Club Cruising by Benjamin Blue & Philippe Massa

Gay porn review

What excitement to expect from Club Cruising by Benjamin Blue and Philippe Massa in TheBroNetwork gay porn studio?

Is cruising still popular among the gay population? Some decades ago, cruising was the way to get some gay sex. You could go to some secret, well-known cruise areas in every town on this planet and feel excited about having sex in a public place. I remember fucking some guy in Centennial Park in Sydney in the early nineties quite vividly. Do you remember your last gay cruising adventure? Some guys regularly visited gay cruising clubs. We also periodically visited gay saunas. I must say that I could not make myself do any cruising in public toilets. I did not like the atmosphere there. What is your experience? Please share it with us in the comment box.

Benjamin Blue is a lovely gay bottom boy. I would fuck him anytime. Who would not love to push his cock up that beautifully rounded ass? He has beautiful eyes too. Benjamin Blue is French Canadian who was born in 1995. Yesterday, the 22nd of January, was his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful Benjamin Blue! Benjamin has been part of the gay porn industry and scene since 2016. I will let you calculate how many cocks he accommodated during that time in front of cameras from various studios. In short – quite many. If you are a gay bottom boy, then you would be more than jealous. You can check more information about him here.

Philipe Massa is a mysterious gay top guy playing in this video production by TheBroNetwork. I could not dig out any information about him.

Club Cruising – TheBroNetwork production starring Benjamin Blue and Philippe Massa – the official description

Philippe checks himself out in the Club bathroom when he notices an unmistakable shadow visible under-stall. Peeking over, he finds Benjamin Blue jerking his stiff cock, but gets caught peeking and ducks away. Excited at getting seen, Philippe spits on and strokes his growing rod and knocks at the stall door for access. Benjamin is eager to fuck and unlocks the door, inviting the muscular peeping top inside to devour his thick cock. Philippe throat-fucks the slim blue-eyed bottom hungrily, going in dry and immediately delivering a hard deep pounding, putting him in the throes of pleasure and pain. Benjamin rides Philippe before shooting his load all over the stall floor before getting a deep bareback breeding.

This video managed to maintain my erection from the start to the very end. I have one complaint that I have mentioned several times before. It might be just me having that particular problem, but it will affect my judgement of this video. I have a problem with actors looking at the camera in a way that makes it evident that it is all acting. That is the main reason for awarding this video three and a half stars instead or four.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Gay Porn Bliss – The Bro Network Resolution Time

Gay porn bliss is the way to start New Year! The Bro Network is presenting their latest video, Resolution Time, starring Bruce Huxley and Edward Terrant

Gay porn bliss is reaching a state of perfect happiness. The Bro Network is starting this year with a true gem named “Resolution Time”. Gay porn actors Bruce Huxley and Edward Terrant will deliver gay sex bliss to your monitors with excellent performance. This video will be released tomorrow (by Australian time), January 5th, 2023. With some more luck, some of us had the pleasure of seeing it before the release date. It was a true pleasure. My cock is erecting every time I think about this video. I will try not to uncover too much. Get this video and take the gay porn bliss for yourself and your lucky partner.

Bruce Huxley seems to be very new on the gay porn scene. According to my reliable source of information regarding gay porn actors, Bruce joined the gay porn scene in 2022. This seems to be his second-only video for professional gay porn studios. My review of his first video is available HERE.

Edward Terrant is a Canadian gay bottom boy. His presence is enriching the gay porn scene since 2020, and he has participated in over seventy gay porn projects. Overwhelmingly starring as a gay bottom boy, Edward is getting under my skin. Take my word; any top would love to have him in his bed. This hot gay boy was nominated for On-screen duo of the Year and Twink of the Year CYBERSOCKET AWARDS. I promise to follow up with his new roles.

Resolution Time starring Edward Terrant and Bruce Huxley by The Bro Network – The official description

Bruce Huxley and his girlfriend have been fighting a lot, but tonight is the last straw. He’s tired of taking her shit and is finally swearing off women for good. To prove it, he immediately downloads a dating app to line up a quick suck and fuck.

Edward Terrant matches with Bruce. He is a slim twink who’s close by and down for a quick to give Bruce his revenge fuck. Edward loves when a guy doesn’t waste any time and arrives in a flash, ready to show Bruce how great guys are at getting guys off.

