Is Dylan Hayes New boy toy for Cade Maddox?

Dylan Hayes is bottoming for Cade Maddox in his latest video released. Is Dylan Hayes a new boy toy for Cade Maddox?

Dylan Hayes - gay porn actor
Dylan Hayes Cade Maddox Making Dylan Whimper video review

Dylan Hayes seems to be ticking all boxes in Cade Maddox’s checklist for the perfect bottom boys. The good news is that he is ticking all boxes on my checklist for the ideal gay bottom boy. I am kicking myself for not having more reviews of his gay porn videos. Here, I promise to correct that terrible mistake.

Cade Maddox Porn

Cade Maddox has more gay porn videos reviewed on this site than any other gay porn actor. Some people might think that I am having a crash on him. However, the truth is quite the opposite. I believe that he is one of the best and most popular gay porn actors at the moment. However, the reason for me having to review so many of his gay porn videos is not him. The actual reason is his choice of gay bottom boys for his videos. Now, he knows exactly what I like. And I like it a lot.

Dylan Hayes Porn

I don’t know how I could not have any of his gay porn videos reviewed here before this one. Dylan Hayes is not a newbie on the professional gay porn scene. He started his gay porn acting career in 2018 at twenty. Dylan Hayes has appeared in 59 gay porn videos since then. He is a versatile bottom gay boy. Undoubtedly, he is on my list of the perfect gay bottom boys.

“Making Dylan Whimper” – The Official Description

Beautiful things come in small packages, and Dylan Hayes is just how I like them. Slim and sluttty, with stunning green eyes. He’s a real twink trophy boy with a beautiful breedable boy-pussy. Daddy needs some Dylan Hayes– Atta, boy!

Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Making Dylan Whimper” featuring Dylan Hayes and Cade Maddox

Dylan Hayes and Cade Maddox delivered more than I expected in this gay porn video. I am rating it with five stars!

Making Dylan Whimper

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