New Crew – Damien Grey, Andrew Delta & Rex Rush

NextDoorBuddies New Crew – Damien Grey, Andrew Delta and Rex Rush in a boiling hot gay threesome

NextDoorBuddies engaged a new crew of gay porn actors for their latest video project. Neither of them is new to gay porn content production. However, they seem more prominent with their content posted on social media and platforms such as OnlyFans and JustForFans. Damien Grey, Andrew Delta and Rex Rush certainly know how to make good gay porn content, and my expectations before watching the video were high. This review will disclose if they reached these expectations or not. Let’s do it now!

The Rookies – New Crew for NextDoorBuddies

Damien Grey - porn actor

Damien Grey

One of my favourite gay bottom boys

Andrew Delta porn actor

Andrew Delta


rex rush gay porn actor

Rex Rush

Aggressive Top

The Rookies – Damien Grey, Andrew Delta & Rex Rush – NextDoorBuddies – The Official Description

Meet Andrew Delta, Damien Grey, and Rex Rush! Three new Next Door models are ready to show you what they’ve got! Which Rookie has what it takes to be a Pro? What do you like about each of the guys? Which shaky amateur model deserves a shot to come prove himself again? Who do you want to see them paired with? The choice is yours! Tell us what you think in the comments. Help your favourites get another shot!

Review, Ratings and Links to “The Rookies”

Are you gay, top? If you are, then watching this gay porn video is a must. Is there any gay top that would not love to fuck Damien Grey? I doubt it. What about Andrew Delta and Rex Rush? Make no mistakes. The performance of all three was outstanding. I am slightly biased when slim and smooth-bottom boys are involved. As far as my expectations are concerned – the video, actors and complete package exceeded my expectations. Therefore, I will rate this gay porn video with 9.5 stars.

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