over Skyy’s face.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gay Tales from the Locker Room – Mk III

The Locker Room Tales are among the most popular among gay consumers of pornography. What are the latest tales from the Locker Room between Devin Franco and Jordan Starr? Let’s find out!

Locker Room seems to be an enormous source of gay tales, rumours and fantasies. There should be no surprises about that. Nowhere else but in the locker room can you be nude in the presence of unknown guys. The locker room is one of the few places where you can walk around naked in the company of strangers. Devin Franco and Jordan Starr are not strangers to each other, though. Let’s find out their (not so) secret story from the locker room in Falcon Studios’ production.

Devin Franco is one of the most productive gay porn actors and content creators today. According to a reliable source, Devin was born in 1989 and joined the gay porn industry relatively late, at 27, in 2016. He was part of over two hundred projects! Devin is a natural gay bottom boy but is more than capable of performing as a top. This born exhibitionist is 5’10” (178 kg) tall and 154 lbs. (70 kg) in weight. Beautiful well looked after naturally smooth body would make any top horny. If you are looking for a kinky sex buddy, then Devin Franco would be the right choice for you.

Jordan Starr is a somewhat mysterious young gay porn actor. I cannot provide much information about him except that he joined the gay porn industry in 2021. Jordan has participated in around forty gay porn projects so far, proving his popularity. Versatile but mostly a top gay boy. I promise to do more research and bring more information about him.

Tales from the Locker Room 3 starring Devin Franco and Jordan Starr – Falcon Studios production – The official description

Custodian Jordan Starr rarely works overtime, but he always manages to clock in a few extra hours if he can catch Coach Devin Franco alone in his office. With no one else in the building, the two hunks get to ripping their clothes off, licking pits, and sucking dick right in Devin’s open doorway. Devin’s legs get thrown in the air as the eager janitor rims him and slides his girthy cock in his hole. Knowing that Devin’s hungry for more than just his hog, Jordan grabs a bucket and a mop for Devin’s wet ass busy and fucks the coach with the mop’s wooden handle before sticking his bareback meat back in Devin’s horny hole.

Devin’s championship trophies watch over him as he gets rammed all over his desk, and Jordan strokes off the coach’s big dick until he’s busting all over himself. Both men taste Devin’s load as the drained bottom drops to rim Jordan and take a creamy facial from his custodian cock.

This is another completely well done production by Falcon Studios. Two stars performance could not be faulted. I am so happy to award my second five stars in this brand new year. Gay porn industry is getting better and better.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In Winter Skyy Riders – Skyy succumbs to Kenzo

In the latest Winter Skyy Riders, we watch Skyy Knox succumbs to his boyfriend’s Kenzo Alvarez sexual desires. The Winter gay saga continues

Welcome to Winter Skyy Riders series, produced and distributed by Falcon Studio and Raging Stallion studio, is bringing us more hot gay sex and good gay porn for long and cold winter nights. Do you watch gay porn more often during winter? Australian winter is not as cold as winter up north, but still, it is a better time for some hot gay porn watching. Nothing beats winter cuddle in a warm bed. Let’s watch Skyy Knox succumbs to his boyfriend’s Kenzo Alvarez sexual desires and demands. If you don’t mind, of course.


Winter Skyy Riders is a series of hot gay porn scenes in different videos. I am reviewing Scene No. 3, starring Skyy Knox and Kenzo Alvarez. This is ongoing production. So far, we have enjoyed watching some great gay porn actors. Gabriel Clark, Drew Dixon, Tayler Tash, Benjamin Blue and Tony D’Angelo also starred in the series. Iza Elle and Ralph North are directors behind the scenes. Executive Producer is Tim Valenti

Skyy Knox is a very successful gay porn actor. He is French Canadian, 5’11” (180 cm) tall and weighing 160 lbs (73 kg). Skyy has been part of the gay porn industry since 2016 and was nominated for numerous awards. In 2022 he won the HOTTEST BODY Grabby award. He is versatile but performs as a bottom more often.  

Kenzo Alvarez is Latino gay boy from Canada. His gay porn actor career started in 2017, and so far, he has appeared in over twenty productions by established gay porn studios. Kenzo is posting his gay porn content on OnlyFans and JustForFans platforms. Simply, gay sex is his pleasure and job.

