Is it a new morning sex routine by Manuel Skye?

Morning sex, anyone? Manuel skye fucks his servant tyler berg in a morning sex routine

Is morning sex the best cure for those morning erections? It certainly is. Particularly if you are Manuel Skye. He has his servant Tyler Berg always handy for the morning sex routine. What is better than dipping your hard cock into a warm hole after your morning routine in the swimming pool.

Manuel Skye – gay porn profile

Manuel Skye is a Canadian gay porn actor who started his career with professional gay porn studios in 2017. Since then, Manuel was part of filming 449 gay porn videos. Manuel is active (top) in bed.

Tyler Berg – gay porn profile

Tyler Berg is a Norwegian gay porn actor. His career as a professional gay porn actor started in 2016. Tyler Berg is versatile. So far, Tyler Berg has participated in producing 39 gay porn video titles.

morning sex routine – the official description

Manuel Skye is a man who thoroughly enjoys a regimented life. He wakes up, performs his morning exercise routine by the pool and then cools off with a refreshing swim before embarking on his busy day. Manservant Tyler Berg has become all too familiar with this diligent order and knows that being in service to Manuel requires scrupulous care.

After meticulously dressing Manuel in the fashion he has grown accustomed to, he accompanies him to the sitting room, where Manuel sips a hot cup of tea and reads the paper. Clearly, nothing gets Manuel’s cock harder than a well-trained manservant. He begins to, ever so casually, stroke his thick, pre-cumming cock while Tyler polishes and buffs his shoes. We don’t think I need to spell out what happened next. Tyler certainly didn’t miss the cue.


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