New Gay Porn – Kosta Viking & Alfonso Osnaya

New Gay Porn featuring Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya – Swapping Some Sperm – Brought by Lucas Entertainment – The review

New gay porn is landing on my screen daily. What is on review today? It is a “Swapping Some Semen” video starring Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya, produced by Lucas Entertainment. New gay porn is made daily, and keeping up with the production is almost impossible. It takes more and more time to review it. However, that means more pleasure as well. Mainly if the main actors are Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya. Everyone knows that Alfonso is one of my favourite gay-bottom boys. Who is your favourite? You are welcome to use the “comments” box.

What is your favourite term for “sperm”? I don’t use that term, but it is not very common in gay porn vocabulary. The most common is “cum”. The word “semen” is very rarely used. I found that term more erotic than “cum”, though. As a bit twisted dominant gay top, which is very much into feminine gay bottom boys, I like “inseminating” my bottom with my semen. Do you think it sounds very erotic? Please let me know if you do. Maybe we can get producers to widen their gay porn vocabulary. Who knows? I like the title of this gay porn video, and that is a perfect way to start the review.


Kosta Viking porn review

This is definitely not the first time I am reviewing gay porn video starring Kosta Viking. More information about Kosta you can find if you follow my gaylink here. This time I would like to mention his latest nomination for several gay porn awards. All nominations are for 2022.

CompetitionNominated RoleGay Porn Video Title
Grabby AwardsBest DuoKosta Viking Bottoms for Marco Antonio (2021)
Grabby AwardsBest ThreewayKosta Viking and Rudy Gram Spit-Roast Allen King (2021)
Grabby AwardsHottest Body
Grabby AwardsPerformer of the Year
Grabby Awards EuropeBest Bottom
Grabby Awards EuropeBest Versatile
Grabby Awards EuropeNewcomer of the Year
XBIZ AwardsBest sex scene – gayBoyfriends and Cheaters (2021)

Alfonso Osnaya porn review

Alfonso Osnaya is one of my favourite gay-bottom boys. This gay Latin boy is pretty much everything I expect from a perfect bottom. Alfonso Osnaya joined the professional gay porn scene in 2021. Since then, he has participated in the creation of 53 gay porn videos and photo shoots. Alfonso is 5’10” (178cm) tall and Latino from the US. To learn more about Alfonso Osnaya, please follow my gaylinks here – a small gay porn library featuring my reviews of Alfonso Osnaya’s videos.

“Swapping some Semen” gay porn production by Lucas Entertainment featuring Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya – The official description

As Kosta Viking rummages through the kitchen, Alfonso Osnaya joins him and discovers a misplaced dildo in the pantry. Since they found it, why not have fun with the sex toy? Kosta and Alfonso take turns sucking on it. As Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya get increasingly turned on, they start getting handsy with one another. Alfonso worships and licks Kosta Viking’s armpits before the bottom starts giving him a blowjob. Kosta Viking spreads open Alfonso Osnaya’s ass and starts fucking him bareback when he cannot hold back any longer.

Lucas Entertainment

Gay porn review and ratings for “Swapping some Semen”

“Swapping some Semen” is premium quality gay porn. I suppose that is something taken for granted when looking at Lucas Entertainment’s production. Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya performed exceptionally well. I am recommending this gay porn video without any hesitation. My rating for this video is five stars. Congratulations to the whole crew that took part in this production.

How to slam that Alfonso Osnaya ass?

Alfonso Osnaya is the beholder of extraordinarily sexy and fuckable ass. That is a fact. Let’s watch together that ass gets slammed

Alfonso Osnaya is our guest again. I love it, and I know that you love it too. We all know what to expect when Alfonso is around. A great fuck. Today we will watch Alfonso Osnaya, Dom King and Igor Lucios engaging in scorching gay sex. Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s go!

For those who are not well informed, we have two gay bottoms in this hot mix. Dom King is the only top on the block. He is capable of doing some severe damage to both of these bottoms. And they are so hungry for cock.

Dom King

According to my reliable sources, Dom King has participated in eleven projects by gay porn studios. Records show that he started working in the professional gay porn industry in 2022. Dom King is a pure top. All his roles are gay top. May I say a dominating gay Alpha male with a large cock. If you are bottom, would you like to share a bed with Dom King? Please send your comments. I read them all.

Igor Lucios

The Brazilian gay boy who is our second bottom in this gay porn video is a very busy gay porn actor. His career started in 2021, and he managed to play in ninety-five gay porn projects. Igor is a versatile gay boy. Some of you will like his very thick uncut cock.