Winter Skyy Riders – starring Sky Knox and Kenzo Alvarez – Falcon Studio and Raging Stallion Studio production – the official description

After a romantic night by the campfire, lovers Skyy Knox and Kenzo Alvarez head inside to take a steamy dip in their room’s hot tub. Already hard, Kenzo pulls down his swim shorts and begins to fill up Skyy’s gaping, gagging mouth. Skyy finally gets a second to breathe when Kenzo redirects his attention to the muscle hunk’s tight ass.

The intense bareback drilling from the ripped top causes waves to splash up against the men’s bodies as Skyy lets out some deep moans. Now laying over the side of the tub, Skyy takes his hand to his stiff cock and strokes out some hot ropes before going down to deepthroat his top’s dick and lick up every last drop of cum that spills out of it.

Solid production by experienced crew and professional support by well established gay porn studios. Nice video to watch during long winter evenings. All three scenes are commendable. Maybe you should add it to your gay porn video library. I would.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Tristan Hunter – Best of Gay Porn Flip Fucker

Tristan Hunter is a household name for several gay porn studios. Here is a compilation of some of his best porn scenes by Falcon® Studios

Tristan Hunter is the focus of this review covering this compilation of some of his best sex scenes by Falcon® Studios.


Falcon® Studios is not the only gay porn studio with Tristan Hunter on its list of stars. However, they recognised how popular he was and how valuable is his contribution to their success. They publish this video compilation with some of the best sex scenes filmed by Tristan Hunter for their studios. That is not just a good business decision but also a recognition of this young gay porn star.

wake up smoke play with my tits 🤌🏼

Originally tweeted by Tristan Hunter (@TristanHunterXX) on 4 August 2022.

Flip fucker as he is, Tristan can fulfil almost any director’s vision. This versatile gay boy has covered many roles and genres with ease and plenty of charm.

Tristan Hunter was born in 1992. He is an American. Tristan is relatively small but nicely built. He is 5’9” (176cm) tall and weighs 140 lbs (64kg). Has no tattoos or piercings.

Tristan resides in Las Vegas and, apart from filming for several gay porn studios, has his account on OnlyFans and is active on Twitter.

Best Tristan Scenes – Compilation by Falcon® Studios

Enjoy this compilation of the best scenes from Tristan Hunter 00:00 – Falcon LIVE: 4 The Fans; 03:00 – Men’s Briefs; 06:00 – Work from Home; 09:00 – Dirty Intern; 12:00 – Get Wet; 15:00 – Making the Grade; 18:00 – The Pledge; 21:00 – Let’s Get Quenched!

Categories covered by this compilation: Anal Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Sex Toys, Threesome

As you can see, there is something for almost every sexual desire or taste. I enjoyed watching this young, slim and smooth flip fucker goes through various gay sex scenes with easy and smile. Who would not want to have him in his bed. I can recommend this video without any hesitation. It is as versatile as its main star. Please feel free to comment and share your impression about this video and our great gay porn actor.

Cade Maddox Christmas cumming in Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign is saving Christmas by bottoming for Cade Maddox – Christmas special from Falcon Studios and Cade Maddox to you

Cade Maddox, Taylor Reign and Falcon Studios have prepared great Christmas presents for all their loyal fans. I am a big fan of Cade Maddox. It is evident just by checking the number of reviews of his videos. Most of these videos have very simple storyline. Some of them don’t have a storyline. Just plain fucking. That is what porn is all about, after all. However, this particular video has a rather interesting story.


Cade and Taylor Reign: Cumming Home for Christmas by Falcon Studios

Taylor Reign is determined to do whatever it takes to save his boss’ struggling family-owned bakery from going out of business. Even if that means bottoming for Cade Maddox, the twisted owner of a confectionery conglomerate that’s attempting to acquire the cake shop only days before Christmas.

Bent over an industrial kitchen counter, Taylor is suddenly filled with the spirit of Christmas as Cade inserts a monstrous candy cane into his raw hole. Having satisfied his sweet tooth, Cade trades the oversized candy for his giant cock. He dominates and pumps Taylor full of his thick dick. Riding Cade atop the kitchen counter has Taylor blowing his load with Cade. He is then standing up to continue pounding the baker’s hole until he’s ready to ice the bottom like a Christmas cake and feed Taylor a taste of his Noel nut.


