Dallas Preston – Gay Porn Actor and Content Producer

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  • Date of Birth: 2000
  • Place of Birth: USA
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Penis Size: Medium
  • Position: Versatile
  • Body Type: Normal
  • Dick: Cut

You can also find Dallas Preston posting on OnlyFans as well as on BOYFRIENDTV

Gay Adult Content Producer Profile – ZARIO TRAVEZZ

Let’s take a moment to appreciate every inch of this impressive man!

Zario Travezz is a professional gay porn actor with connections to several studios including Men.com and Noir Male. He also produces his own gay adult content accessible on several specialized platforms and fan-subscription channels.

There is a lot to admire about Zario Travezz! Let’s browse through some of his productions

Here is the LINK to BOYFRIENDTV video

Zario Travez production is accessible through number of platforms.

Link to the full list of these is HERE

Here is another Link to Zario Travezz. Enjoy it!

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OMG, they’re naked: Kelner Macêdo and Rodrigo Andreolli

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Guadalajara International Film Festival

  1. Best Feature Film[2]


  1. Grand Jury Award – Honorable Mention

Rotterdam International Film Festival

  1. Best First Film (Nominee)[3]

San Sebastián International Film Festival

  1. Best Latin American Film (Nominee)[4]

São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards

  1. Best Film[5]

Body Electric -An erotic tale of identity and sexuality set in modern day Brazil

There’s a lot to admire about Cesar Xes – Gay Porn Actor

“My preference is working for gay porn studio. I love the whole production side of things – the set-up and shooting B-roll. I get the allure of fan-sites, but I like the whole guts and glory of the studio shit. Everyone is doing OnlyFans, but it’s a whole different level to get booked by a gay porn studio.”

Cesar Xes
It is certainly nice cock attached to a nice body

“I own a lot of underwear, but I never wear underwear. Underwear makes me feel claustrophobic. I’ll only wear underwear if I’m wearing a suit and I have to look professional.”

Cesar also has his own account at Just For Fans

Ho Vinh Khoa – Hot porn star from Vietnam

Ho Vinh Khoa

Born: 25 October 1988

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Height: 1.77 m

Spouse: Rhonee Rojas (married 2017)

Movies: Lost in Paradise, Never Trust a Stranger

Albums: Thien Duong, Lac Giua Thien Duong, Thang Ngay Khong Em, Cung Sanh Doi, La Ai

Awards: Vietnam Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actor – Feature film

Ho Vinh Khoa and his boyfriend

Rhonee and Khoa, a dynamic husband and husband duo, travel the world as Luxury Travel Consultants and Content Creators. They have collaborated with some of the finest hotel brands which includes W Hotels, Conrad, Belmond, Anantara and the Four Seasons just to name a few. They have also worked closely with the Holland America Line and Princess Cruises promoting gay friendly travel.

Rhonee and Khoa has also worked extensively creating content for a variety of international lifestyle brands, such as Le Labo (USA), Sudio Earphones (Sweden), Eubi Shorts (USA), Uniqlo (Japan), Tens Sunglasses (Scotland) and NOORD Travel Essentials (Netherlands). When they are not traveling they enjoy staying fit and healthy thru competitive Obstacle Course Racing.

Ho Vinh Khoa on Just For Fans

Ho Vinh Khoa on OnlyFans

Gay Adult Content Producer Profile – Luke Truong

So in a way the daddies that have fucked me and used me didn’t create me as a human being but did create the gay community that I live in now”

 You can tell Falcon exclusive gay porn star Cade Maddox and cutie Luke Truong are so into each other

My thoughts on a daddy/son!! First I have never been in a Daddy and Son relationship. I can’t really say anything about that part. But when it comes to the sexual part like role play or fantasy I do have some thoughts on that. First, the fantasy and why it’s so hot.

Thinking about having a more mature man inside of me knowing that my hole is for him to breed as he is the alpha makes me cock hard.  Wanting to please a man that knows what he wants and knowing that in return I will feel good no matter what happened.

I guess you have a pretty good idea what sort of content you can expect from Luke. If you like what you are seeing here then maybe you could look for more videos produced by Luke Truong if you follow this LINK

Reno Gold – gay porn model, social media superstar

Reno Gold. That is all you need to say and anyone who is part of gay community will know who are you talking about. This young gay adult content performer and creator is one of the biggest stars on the gay porn scene today.

Reno Gold is one of the most exciting content creators in the game right now. And, if you are not yet familiar with his work (how!?) you will simply become addicted upon discovery. Reno frequently uploads scenes onto his onlyfans. And with better production value and storylines than most of the shows currently on Netflix and much much sexier.

With his boyish good looks and rock hard athletic body, Reno incorporates his experience as a dancer into his content flexing to angles that allow you see things you aren’t seeing on any other private content pages.

Reno Gold is a one-man operation. He scouts and books locations for each scene, develops engaging new story lines. He also arranges wardrobe and toys and coordinates with photographers for still shot images. “It’s about quantity and quality,” he affirms, explaining that he posts a new professional quality nude picture every day, a 15 to 20-minute solo scene every week week, and two duo scenes a month.

School was tough but he excelled in sports

School was tough for Reno. He had learning issues and was held back and put into special education classes. However, he excelled in sports, especially gymnastics, becoming a national champion in tumbling.

In the meantime, he has employed his mother as the manager for his properties and started college funds for his niece and nephew. When not in front of the camera or at his computer editing scenes, he is in front of a canvas. Gold is a surrealist portrait artist. Most of his work is charcoal and graphite. His current project is drawing his most liked nudes from Onlyfans.

Tyler Sweet – gay porn model, raver, general sweettart

It is real pleasure to present Tyler Sweet – justfor.fans.com star and content creator

There is not much more I can tell you about Tyler Sweet than what you can read in recent interview with him. Let’s see some hot nudes photos of a young Tyler together

However, sometimes some small things say a lot about people. I really liked Taylor Sweet recent tweet. In my eyes that was a great gesture worth mentioning and respect.

Let’s see some of hot photos of Tyler now


Grabby Awards -Joey Mills named as Hottest Bottom

At the 2021 Grabby Awards, Joey Mills has been named as the Hottest Bottom in gay porn.

He also picked up the trophy for Most Accomplished International Pornstar at the Grabby Awards Europe.

This comes on top of his win at the GayVN Awards, when he was crowned as the fan-favourite in the category of Social Media Star. And his trophy for Favorite Gay Model at the Pornhub Awards.

Continuing to score big in fan-voted categories demonstrates that Joey is still attracting a loyal and engaged audience.

“It means a lot to be nominated. A lot of people don’t think that being a porn actor is a job to be proud of. However, when a company as large and successful as PornHub recognises you for the work you do, it’s hard not to be proud.”

“So wild I honestly never expected to win this award at any time during my career. I thought top twink was my peak so once again than you @Pornhub” tweeted Joey, after the Pornhub award was announced.

With over 335,000 follower on Twitter, Joe Mills is one of the most influential gay porn stars. He is very active on quite many platforms on social media.

Enjoy some of his twits here

Grant Ryan – OnlyFans Star – Explicit

Grant Ryan is a big name in the world of fan-subscription porn. Grant and his partner, Mathew Mason, are an OnlyFans power-couple. Let’s see some of their stuff without talking too much

Please follow the link to Grant’s OnlyFans page to enjoy more