Alfonso Osnaya – Gay sex STAR

I am ensuring that none of his projects goes missing from my collection. He is my type of gay bottom boy. His great gay porn career started in 2021. This gay boy can fuck you if you insist, but he is a perfect gay bottom boy. And he knows that well.

Slam that ass – Lucas Entertainment – The official description!

Dom King is a handsome hunk who loves stripping down and showing off his huge muscles. Whenever he struts around with his incredible body on display, every guy within his vicinity can’t help but look and stare at him. And guess what? Dom King loves it! Two guys who could not help admiring Dom’s striking good looks and jacked body were Alfonso Osnaya and Igor Lucios. And once they lure Dom King into the bedroom, they take turns servicing his alpha-male cock with their mouths and tight holes!

My rating for this gay porn video

Lucas Entertainment has delivered an excellent gay porn video. Everything is done professionally. There is not much one can complain about. All three actors performed very well. I suppose that happens when you love your job so much.

Who is Fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Random Fucks?

Alfonso Osnaya is being fucked in front of cameras again! Who is fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Hot House Random Fucks? Roman Todd is the lucky gay top, drilling beautiful Latino gay boy. Let’s watch them together!

Watching Alfonso Osnaya is the second-best way to start the new year. Do you know what the best way to start it is? I am sure you guessed it. The best way would be to fuck him. I wish… So, who is fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Random Fucks by Hot House Studio in my first gay porn review for 2023? HAPPY NEW 2023 to everyone! It is almost evening here in Sydney, Australia. The rest of the world followed us and entered the new year throughout all time zones. Let’s start this year with a bang! Who is better to make you horny than beautiful Latino gay boy Alfonso Osnaya?

Roman Todd is the lucky gay top-raging stallion. What do we know about him? According to my regular source of information regarding gay porn actors, Roman Todd was born in 1985. Roman Todd is an experienced gay porn actor who joined the industry in 2010. He is American, 6’1″ (185 cm) tall, and weighs 189 lbs. (86 kg). A versatile but overwhelming number of his performance is as the gay top. Todd was a nominee for various gay porn industry awards. His latest award is the winner of best duo scene for 2022.


Alfonso Osnaya is one of my favourite bottoms on the gay porn scene. I have a little collection of reviews covering his performances.

Random Fucks by Hot House Studio starring Roman and Alfonso – Official description

When Alfonso Osnaya decided to borrow a power drill from handyman Roman Todd, he wasn’t expecting to get his ass power drilled by the muscleman’s big tool. Still, in Roman’s garage, surrounded by equipment, Alfonso kneels to worship and deepthroat Roman’s already hard cock. Roman returns the oral favour before turning the young jock around and barebacking his hairless hole.

Alfonso stays stiff as a brick while a sweat-drenched Roman insatiably thrusts himself in and out of his hole. The ripped handyman pulls out just in time to shoot a thick load all over the tip of Alfonso’s dick, with the satisfied bottom busting his nut load seconds later.

I enjoyed my first gay porn review for this year. Actors, scene, choreography, photography and everything that matters for a good gay porn video was delivered. I am glad to start the news year with a bang and award this video five stars.

Gay Games – Bottoms – Winner gets it all

Gay Games are hot! Two great gay bottoms – Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati – Winner gets it all

Gay games are on! What happens when two gay bottoms get horny, but no gay top around? Our bottom boys beg for a cock, but there are no tops around. They are so horny that one of them will have to be top this time. Gay games are on, and the winner gets it all. Yes, he will get that precious cock. Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati special for Bottom Games is on now.

I must admit one thing to you. It is challenging for me to choose sides in these gay games battle between Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati. Why? I am really in love with both of them. They are among my favourite gay bottom boys of them all. How can you choose between two beautiful smooth bodies, slim built and young willing to please? The main difference is that one is tanned, and the other is rather pale. I don’t mind either. Do you? If you take a closer look, you will also notice that their assholes are similarly smooth and so sexy… Please tell me who would be your choice to take him to your bed. is where hot jock hunks compete for the fuck of it. These gay jocks compete not only for cash but to see who will get the top and who gets the bottom. The losers always suck it up and take it like men. Games have never been more fun, exciting, and with more at stake than ever before.