Grab this video if you like the storyline. Or, maybe you should grab it because you love watching that endless fucking. I liked it for both reasons. Cade Maddox and Taylor Reign worked together to deliver a great video. Are you thinking about what to buy for Christmas for your gay mates? This might be a nice present

“Cumming Home for Christmas” by Falcon Studios

Cumming… I cum… You cum… We are cumming – why is my spell-checker red-faced? What is “cumming”?

“Cumming” –  gerund Slang for reaching (sexual) climax, having an orgasm; ejaculating. Like:

“Oh god I’m cumming”

“I jacked off so hard last night, I was cumming everywhere”

Now it is clear what “cumming” is – I added it to my dictionary. When was the last time you cum? Don’t be shy. After all, we cannot check it out, so you can tell us whatever you want. That is (maybe) a good thing about communicating over “social media”. For cumming, I prefer a bit more direct type of communication.

Let’s move on to the main subject. Christmas is coming! Not only because today is the first day of December. It is mainly because we are getting informed about numerous “Christmas specials” videos from multiple gay porn studios. Did you do your Christmas shopping yet? Frankly, I wouldn’t say I like it. Anyway, please don’t listen to me. Or… not always.


Among other things, Christmas is associated with reunions. Families are coming together. Friends are coming together. It is an excellent time of the year. For any time to be “great”, one must expect some hot fun, like sex. I am not suggesting sex on Christmas evening… Oh, why not exactly? Forget it! There is another thing associated with the period leading to Christmas. It is stress. You know, all that shopping rush, choosing presents…

What is one of the best ways to release stress? Come on, think harder! It is sex stupid. It might be a bit harder to start it when stressed, but once your cock is erect and you are horny, nothing beats sex as a remedy for stress. Yes, I am talking about that great feeling of being tired and relaxed after cumming. What else?

Dakota Payne and Trevor Brooks – “Cumming Home for Christmas” by Falcon Studios

Typical Christmas unique gay porn, folks. Bring your Christmas spirit and enjoy these two studs cumming on and in each other.

SNEAK PEAK… knock… knock

Best of Masyn Thorne: Come and Fuck me now

Compilation of Masyn Thorne videos serves as an invitation by this handsome gay boy. Can you hear his call: Come and fuck me now?

Masyn Thorne got his start in gay porn at the tender age of 18. This bro had a peaceful upbringing riding bikes in the sunshine and making appearances in TV commercials. Now he’s getting fucked like a beast for multiple gay porn studios, including Fraternity X, College Dudes, Naked Sword, Broke Straight Boys, Gay Room, Hot House, Falcon Studios, and several more.

Before getting into porn, he hesitated about coming out of the closet. He lived in a conservative town as a teen. But he wasted no time- one day, he decided to come out…then literally one week later, he got into porn. He’s been in porn for two years and has no plans to stop anytime soon!

Masyn opens up on his biggest turn-ons, his most treasured porn memories, his plans in porn (possibly a bisexual orgy?), and lots more!

You got into porn at 18! Was it something you had wanted to do for a while?

Actually, I had never even thought about it until about one month prior to starting porn. I was working at a gym, and I was making around nine dollars an hour. Also, I really needed extra money and I really didn’t want to work a 9-to-5 anymore at 18. I had been working since high school and I didn’t really plan on going to college. So, I really wanted to branch out and do something fun and different that no one else I knew I had done before.

You came out just one week before getting into porn. What made you go from “I’m gay” to “I’m a porn star!”? That must’ve been quite a transition, yes?

Well, I always knew I was gay, but I was just trying to hide it since I was living in conservative Northern Georgia. And finally, when I did come out, I said, ‘Well, shit is going to hit the fan either way- might as well make a big mess now and clean it up quickly then string it out and have to deal with it later.’ I knew that I always wanted to do something crazy and fun and out of the box, and show people from my small town that traveling and porn and partying and everything that people aren’t used to can be a fun experience if you do it safely and correctly.

What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy?

My ultimate sexual fantasy is to gangbang a girl with some bros! And then maybe even get gangbanged myself by them after…

Favorite spot for your guy to cum?

My mouth!

Masyn Thorne’ Favorite positions?

I love missionary and riding! But when I’m topping, I like to fuck doggy style.

Masyn Thorne Compilation

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Masyn Thorne is very hot and fuckable in all scenes, but I like him bottoming for Cade Maddox. Great video.

