New Gay One-Night Stand or All-Nighter Bro

Is it just a new gay one-night stand or all-nighter by BroNetworks?

Gay people practice one-night stand more than their straight counterparts. Is that the truth or just another bias? I don’t know. Even more, I don’t care, really. I enjoyed quite many one-night stand affairs and don’t regret it. The one-night stand went through my mind when I saw the latest BroNetworks gay porn video, “All-nighter”. However, I was wrong. So, what to expect from “All nighter”? Let’s review it now!

“All-Nighter” by BroNetworks, featuring Allen King and Dante Colle – The Official Description

Dante Colle and Allen King return home to the massive giddy and wired rental following an incredible first night out in Barcelona. What better way to unwind than with a nice swim and a casual hang by the pool? As Europeans are wont to do, Allen shows off his gorgeous toned body dressed in a skimpy swimsuit, and Dante flashes his beefy body and toned round ass in a pair of trunks that fit just right.

The boys cannon-ball into the pool before horsing around and splashing like a couple of good bros before soaking up the warm late-morning air. Dante feels it’s too bad they didn’t, being those two they’d been chatting with home, but Allen isn’t concerned. Instead, he’s happy to share how Spanish people have an afterparty

After kissing out by the pool, Dante suggests they move inside. On the couch, framed by greenery, they resume their passionate make-out session, their hands and lips exploring each others’ muscular bodies, both their cocks hard tenting their swimsuits, ready for action. First, Allen’s face fucks Dante, shoving his hard throbbing cock into his waiting mouth, and then returns the favour, deep-throating the American boy’s rock-hard cock with fervour and delight. Right down to his hairy crotch!

Dante plays with Allen’s beautiful hole. Ever more horny, he fucks Allen deep, bare, his cock hard slamming into Allen, moaning in ecstasy. He pounds a load out of Allen, who spurts cum everywhere as he ri


Gay Porn Review, Rating and Links to “All-Nighter”, featuring Allen King and Dante Colle

My review will be short. “All-Nighter” delivered beyond my expectations. I can recommend it without any hesitation. In my opinion, it deserves 8.5 stars.

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