The new Naked Sword is Andre Donovan

Gay porn review – First Mission Scene 2 with Andre Donovan and Dean Young, directed by Marc MacNamara for Naked Sword

How do you fantasise about a Naked Sword? Does Andre Donovan fit into that gay porn fantasy? This question would be mainly for gay bottom guys. Andre Donovan has an enormous cock. How did Dean Young feel when being a gay bottom boy for Andre Donovan?

Out of curiosity, do you perceive “naked sword” as something sexual? I do, so I wanted to know if I am the only one. Here is, in short, what I have found about it:

In the legend, Tristan (a young man) is sent to another country to bring back Isolde (a princess) to marry his uncle, King Mark. On the journey, Tristan and Isolde fall in love and he runs away with her. Quoting from the link above:

The lovers flee into the forest of Morrois and remain there until one day Mark discovers them asleep with a naked sword between them”.

In the legend, they have the naked sword between them because they are being chased by the King and they want to be able to defend themselves quickly if he finds them while they sleep. If the sword is already out of its scabbard and close at hand, it can be picked up and used right away.

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In short – the sword is a weapon ready to hurt. The act of penetration is always associated with the perception of pain and hurt. Even if it is a sweet one. Could I suggest another perception – naked sword as a bareback (dressed sword would be with a condom on the penis). What do you think about all this? Maybe I am just too dirty-minded. Let me know, please!

interracial anal sex bareback porn by Andre Donovan and Dean Young
Andre Donovan and Dean Young
interracial anal sex bareback porn by Andre Donovan and Dean Young

Andre Donovan porn review and links

Naked Sword Andre Donovan is a regular guest on these pages, and I am unsure if I can find any new information about him not already published here. You can search this page for my new reader – Andre Donovan. For those who might want to know even more about this gay porn star, some are available on the Gay News Portal Network.

Dean Young porn review and links

Dean Young is on the receiving side of Andre Donovan’s Naked Sword in this First Mission Scene 2. Young, sexy and purely bottom, he loves cock a lot. I am suggesting checking his profile on the Gay News Portal Network – their search is working fine.

Andre Donovan and Dean Young in First Mission Scene 2 by Naked Sword – The Official Description

The Swords’ newest recruit Andre Donovan just landed in Paris. A fellow porn star secret agent Dean Young is already debriefing him on their mission to stop Cade Maddox from distributing a life-threatening truth pill. Before their meeting is finished, though, two diehard gay porn fans snap photos of them and unknowingly publish Andre’s coordinates. To cover up the real reason for Andre being in Europe, Dean suggests that the two record some content together.

Andre happily agrees. Soon, Dean is sucking down Andre’s oversized cock and bending over for Andre to spit in his hole. Once the hung top’s long dick slides into Dean’s ass, Andre lifts Dean’s entire body and works up a sweat as he uses the twunk as his sex toy. Dean’s bare cheeks turn bright red as Andre pounds his ass. The cameras record Andre fucking him non-stop in the lavish hotel suite. A few more bareback thrusts have both men cumming all over Dean’s junk right before Dean receives an unexpected visit from a dangerous visitor.

Naked Sword

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for First Mission Scene 2 by Naked Sword Originals

I must admit one thing to you. My sword was naked and hard from start to finish of this great gay porn video. However, this time I watched it alone. You can watch it solo or in a group, but I suggest you watch it. I give five stars for the video overall and for Andre Donovan and Dean Young. Well done by Naked Sword!

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