Get Funk’d in the Hot House in Porn Shop

Get Funk’d by Reign and Trevor Brooks in Hot House Production

What is “Get Funk’d”? Falcon/NakedSword studio imprint Hot House has released the full version of ‘the 70s-themed title “Get Funk’d.”

Co-directed by Trenton Ducati and Ryan Brian, the first scene was released as a teaser last week. The title features Falcon/NakedSword exclusive Reign, as well as Trevor Brooks, Isaac Parker, Evan Knoxx, Tristan Hunter, Isaiah Taye, Roman Todd, Logan Aarons, and Ethan Sinns.

The title “follows five vacationing couples back to a time when short shorts, tanks, and glistening torsos. Not to mention unprecedented sexual freedom. Each scene features “a new pairing as they venture to Palm Springs’ most sought-after timeshare and begin taking advantage of every room of the beautifully appointed home.”

“We had a great filming location with ‘Get Funk’d’ The biggest standout with this project has to be its cast. Every single one of them delivered a standout performance. I know porn fans are going to love.”

Trenton Ducati

“It’s not easy to constantly one-up yourself with each new movie. However, Trenton Ducati, Ryan Brian, (writer) Ben Rush, and the entire Hot House crew have done it again with ‘Get Funk’d.'”

Tim Valenti – Falcon NakedSword President

Get Funk’d with Reign and Trevor Brooks

Having just arrived for their weekend Palm Springs getaway, Reign and Trevor Brooks immediately ditch their bags. They set out to get into each other’s shorts. Trevor doesn’t waste any time. He drops to his knees and starts servicing Reign’s curved cock on the living room couch.

Reign coaches his man by swallowing his oversized cock before turning him around to rim his hole while Trevor tugs on his cock. Ready for Trevor’s hole to be wrapped around his bareback cock, Reign manhandles the bottom’s naked body as he works his way into his tight ass. The two christen their new weekend abode in permanent positions. Until muscle hunk, Reign pulls out to smother Trevor in jizz, and Trevor is stroking out his creamy load.

“Get Funk’d” is available for digital download and on DVD from the Falcon/NakedSword store.

This hard cock – Give and Take – Falcon Studios

Hard cock for giving and taking. Two versatile gay boys encounter. Michael Boston and Ethan Sinns fuck each other all over the place

Hard cock is for giving and taking if you get two hot gay versatile guys together. “Give and Take” by Falcon Studios. Today we are watching Michael Boston, and Ethan Sinns repeatedly fuck each other. What is your experience with versatile gay guys? I will tell you what my preference is. I prefer a pure bottom to a versatile guy in my bed. Even versatile-bottom is giving me more pleasure than those that are just versatile. Why is that so? I don’t know.

Hard cock before, during and after the milk bath? Have you ever tried a milk bath? I never had that sort of pleasure. Candlelight romance is nothing unusual, but a milk bath is quite something. However, what is a milk bath without a hard cock? Nothing! It is a give-and-take. What is your preferred sexual role? Please participate in the survey! Results might help in making this site more pleasurable for you in the future.

Sexual Preference
Sexual Role Preference

What is your preferred sexual role

What is your preferred sexual role

Let’s get back to “Give and Take” – Hard Cock that is

Pop the cork and drop the lavender-scented bombs! Michael Boston and Ethan Sinns are retiring to an afternoon milk bath for some candlelight and romance. With rose petals floating all around them, Michael’s mouth services every inch of Ethan’s already-hard member before the cock sucker emerges from the creamy bath to bend over for Ethan’s wet tongue and some bareback bath play.

Ready to christen another room of this never-ending Hollywood estate, a versatile Michael takes Ethan downstairs to an ottoman, where he begins stretching and filling his smooth hole. The flip-fucking duo continues to swap positions and roles until each of them is pulling out to spread their milky seed.

How did you like “Give and Take”? Hard cock by Falcon Studios. If you are gay and versatile you will probably like it.

New dose of Gay Porn – Hookups and Fuck downs

The latest gay links to some hot porn by Raging Stallion Studios – Bare: Hookups and Fuck downs

Welcome back to my today’s gay porn review. What are we watching today? It is production by Raging Stallion Studios called “Bare: Hookups and Fuck downs”. Are you going to watch it with your partner? Is he just another hookup from Grindr or someone more regular? Unfortunately, most of gay porn is watched by gay guys solo. In any case, take your clothes off and grab that bottle of lube. I find fucking guy in sling very hot and exciting. Do you?

