How I lost my gay bottom virginity?

Is gay bottom virginity overrated? Let’s observe how Zayne Bright lost his gay bottom virginity. Starting with two rather than just one, the bang is the way! Family Dick and Say-Uncle presenting “His first time bottoming” starring Zayne Bright, Carter Delrey and Jake Lawrence

Gay bottom virginity might be irrelevant when speaking in general. However, I was told that gay bottom boys remember when they lost their virginity. Zayne Bright remembers the day when Carter Delrey and Jake Lawrence took his gay bottom virginity from him. He swears it is one of those sweet memories, mainly that he got inseminated by his boyfriend and his stepdad! Was that boy sore at the end of the day?

Zayne Bright – Cute gay bottom boy

There is not much information about this cute gay bottom boy. His Twitter account has been suspended as well. I would love to see what was posted there. In this project, American gay bottom will lose his virginity in front of cameras, just for our pleasure. Let’s appreciate it together. Zayne joined the professional gay porn scene in 2022 and kept busy by participating in twenty-two gay porn videos, bottoming in all except two.

Carter Delrey

Carter is another somewhat secretive, beautiful gay porn actor taking part in this gay bottom virginity loss operation. Part of professional gay adult production from 2021, Carter Delrey has taken part in thirty-nine video and photo shoots for various gay porn studios. According to his Twitter page, Carter resides in Austin, Texas, and also posts his gay adult content on the OnlyFans platform.

Jake Lawrence

Jake Lawrence was born in December 1983. Active on the gay porn scene since 2020 with forty-seven appearances. Jake is 5’11” (180cm) tall and weighs 149 lbs. (68kg). He is versatile. Jake is actively posting his gay porn creations on various platforms. He is the winner of “Best group scene” by Grabby Awards.

His First Time Bottoming – the story

Zayne Bright is hanging out with his boyfriend, Carter DelRey when he notices he has a boner. The boys start to fool around, but when Carter tries to play with Zayne’s butt, he stops him, telling him that he’s never done that before. Zayne’s stepdad Jake Lawrence intervenes, assuring him he can have a great experience if he agrees to try it out. Jake and Carter have their way with Zayne, and the three end up panting and covered in cum in no time!

My rating

This is a pretty successful project by Family Dick and Say Uncle studios. Professionally produced and able to deliver you pleasure. Young and cute actors will make you get an erection from the video’s first moments and hold it until the end. I am rating it with four and a half stars. Go and get it!

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