Ed pulls Bruce over and pushes him onto the couch before grabbing at Bruce’s bulging jeans. He hoovers on his stiff cock, and Bruce gives him a hard face-fuck, choking him on his dick. Edward climbs on top and rides Bruce’s uncut cock. Edwards is rock hard, and his cock throbs as Bruce’s fingers his smooth hole and dives in to rim his hot little ass. Bruce milks Edward’s prostate, causing him to shoot his thick load all over the floor before face-fucking to hot creamy cum facial.

This is my third gay porn review for 2023. And, significantly, this is my third five-star rating for this year! Resolution Time is an excellent gay porn video. Get some gay porn bliss on your screens. Go and get it – what a great way to start your horny new year.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gay fuckbuddies Kenzo Alvarez & Marco Bianchi

Kenzo Alvarez was the High School bully and Marco Bianchi was his regular victim. Is their random meeting on streets of Montreal turning into another nightmare for Marco?

Gay fuckbuddies could be found in many unexpected ways. Does Kenzo Alvarez look like a typical bully? He might be. Do you have any personal experience as a bully or as a victim? Why don’t you share it with us? Please use the Comments box. Many gay boys were victims of bullies in their school days. However, some bullies were (and still are) gay guys themselves. Relationships between bullies and their victims are often very complicated, and there are hidden reasons behind these relationships. Is there something secret and special behind Kenzo Alvarez and his bullying of Marco Bianchi in High School? Would a new gay fuck-buddy saga be possible? Let’s find out together!

Marco Bianchi is walking the streets of Montreal when he runs into a blast from the past, Kenzo Alvarez. Back in the day, this hunk of a man used to make his life a living hell. Marco knows he shouldn’t even give him the time of day. However, he still looks incredible and never loses the ability to make him melt inside. Against his better judgment, he decides to let Kenzo say what he has to say.

Kenzo Alvarez knows Marco has always been into him. Recently he has been wanting to explore his fantasies and gay sex. He was too repressed in High School and worried about looking cool in front of the guys. So, when Marco made a pass, he told everyone and made Marco’s school life difficult.

Gay bully and his new fuck buddy rather than victim

The past is the past, and it is his chance to apologise. Bygones are bygones, and it isn’t long before Marko’s mouth is wrapped around his old bully’s throbbing cock. Kenzo spreads Marco’s hairless cheeks and pushes his big cock into his waiting pink hole before pounding him. The slim bottom’s big twink cock bounces with every thrust, and he revels in the pleasure of his teenage fantasy before shooting a giant load all over his hairless chest. Kenzo keeps pounding his hole before shooting his load onto Marco.

Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful new gay fuck-friendship. What could be better than your bully turning into your gay fuck buddy?

Great video by The Bro Network team and stars Kenzo Alvarez and Marco Bianchi!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

King Heart become victim of the office sex urge

King Heart is still in his office after business hours. He is not alone in that building! Let’s watch him becoming victim of his office gay sex urge with Jack Kross

King Heart is still in his office, working hard. He is overworked and in need of some breaks. However, it does not stop him from getting an erection. I suppose it is normal for young cocks to get hard quickly. Any young gay man thinks about sex more than anything else at that age. King Heart is a young gay bottom boy. Do we know who gets more sexual urges – bottoms or tops? Does it matter?

What does the young guy do when his sex urge goes over all limits, and his cock is hard and throbbing for some action? There is nobody around in the office block. At least, that is what a young King Heart believes. He rolls his chair away from the desk, pulls his pants down and starts stroking his cock. A rather large ejaculation would be more than welcome relief after a long busy day in the office.

One thing about stroking your cock in a public place is you get all your senses scanning for uninvited observers. Even if you think that nobody else is around. King Heart was stroking his cock when he suddenly heard noises from the corridor. He quickly pulled his pants back on and went to the passage to see the source of the noises. Over there he saw Jack Kross in his construction worker uniform. It turned out that Jack Kross stayed behind to finish some construction work in the block next to the offices.

King Heart is being fucked in his office by construction worker named Jack Kross

Two young guys looked at each other, and both noticed that the other was unsuccessfully hiding his bulge. Could it be that both are gay? How do you know? Well, as you probably know, eye contact is the first thing. Both were responsive. What is the next thing? Both went and started rubbing their cocks… Mission accomplished. The other side is responsive. Let’s hope that preferences are compatible…

King Heart and Jack Kross performed well in this gay porn classic story. I enjoyed watching this video. You would too. Another good production by Masqulin and TheBroNetwork.

