Cum on In now – Bastian Karim and Scott Carter

Scott Carter - gay porn actor
Bastian Karim - gay porn actor and gay adult content creator

Imagine Bastian Karim in a shower telling you to “Cum on In”. What would you do? Let’s watch what Scott Carter did. The full review

Bastian Karim Porn

It is nice to see Bastian Karim visiting pages on this site once again. Did you miss him? Bastian Karim is a gay bottom boy, a Latino boy from Colombia. He resides in Spain, in Barcelona. This youngster (actual age unknown to the author) joined the professional gay porn industry in 2017. Bastian likes performing in front of cameras and has been part of the production of 184 gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations since 2017. That is a prosperous career. Needless to say, Sebastian Karim is also producing and posting his gay adult content on the OnlyFans platform. May I comment that we are talking about quite many invitations to share a shower since then? How come I have not got invited yet?

Scott Carter Porn

Scott Carter is making his debut on I hope to see more of him in the future. There is not much I can write about Scott Carter. He started his professional gay porn acting career this year (2023). However, he managed to participate in the production of seven gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations. Scott Carter appears to be strictly top (I might be wrong). He resides in Spain.

“Come On In” featuring Bastian Karim and Scott Carter, by The Bro Network – The official Description.

The warm water runs down Bastian Karim’s smooth, hard body, and his hands explore his muscular frame. His hot fuck buddy Scott Carter spies him in the shower, getting turned on and stroking his stiff cock. It’s hard not to want some, and the hairy, big dicked muscular top joins him underneath the streaming water raining down, their lips locked. Bastian sucks on Scott’s hefty cock, and his tongue fucks Bastian’s perfect ass. Hot and ready, they head out to the living room for a deep satisfying fuck.


I was glad to watch another gay porn video featuring Bastian Carim. I was also pleased to see a new face (at least for me) in Scott Carter. I am rating this gay porn video with four stars.

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