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What is a Breeding Kink popular among gay men? Is it a step further than bareback anal sex? Let’s see this Latino gay couple indulge in hot sex – Marcostone and Austin Ponce in “Breed my Hole”

Austin Ponce and Marcostone

Gay men (and men in general) cannot have babies (I will not apologise for this statement to those making once legitimate gender issues into something ridiculous). However, there is a considerable number of gay men who are deeply into a Breeding kink. I am one of them. I love thinking that my sperm will get my partner pregnant. Are you one of the gay men who are into the same thing? Let me know, please. Unlike bareback, breeding kink means ejaculating inside your partner or receiving your partner’s cum if you are bottom. Bareback, I believe, ends with ejaculating inside but it is not necessary.

If you scan social media and pay attention to breeding, you can come across an invitation to breed or things like “I need to receive loads upon loads of your cum”. You might expect it to be the exclusively heterosexual fantasy of some sort (if that applies as a fantasy amongst “breeders”). However, more often than not, it comes from gay guys. I am sure you notice invitations as “breed my boy-pussy” and similar.

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This increasingly popular fetish among gay men refers to sexual arousal at the thought of being impregnated or impregnating someone. Or to be to the point, ejaculating inside. Then there’s “forced breeding”, where the kink combines with consensual non-consent (CNC) or rape play, in which willing victims ask breeders to “force your seed into my little fertile pussy!”

Fuckermate Marcostone and Austin Ponce by Oscar Mishima 19
Fuckermate Marcostone and Austin Ponce by Oscar Mishima 20

Marcostone and Austin Ponce – “Breed my Hole” gay porn by FuckerMate Studios – The official description

Our horny Colombian Austin Ponce with his insatiable ass is back! Hungry for big cocks as never before he gets pounded and bred to the max by his countryman Marcostone and his massive juicy cock! Enjoy!


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I thoroughly enjoyed this gay porn video. Two gay porn actors starting their careers on the gay porn scene performed exceptionally well. I just loved every bit of this video. Anything under five stars would be unfair. FuckerMate Studios and young and sexy Marcostone and Austin Ponce do a great job. Austin can rest assured of being welcome in my bed anytime and anywhere.

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