New Gay Trade Show – Andre Donovan & Ethan Dale

What happens behind the scene at the Gay Trade Show? Adult Toy and Novelty Show – presented by Falcon Studios featuring Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale?

Gay trade show - porn review - Falcon Studios - Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale
Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale Trade Show by Falcon Studios

One can make gay porn just about anywhere. Have you ever attended Gay Adult Toy and Novelty Show? Have you ever thought about what is happening in the background? With all these sex toys and beautiful people working on the stands, some action must be in the background. I commend Falcon Studios for picking two great gay porn actors to play in their recent porn video project titled “Trade Show”. These two actors are well-known to gay porn followers and consumers. Their names are Andre Donovan and Ethan Dale. Hot action is about to start. Fasten your seatbelts and get your lube ready!

Andre Donovan porn review

For the first time, Andre Donovan porn is not under review on this site. Rather than repeating information about Andre Donovan, I suggest checking some previous articles. Andre Donovan has also been mentioned in Gay News Portal in several articles.

Jkab Ethan Dale porn review

Jkab Ethan Dale porn is being under review here for the second time only. I will try to correct that injustice to this hot Asian gay porn actor. You all know about my weakness towards slim and smooth gay boys from Asia and Latino gay boys. What do we know about Jkab Ethan Dale? I found quite a comprehensive article about Jkab Ethan Dale and can provide a link to Gay Portal.

“Trade Show” by Falcon Studios, featuring Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale – the official description

Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale - porn review
Porn review - Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale - implicit scene - rimming

Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale are hard at work preparing products for the Adult Toy & Novelty Show, but these two stockroom studs are never too busy for some on-site afternoon delight. Surrounded by boxes packed with the industry’s newest sex toys, Jkab drops to his knees to suck Andre’s mouthwatering rod as Andre glances down to admire his co-worker’s advanced oral techniques. Jkab then hops onto a metal table where Andre lifts his bubble butt and rims it mid-air before using his stiff dick to bareback his smooth ass.

gay sex - explicit - anal sex - doggy style
gay anal sex dogy style
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With his cheeks covered in excess lube and glistening under the warehouse lights, Jkab moans loudly as his tight hole quickly learns how to accommodate Andre’s XL cock. Now on his back, Jkab suddenly squirts the fattest load Andre has ever seen, with Andre then pulling out to make his contribution to the blanket of cum covering Jkab’s muscular body.

Falcon Studios
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Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Trade Show”

I enjoyed watching this gay porn video because both actors enjoyed filming it. At least, that was my perception. I think that Jkab Ethan Dale loved bottoming for Andre Donovan. They both fit some common perceptions as well. Frankly, I could watch it again without being bored. It deserves full five stars from me. Recommended

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