Double Anal Penetration of Sam Ledger New

Sam Ledger is bottoming for Rhyheim Shabazz and Marlon Costa. White boy taking two black naked swords – cocks – in a double anal penetration extravaganza!

Anal sex, slash, penetration is almost always at the centre of any gay adult content. How about double anal penetration? It is not a frequent feature of gay adult content I regularly review here. Why is that? Not all gay content covering threesomes (threeway, as they call it lately) features double anal penetration. I will be guessing here, but chances are that not all gay bottom boys are keen to accommodate two cocks simultaneously. I call on all readers who are gay bottom boys to let me know what they think about double anal penetration! Did you try it? How does it feel? How did white gay boy cope with two large black cocks double anal penetration?

gay multiracial sex - white boy and two black cocks
gay multiracial sex - white boy and two black cocks

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Have you seen my rumblings about homoerotic meaning of the “naked sword”? Please check it out and let me know what your take on that subject is. Do you find it homoerotic too? After watching this fantastic video featuring double anal penetration of a young white gay bottom boy by two huge black cocks, I was even seeing the swords covered with blood after penetrating that beautiful tender body. Anyway, let’s get back to the review of this great gay porn video!

gay adult content - white gay boy fucked by two black men
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gay adult content - white gay boy fucked by two black men
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Rhyheim Shabazz porn review

Rhyheim Shabazz is making his first appearance on this site. However, I will make sure to have him as our guest here more often in the future. He is a resident of Los Angeles, CA. Rhyheim Shabazz is a typical gay top, dominating in appearance as well as in manners. His massive cock would make every gay bottom boy salivate. Rhyheim Shabaz appears to be in love with gay threesome scenes.

Marlon Costa porn review

I could not find much information about Marlon Costa. However, I can provide the link to his Twitter page below. Marlon Costa is Brazilian and it appears that he is dominant bisexual guy.

Link to Marlon Costa Twitter profile

Sam Ledger porn review – Double anal penetration white bottom boy

Sam Ledger is a white gay bottom boy taking two black cocks in spectacular double anal penetration in this gay adult content. In my mind Sam Ledger would be that perfect gay bottom boy. However, he is versatile. Here is the link to Sam Ledger’s porn in Gay Portal. This is my only second gay porn content review featuring Sam Ledger. I promise to correct that and have him here more often.

Rhyheim Shabazz, Sam Ledger, and Marlon Costa – The official Description

Hung tops Rhyheim Shabazz and Marlon Costa are already stiff when young twink Sam Ledger decides to join them in bed for a late-night bareback threesome. As Sam takes turns swallowing each of their massive cocks, both men rim his hole until they’re ready to dick him down at both ends. While Rhyheim’s meat fills Sam’s mouth, Marlon kisses Sam’s feet and begins thrusting himself into Sam’s smooth slit.

Knowing that the slim bottom can handle even more, Rhyheim rams his rod right in before the two tops team up to double penetrate his hole in multiple positions across their stark white sheets. With his hole stretched out more than he ever thought possible, Sam’s jaw falls open for a non-stop stream of moans until the two men are completely finished using his hole and pulling out to finally unleash their loads.

NakedSword Originals/NakedSword X Rhyheim
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double anal penetration - gay sex

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Rhyheim Shabazz, Sam Ledger, and Marlon Costa video by Naked Sword Studios

I am impressed! Naked Sword packed all the best ingredients in this gay adult content gem! Everything is there and everything is done perfectly. One of my absolute favourite gay porn videos for this year and will rate well in my gay porn library of all times. Five stars!

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