How to fuck trailer trash gay boy Jack Valor?

Jack Valor is a trailer trash gay boy. Devin’s Pa Jax Thirio is going to fuck that hot twink?

I am becoming a great fan of Jack Valor and his porn production. Trailer trash gay boy is getting under my skin. I love that smile and expression of happiness on his face as he is getting fucked by his partners. It is very natural. Trailer Trash Boys Studio has made a great choice. I watched this gay porn video twice, and that is telling. So, what is there for you to see in the “Are you Devin’s Pa?” gay porn production by Trailer Trash Boys Studio? Here is my review, links and rating.

“Are you Devin’s Pa?” – the official description

Y’all remember a couple of weeks back when Devin gave Jack a good ass pounding? Jack asked him, “Where’d you learn to fuck ass like that?” And Devin told him, “My pa taught me.” Jack wanted more and took that sweet hole to the man who taught Devin everything he knew.
Daddy Jax got Jack down on his knees, sucking that big dick, and then he bent his ass over the tool bin, tore their pants open, and slid his dick right up Jack’s hole. Gave him the fuckin’ that hole deserved. That’s how we roll at Lot 45.

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Review, links & rating

Do you like having sex in your toolshed or your garage? Living in a trailer means you might have to fuck in places like that. I prefer having it in a more comfortable place, but it does not mean I never had it in the garage. Or in a car, for that matter. One thing is for sure, though. I would fuck young gay boy Jack Valor anywhere. Back to my review. Both actors – Jack Valor and Jax Thirio, performed admirably. I am comfortable rating this video with 9 (nine) stars. It is worth your attention and dollar.

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