Strictly Secret Gay Locker Room Confession

Let’s share strictly secret gay locker room confession by Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo

Strictly secret gay locker room confession must surface one day or the other. Is it true that what happens in the gay locker room stays in the gay locker room? Am I not sure about that? What about you? Do you have any gay locker room confessions waiting to be disclosed? I am not ready to share any of my gay locker-room confessions. Not as yet. However, we can watch one together by Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo. Disclosed only several days ago by BroNetwork.

What do you like about locker rooms? Apart from hot guys that undress there. Indeed, they do dress up sometimes there as well. How about that smell typical for locker rooms? There is one extra flavour in gay locker rooms not found in the straight ones. Can you guess what it is? Ok, I will help you – it is the smell of male sperm—lots of it. There is no better smell than that of mixed sperm and sweat.

Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo gay locker room confession

After practice, Benjamin King retires to the locker room. There he is joined by football star Tony D’Angelo, fresh out of the showers. Tony isn’t shy, drying himself out in the open and chatting Ben up as he sits on the benches.

Ben has a reputation for being the fastest guy on the field, and Tony can’t let the opportunity pass him by to extoll the virtues of football. But Ben has reservations admitting that team sports aren’t his thing. Especially when tight pants are involved and might reveal more than bargained for. Tony’s advice is not to overthink things, that getting hard is natural, and that the team could put his talents to work.

Ben strokes Tony’s thigh. Tony massages Ben’s neck, loosening him up; his cock jumps and Ben reaches down and sucks his stiff shaft. Tony teases the muscular track star with his cock before slapping his ass and pounding him over the locker room bench. Ben climbs on top, and the football bro pounds him from below. These peak athletes put their power and flexibility to use, and Tony glands Ben cumming all over his face before Tony adds his hot cum on his chin.

Gay Halloween Thriller – Psycho Killer Body

Gay Halloween is here! Brought to you by and

Gay Halloween! Don’t we all love it?

Gay Halloween Thriller by Masqulin

One dark and foggy evening, a predator lurks in the dark, ready to pounce. The neighbourhood is being terrorised by a crazed night stalker putting the whole community on edge.

Olivier Robert’s roommate has a few quirks, but rules are rules. And, with Rocky Vallarta, things need to be just so. Rocky tends to fixate on the details, and Olivier certainly does not want him to get crazy. Suddenly, a breaking story comes on the TV. Another body has been found in an alley downtown. As Olivier puts two and two together, all of a sudden, the room goes dark.

Rocky’s sexy roommate has discovered his secret. Now he cannot leave any loose ends. Olivier awakens tied up and gagged in a plastic-covered room. Excitement and terror fill the room. In a tense moment, the truth comes to light, and the darkest secrets are revealed.

Rocky dominates his prey, producing waves of pleasure throughout his killer body at the touch of his fingers, before putting Olivier’s admissions to the test. He plunges his hard cock into Olivier’s throat and rims his submissive muscular bubble ass. He glands his roommate, who sprays his load all over his tight abs. Rocky finishes, thick ropes of cum glazing Olivier’s face.

With passions riding high what comes next? Will Olivier join Rocky in his madness?

Photographic Evidence

Is it true that Mike Carrera Hot as Fuck?

Is Mike Carrera Hot AF? Many believe that he is. Let’s have a look at his latest shootout for Bro Network!

Do you know if Mike Carrera Hot as Fuck? Many people say he is a gay guy who is Hot as Fuck. Is that true? I suppose we all have different tastes when judging other guys. Do you think that you are hot as fuck? If you feel so, who qualifies in that category next to you? Someone similar or someone different. What are the standards used to declare Mike Carrera being Hot as Fuck?

If you find guys with an enormous uncut cock with very long foreskin to be Hot as Fuck then Mike Carrera is one of them. Seeing someone with a large penis have his cockhead covered with the foreskin even when fully erect is impressive. Does his foreskin pull back during penetration? However, only a limited number of people can see his uncut penis before they make a judgement. Well, it was till you watched this video produced by the Bro Network.

If muscular gay guys fit your definition of a Hot as Fuck, then count on Mike Carrera. He has a lovely body. I like guys who work on their bodies but in moderation. Mike Carrera’s body is well looked after, and his muscular structure appears natural. I like that.

Do you like smooth guys? I love them! As far as the soft body is concerned, Mike Carrera would fit my definition of a Hot as Fuck type.

Are you into guys with tattoos? I am undecided when it comes to that sort of body art. If you like that stuff, watch Mike Carrera with the rest of us because he is in the Hot as Fuck crowd by your standards.

