Dom King sodomises Benjamin King in front of Lucas Entertainment cameras!

What do you think about sodomy in front of cameras?

The word sodomy has a long history of use in reference to culturally stigmatized sex acts, and often specifically to sex acts between people of the same sex. In current usage, the term occurs most commonly in contexts relating to laws against such acts (called sodomy laws).


dom king porn profile

The Dom King profile file that I could check does not have much information. He first appeared in a gay porn video produced by one of the professional studios in 2022. Dom King is known to be posting his gay adult content on OnlyFans and JustForFans platforms. He participated in 26 gay porn video productions. Dom King appears to be strictly top (active).

Benjamin king porn

Benjamin King is another mysterious (to me) participant in this gay porn video by Lucas Entertainment. He joined the professional gay porn industry in 2021, and since then, he participated in producing 11 gay porn videos. Benjamin King appears to be the versatile bottom.

DOM KING SODOMIZES BENJAMIN KING – the official description

Dom King is quickly becoming a legend among the Lucas Men. He’s handsome, masculine, and the very definition of a strapping man. And this guy knows how to fuck long, fuck hard, and fuck good. Benjamin King’s tongue was practically wagging when he first met Dom, and he could not take his eyes off the hunk.

Seduction was unnecessary, as Benjamin was ready to hop into bed with Dom as soon as they met. As his name would imply, Dom King is a total top in bed, and Benjamin King would have it no other way. And because he’s physically blessed in all ways, Dom King also has a huge cock. He trains Benjamin how to handle such a mighty dick down his throat and up his ass!

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Does the title’s wording – “sodomise” precisely – make you horny even before starting to watch this porn video? How convincing was Dom King in his sodomising of Benjamin King? I think it was a very well-produced gay porn video. From me, for this Lucas Entertainment gay porn video – four and a half stars! rating for “Dom King socomises Benjamin King” –

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