I watched Jordan Starr screw Gabe Bradshaw

Next Door Studios hot production showing Jordan Starr screw Gabe Bradshaw

I am familiar with Jordan Starr and some of his projects. However, Gabe Bradshaw was a new face to me. I am not lying to you; I watched Jordan Starr fuck Gabe Bradshaw this early evening, and I was impressed. I don’t masturbate. There have been (many) years since I last time self-satisfied with my sexual desires. This video got me closer to masturbating than anything else for years. Is that an excellent production sign, or am I getting younger and rejuvenated? Eh, I wish it is otherwise, but all chances are that this production by the Next Door Studios is outstanding.


It is perfectly fine that the primary purpose of watching gay pornography is to get off and enjoy explicit action. However, I like good foreplay. It is an essential part of any sexual encounter for me. Regardless of that being an escort or someone, I got to my place via Grindr.

Sex without a kiss is like a cream without icing. Worthless. One of my first questions to a potential sexual partner is about kissing. If his answer is negative, then the conversation is over. Why am I saying this? Because I like that scene when Jordan is holding Gabe Bradshaw in his arms and taking him towards the bed. Kissing…

That all important kiss

May I appeal to all video producers to give it a chance? Sex without kissing and some romantic feelings are worse than jerking off. If you are masturbating, then you are at least in total control.

A scene from gay adult content production - Jordan Starr kissing Gabe Bradshaw
Jordan taking Gabe to bed while kissing Love is in the air
Every good top will take care of his bottoms hole They just love it Take care of their hole without rush and they will give you great time
Both actors are great Passionate and natural Enjoying doing their job That is the best way to satisfy your audience
Gay porn production scene - Jordan Starr is penetrating Gabe Bradshaw from behind - explicit
Beautiful acting by both actors but special credits to Gabe Bradshaw

I thank you for watching this lovely production with me! Well, listening to my bragging about it. What do I think about this video? I am sure you guessed it by now. To confirm – I liked it a lot. And, I am convinced that many of you would like it too.

Here is the link to it:

Starr Fucks Gabe Bradshaw

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