How do you like your bottom being in a sling and willing to take that cock of yours? Sling is something one expects to find in gay spas/saunas. In some dark room. Some group action is also standard for that situation. However, how often do you see gay porn that shows fucking in a sling? It is not very rare but is not common. Sling is at the centre stage in “Bare: Hookups and Fuck downs” production. However, this sling is not in the sauna, and the room is not dark. I like that idea of getting sling out of the environment everyone is used to.

The storyline

Horny Colton Reece and sexy Beaux Banks waste no time getting each other out of their clothes. Beaux goes for it first and pulls Colton’s jeans to his ankles to reveal his thick, big dick. He gets straight to working his mouth all around Colton’s shaft.

When Colton sees how much Beaux loves sucking cock, he grabs the back of Beaux’s head and holds it down to the base of his dick, making Beaux gag. Beaux pushes Colton back into a sling to keep deepthroating his monster cock.

When Colton wants a taste, Beaux climbs into the sling and sits on Colton’s face. In a passionate 69, Beaux gags himself on Colton’s cock while Colton uses his tongue to probe Beaux’s smooth hole.

Beaux wants more, so he spins around in the sling and impales himself on Colton’s fat penis. Showcasing his expert bottoming skills, Beaux grabs onto the frame of the sling and bounces as hard as he can on Colton’s cock. He keeps riding until Colton switches it up and gets out of the sling to fuck Beaux, delivering all-out drilling.

Use this link to buy some lube, and you will make at least three queers happy

Colton keeps pounding Beaux hard until his cock is ready to burst, and he sprays Beaux’s hole with a thick load. He then takes his spent cock and glides it back into Beaux’s hole to help him get to the edge, where Beaux strokes out a thick load that lands all over his heaving abs. Colton makes sure to lick up the leftovers and seal it with a kiss with the taste of sperm.


The whole production is well done, and actors Beaux Banks and Colton Reece contributed to that good result greatly.

My credits also go to the rest of the team. Simple but effective storyline, great photography and quality of video. Overall, another great production by Raging Stallion Studios.

Horny Tristan & Luke – By Falcon Studios

Tristan Hunter and Luke Truong – Hot and horny – Gay dream scenario – Hot day around Swimming Pool

I am greeting you all, folks! Just out of curiosity – Are there any of my followers from Gay Matters ( among readers of this article? That site had to be closed after great eight years. I hope to welcome at least some of my loyal followers from that site.

It is time to stop browsing through some memories and do this review for you folks. Those who know me will realize that both actors starring in this video are my type to say so. I did enjoy watching it and am convinced that many of you would enjoy it just as much.

So, what is the story?

Title: Wet Heat

That does not need much explanation. As I said before, the story is centred around a rather lovely swimming pool on a hot sunny day. Two young lads are as hot as that summer day. Not to mention that they are both very horny and not hiding it. You would not expect that in any gay porn video anyway. When we get horny and show it, we offer our pride. I guess tops are also showing their manly pride and love making tool. Bottom, it is a wild guess now are showing their interest. I might be a rude top, but I am not bad – I always take care of my bottoms.

Description (provided by Falcon Studios)

Tristan Hunter is already soaked from skinny dipping all afternoon. Seeing a completely naked Luke Truong swim around has only made him wetter. Sitting on the edge of the pool, Tristan grabs the back of Luke’s head as the young twink bobs up and down on his long cock. Ready to get barebacked, Luke’s entire body glistens while he rises out of the water and onto a beach towel.

He smiles from ear to ear as his legs are thrown in the air. Tristan pumps himself eagerly into his smooth hole. Now passionately drilling Luke against a rock, Tristan pulls out just in time to spray down Luke’s hairless ass with cum before riming the bottom’s used hole. Luke immediately returns the favor by shooting out his creamy load all over Tristan’s still-hard cock. 

Two young and hot looking actors are Tristan Hunter and Luke Truong. I think that Luke has already appeared on this site at some point.

If you are into anal sex – bareback (is there anything else these days?), mixed races including Caucasian and Asian, outdoor sex and rimming, among other things, this video will be right for you.

Time to move to some visual demonstration – just for your eyes. However, feel free to share it with your friends, boyfriends and anyone else.

I am sure you are keen to see it all!

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