Austin Ponce in a new flip-fuck with Justin Jett


Austin Ponce is starring in another flip-fuck gay porn extravaganza with Justin Jet. One of my favourite gay bottom boys is enjoying flip-fuck gay porn scene. I dare to predict that one of the biggest stars on the gay porn scene was born. His name is Austin Ponce! His appearance is absolutely natural and sexually inspirational. Sex is fun, and Austin Ponce is making the most of it. He is also able to transfer that joy to the audience. Lucas Entertainment made a great choice.

“Horny as Fuck” is the latest gay porn video released by Lucas Entertainment. Let’s see how horny we can get while watching this gay porn video. Review, links and rating

Horny as fuck – featuring Austin ponce and Justin Jett – the official description

Austin Ponce is a slim and pretty-faced twink with a rock-hard erection—and best of all; He knows how to fuck an ass. People often assume Austin is a bottom based on his build, but that’s wrong. Sure, he can take a dick with the best of them. But he is very much a versatile guy in bed, and he shows just how well he can give dick when he and Justin Jett hook up on the Lucas Entertainment set! Austin Ponce fucks Justin Jett deep in the ass before they switch, and Justin is on top!

Lucas Entertainment

horny as fuck – review, links & rating

Did I get horny while watching the “Horny as fuck” gay porn video? You bet! I would love to fuck Austin Ponce! That is not a secret any more. I am not into flip-fuck, though. Are you? I know I am pushing Austin and not paying enough attention to Justin Jett. I know it is not fair. In all honesty, I think that Justin Jett has performed perfectly well. After all, it takes two to Tango. Lucas Entertainment found these two that could Tango perfectly. For that, they all deserve 10 (ten) stars. Go and get it now!

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