Hot AF: Mike Carrera

Mike Carrera is a hot grease monkey with a body of steel. Fast cars and fast living are what he’s all about. He’s out in the shop working on his sports car.

While tightening bolts to spec and checking the dipstick, he gets a bit horny. So, he grabs life by the horns and goes for it. He strokes his big uncut cock, shows off his smooth shaved hole, and fingers his foreskin before shooting onto his oily cumrag.

A little release is just what he needed. And when Mike wants something, he does whatever he has to get it.

Gay Heat Wave getting hotter by The-Bro-Network

Gay Heat Wave delivered by and reviewed by

What is the gay heat wave? Well, in this case it is a video produced by The Bro Network. I reviewed it just now. My cock is still hard. No, I did not take the herbal boner pills. Here are some observations.

Gabriel Clark is cooking up a storm. He and his roommate Benjamin King are anxiously awaiting their hot double date with TWINS! A seductive sex party on the hottest day of the year, the excitement is palpable. But when these studs get hit with an inconvenient triple-whammy of power failure, their dates cancelling, and the herbal boner pills kicking in, they don’t know what to do!

Stuck with a stiff and throbbing situation, Gabriel hopes a cold shower will give him relief while Ben chooses to employ a more hands-on approach to his problem, stroking his big uncut cock in the living room.

Well, it’s not long before Gabriel’s out of the shower and catches Ben red-handed! In this house, bros help bros, and a little proposition from Gabriel has Ben considering taking a hard cock up his ass for the first time.

First, he reaches over and strokes his heavy cock before sucking on it, tasting his precum. Gabriel returns the favor, stroking Ben’s stiff cock before face-fucking him. Gabriel licks Ben’s smooth hole, his face crammed between his muscular cheeks.
Ben takes a pounding, his toned chest glistening in the afternoon heat before spraying his load all over the apartment couch, and Gabriel glazes Ben’s well-fucked hole.


Heat Wave is a standard gay porn production covering anal sex, bareback, big dick, glanding, muscular guys, rimming…

Acting is solid. I would suggest that actor reduce their staring into the camera. That makes everything feels less spontaneous. However, this is common complain I have about many gay porn videos.

Actors are Benjamin King and Gabriel Clark

I hope you will enjoy watching this video as much as I had.

Locked up. What is the gay life in prison?

What is it like being gay and locked up in prison?

Is being gay and locked up in prison different from being straight in a similar situation? The gay community is just another part of the general community. Like their straight counterparts, gay guys sometimes break the law and end up in prison. As we all know, prisoners are deprived of things we all take for granted, like sex. This is not necessarily true for gay guys who get locked up. For some guys, this might even sound like a great opportunity! Is it?

While statistics about criminal justice and LGBT people, in general, are lacking, we know that some groups of LGBT people are disproportionately likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. Particularly LGBT youth and transgender people often get locked up.

A history of bias, abuse, and profiling toward LGBT people by law enforcement has contributed to disproportionate contact with the justice system.

Moreover, while people may end up in jail or prison for many reasons, poor people are more likely to end up behind bars, and LGBT people are disproportionately poor.

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
Perfect for your next OnlyFans project

Well, it is not great fun looking at statistics regarding gay people being locked up. Just as in every other situation in life, different people cope with it differently. One of the essential life skills is turning every situation into an opportunity. Optimism is much healthier than pessimism. And much more fun too.

“Locked up” production by,

Miguel Exotic anxiously awaits his day in court and hopes to be reunited with his babe on the outside any day now. When Miguel gets assigned a new prison cellmate by the department of corrections, he keeps his head down and doesn’t play into Jordan Lake’s games.

While Miguel is on his way out, Jordan will be locked up for a while and is making the best of a bad situation. Time flies when you’re having fun! Jordan seldom finds himself with such a handsome cellmate. When Miguel gets a letter stating he has three more years in lockup, he goes ballistic.

Lucky for him, he conveniently has a ready and willing gay boy to help him relieve his frustration. Sexually frustrated and curious, he gives into temptation and rails the little twink in his jail cell, just as he’s been asking for it.

Actors: Jordan Lake and Miguel Exotic


Video has been produced professionally. The acting is quite decent. I would personally enjoy being locked up with young Migues Exotic. Gay boys like him must have a lot of fun when being locked up. In short, if you like rough but not too rough, this video will deliver pleasure. Erection followed by ejaculation is a very likely outcome.

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