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Cade MaddoxPersonal Information
Height6’0″ (183cm)
Weight169 lbs. (77kg)

Cade Maddox was born in March 1988 in Gautier, MS, USA. He started his gay porn acting career relatively late, in 2017, at 29. However, he kept very busy on the professional gay porn scene and managed to participate in the production of 187 gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations.

Cade Maddox’s stardom is so bright that he managed to distribute his gay porn content via his wn site. Not many gay porn stars can afford that.

10. Beautiful and Blond: Ryan Stoner

9. Cutie on Campus

The best part about living next to a college campus is the hot guys that occupy them. I was driving by on my way home and checked Grindr. A guy hit me up and told me to come by and find his ass up in the showers of his dorm.

8. Ben Masters DPd by Me and Kevin

Cade Maddox and Ben Masters porn
Ben Masters Cade Maddox
Cade Maddox Ben Masters

7. Cade and Hugo: Rough Raw Twink Fuck

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