Alex Ink & Devin Franco in a new Well-Bred video

Alex Ink & Devin Franco – Well bred – raging Stallion

Alex Ink and Devin Franco are a good match! Don’t you agree with me? “Well Bred” is a gay porn video about anal sex. Considering that anal breeding is at the core of this gay porn video, one must assume we are talking about good old gay bareback. Yes, we are.

Alex Ink Porn

Alex Ink is making his debut on with this gay porn video produced by the Raging Stallion Studio. According to a usually very reliable source of information about gay porn actors, he joined the professional gay porn industry this year, and this is his third gay porn video, photo shoot or compilation. Let’s wish him lots of success and fun in the circle!

Devin Franco Porn

Devin Franco is regular feature in many gay porn reviews on gaylinks. There is not much I could write about Devin Franco that has not been written on these pages already. He started his career as gay porn actor in 2016 and participated in 248 gay porn videos, photo-shoots and compilations.

Anal sex scene from Well Bred gay porn video featuring Devin Franco and Alex Ink. Gay porn review by

“well bred” – the official description

Devin Franco is in desperate need of having a stranger’s cock deep inside his pink asshole. He stands in the doorway overlooking the hotel pool, presenting his stiff dick and fuckable peach to muscular sunbather Alex Ink, who is quick to stand up and follow the horny vacationer inside. Getting right to it, Alex spreads Devin’s cheeks apart to rim his delicious hole before sliding in his fingers and then pumping him full of meat.

He next drills Devin’s ass in multiple directions until Devin is ready to ride Alex’s bareback cock and give the stranger a taste of his load. Alex immediately returns the favour as he nuts on Devin’s bare ass and scoops up his cum for Devin to eat as an after-fuck treat.

Raging Stallion Studio

Categories and Tags: Gay Anal Sex, Big Dick, Butt-Play, Bareback, Rimming

Actors: Devin Franco and Alex Ink

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“Well Bred” is well done gay porn video overall. It is quick to get to the point – being that ever-pleasing act of anal breeding. Alex Ink and Devin Franco performed above the usual average. This gay porn video gets my rating of four and a half stars.

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