Porn star, Alfonso Osnaya, and his youthful good looks are fresh and seductive. It takes Alfonso little effort when he is luring a man into the bedroom before servicing his cock with his mouth and hole. Versatile but more bottom.

I liked this video by Bottom Games and Say_Uncle Studios. Let me know what your opinion was, please.

Is Alfonso Osnaya horniest Fucker Mate ever?

Alfonso Osnaya is a horny Latino gay bottom boy. Is he going to get satisfaction from the thick cock of Romeo Davis?

Alfonso Osnaya seems to be a continuously horny Latino gay bottom boy. People who love gay porn will tell you that young Alfonso is one of the trademarks of FuckerMate gay porn studios. This little Mexican gay pocket rocket is in perpetual search of a cock that will fill all his holes and fulfil his sexual desires. What is Alfonso Osnaya up to in this video production? Does it matter? He is excellent to watch in any show. I am trying to make an entire collection of gay porn featuring Alfonso Osnaya. Simply because I cannot have enough of him, is it hard to see why? How about you folks?

If you are looking for a daddy-type gay top with a huge cock, look no further than Romeo Davis. Imagine that massive swinging cock getting geared to penetrate you. I am inviting gay bottom boys to let us know what they prefer. What is more pleasure: a long or thick cock. Come one-size queens and make some comments. This Canadian top loves pounding bottom boys and listening to how they squeal when he starts pushing himself inside their holes. Romeo is on a trip to Europe and has the luck to meet our Mexican hot and somehow kinky gay bottom Latino from Mexico.

Be warned! Fireworks are about to start, and your cocks will get as hard as ever. Please don’t say I did not warn you!

What do I like about Alfonso Osnaya? Apart from his beautiful slim body, smooth silky skin and so inviting hole… I like the way he looks at his partner. He is flirting and it feels so right. Like… “Love is in the air” or something of that sort. He brings not only physical part of bareback heated sex but a touch of romance.

I nominate Alfonso for a bottom-of-the-year!

Our kinky Mexican mate Alfonso Osnaya meets hung stud Romeo Davis during his last European trip. He adds another colossal dick to his extraordinary collection of hard inches of raw meat. The Canadian loves to pound willing boys that can handle his thick rod without complaint, and with Alfonso, he couldn’t ask for anyone better! His bare cock goes in and out of Alfonso’s holes, finding no resistance, and the young Latin enjoys one of the best fucks ever, ending up with his pretty face covered in cum!

This is one of the best videos this year (the end of November). It is on top of my to-replay list, which is not long. Get your lube ready and press that “Play” button!

Gay Temptation Fruit – Horny Latino Fucker-mate

Gay “TEMPTATION FRUIT” – Franklin Acevedo and Alfonso Osnaya – Hot and horny Latino fucker-mates

Gay temptation fruit brought to us by Franklin Acevedo and Alfonso Osnaya via FUCKER MATE Studios. Latinos and Asians are my sexual desire. Most of them are similarly smooth and have a streak in them that makes me horny and willing to indulge in a sexual mix of romance and lust. Alfonso Osnaya, in particular, makes me horny. He is one of the perfect gay bottom boys on the scene today.

What is your gay temptation fruit? What get your blood boiling and your cock hardening? Franklin Acevedo and Alfonso Osnaya, in particular, are at the top of my gay temptation fruits list. Some years ago, in one of Sydney’s gay saunas, I met a guy who would perfectly resemble Alfonso Osnaya. He was originally from Mexico but lived in the US and was visiting Sydney for our annual Mardi Gras. He was one of those romantic and full of sexual lust gay boys that you remember for the rest of your life.

Romantic Foreplay – gay temptation fruit

Love is in the air…

You made me so horny now!

Mexico and Venezuela meet with our horny mates Alfonso Osnaya and Franklin Acevedo. Alfonso wants a hearty and healthy breakfast, and with such a hung top to his table, he is more than happy to swap his apple for the giant rock-hard banana that Franklin tempts him with.

Our Mexican boy fills his mouth thoroughly with that succulent fruit, sucking the thick rod and swallowing up as much meat as possible. After the epic cock eating, Franklin returns the favour and takes his turn, placing his tongue into Osnaya’s smooth hole. When our lousy bottom boy begs for a banging, Franklin sticks the raw monster cock in and gets right to destroy that beautiful ass at his service!

