Gay cutie doing it how daddy Cade Maddox like it

Gay cutie Blaine Kade is doing everything to please daddy Cade Maddox. I think that he is doing it well! What do you think?

Gay cutie Blaine Kade is the new name to me. Have you seen this sexy bottom boy before? All my searches returned either no results or just one pointing to this video with Cade Maddox. I like Cade Maddox’s taste and choice of gay bottom boys. That means that I liked Blaine Kade in his role. This is not the first time Cade Maddox has presented himself as a “daddy”. Well, many gay bottom boys would love a daddy like him. Just look at that muscular body and a huge hard cock of his…

Just recently I have started a survey in order to find out what is the “perfect bottom” appearance according to tops that read this. Results so far are not conclusive at all. I hope for more luck with publishing it for the second time.

[ays_survey id=”4″]

One thing is obvious, though. When choosing his bottom boy “daddy,” Cade Maddox likes them slim, smooth and visibly smaller than him. Cade likes submissive boys. I would be surprised if he is not into feminine boys as well. I am amazed at how much similarity is between his choices and mine. There should be no surprise then with the fact that I love videos made by Cade Maddox.

Gay cutie Blaine Kade is really getting Cade Maddox sexually mad. Like with his tight shaved ass. I think that all bottoms should shave their asses regularly. Appearance is so much better. Cade Maddox obviously agrees with me.

“Doing it how Daddy likes” – Cade Maddox & Blaine Kade

Blaine Kade is a slim tattooed cutie with a tight shaved ass. He pushed out his pink hole just how I like it before spreading those cheeks and taking my cock like a good bottom and getting my load deep inside him. Atta-boy!

Cade Maddox

This is another reason I like gay porn produced by Cade Maddox. There is not much of a “story” there. Just fucking in all positions. That is why we all watch porn, after all. I enjoyed watching this one. I suggest you hop to and check it out yourself. Please let me know if you have more information about Blaine Kade. I do like him. Enjoy all those savings offered by Cade!

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