We are Latino, Gay, Young, Horny and Beautiful

ALBERTH PINEDA AND ALFONSO OSNAYA in the latest production by FuckerMate Studios

They are gay, young, horny and beautiful. Alberth Pineda and Alfonso Osnaya starring in a white-hot production by FuckerMate Studios. I love gay porn with that romantic boyfriend lovey-dovey feelings. Sex is so much better when love is in the air and not only lust. Latino gay boys are so romantic. Do you agree with me?

I watched numerous gay porn videos over a long time. However, I am not obsessed with gay porn. No, I don’t think I am addicted to it, either. I have never suggested to any of my partners to use gay porn videos as some inspiration. What is the point of having the video running while I am doing it myself? One more thing – I extremely rarely watch the same gay porn more than once. Well, “Young, Horny and Beautiful” is that rare exception. Latino gay boys are hot. Slim, smooth and romantic.

Alberth Pineda and Alfonso Osnaya great acting

Saying that I am impressed with this video is not enough. It made me feel the warmth of two young gay boys in love. Of course, it made me horny, and I kept my erection throughout the video! However, unlike most gay porn videos, it brought back some memories. We all fuck thousands of times. That is just a biologically normal thing to do. However, how many fucks do we remember long after?

My respect goes to two young, horny, beautiful Latino gay boys, Alberth Pineda and Alfonso Osnaya. You have done a great job, boys! Are you in love with each other? Fucking in front of cameras is not as easy as it might look. A careful viewer can always spot some flawed elements of acting. However, Alberth Pineda and Alfonso Osnaya made love to each other in a very natural way. It just was so real. I commend both of you for your great acting.

I can see lust in your eyes

Young, Horny and Beautiful by FuckerMate – Latino Gay Love Story

This week, two new horny mates make their FuckerMate debut and bring you one of the best scenes we’ve filmed.

FuckerMate Studios

Mexican new gem Alfonso Osnaya catches young top Alberth Pineda wanking on the sofa. He perfectly complies with the rule of our skinny guys: a toned, lean body and a long thick tool hanging between his legs! The vision is pure joy. There is an immediate mutual attraction filling the air in the room. Romantic cuddles and kisses follow. The lust is building up rapidly…

Alberth wants to take a deep taste of the Osnaya’s juicy hole. He is licking it to prepare it for the bareback ride that both mates have been dreaming of for so long! Once the ass is wet and ready, our young stallion sticks his monster meat far down, making Alfonso beg for more inches at every cock stroke.

Pineda takes control and delivers dick in every position. At the same time, Alfonso rides hard and ends up splashing his buddy’s thighs with a hot load of liquid. Just before offering his face and mouth to get all the thick cum…

My rating for “Young, Horny and Beautiful” by Oscar Mishima

I am giving this video nine out of ten stars! Actually, why not nine and a half stars? If you like Latino gay boys, romance mixed with lust, and slim and smooth young bodies, do me a favour – download the video and enjoy it. You will love it and come back for more.

On my knees, I worship your manhood.

How about “Random Fucks”? Starring Alfonso Osnaya

Alfonso Osnaya is Real Estate agent entertaining Cade Maddox in another of his Random Fucks

Yes, it might be a bit early in the week for indulging in gay porn, but I was horny. I watched it late last evening but was too lazy to make a post immediately after. So, it was another one of those Sunday nights listening to some deep breathing as two studs shaft each other. It was Cade Maddox pocking his cock in Alfonso Osnaya’s hot rectum.

Before I get to that, I would like to not to those who followed my presentations covering gay content creators on Twitter. That was the most popular section of my old site. Some of these posts were linked here, but not all. I intend to continue that presentation on this site. Not everything is ready for that, but I will start it soon. I hope that some of my old followers will now find their way to this site.

Now, back to the business!


Random Fucks


Realtor Alfonso Osnaya is showing Cade Maddox around a new place. However, the horny homebuyer is more interested in Alfonso’s tight ass than the recently renovated kitchen. Cade makes his move quickly. And in no time, the realtor is swallowing cock and getting his cheeks manhandled by Cade’s burly mitts.

Alfonso leans against the kitchen island for support as Cade spits some lube and slides his giant dick into his bottom’s hole. Moving to the spacious main bedroom to complete the tour, Cade officially christens the bed as he pumps himself into Alfonso’s ass bareback.

With sweat flying off his forehead, a glistening Cade pulls out and splatters the realtor’s used hole with his cum moments before a delighted Alfonso slowly strokes out the biggest load that his horned-up homebuyer has ever seen.


Cade Maddox and Alfonso Osnaya

One of better gay porn videos I watched lately

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