How I lost my gay bottom virginity?

Is gay bottom virginity overrated? Let’s observe how Zayne Bright lost his gay bottom virginity. Starting with two rather than just one, the bang is the way! Family Dick and Say-Uncle presenting “His first time bottoming” starring Zayne Bright, Carter Delrey and Jake Lawrence

Gay bottom virginity might be irrelevant when speaking in general. However, I was told that gay bottom boys remember when they lost their virginity. Zayne Bright remembers the day when Carter Delrey and Jake Lawrence took his gay bottom virginity from him. He swears it is one of those sweet memories, mainly that he got inseminated by his boyfriend and his stepdad! Was that boy sore at the end of the day?

Zayne Bright – Cute gay bottom boy

There is not much information about this cute gay bottom boy. His Twitter account has been suspended as well. I would love to see what was posted there. In this project, American gay bottom will lose his virginity in front of cameras, just for our pleasure. Let’s appreciate it together. Zayne joined the professional gay porn scene in 2022 and kept busy by participating in twenty-two gay porn videos, bottoming in all except two.

Carter Delrey

Carter is another somewhat secretive, beautiful gay porn actor taking part in this gay bottom virginity loss operation. Part of professional gay adult production from 2021, Carter Delrey has taken part in thirty-nine video and photo shoots for various gay porn studios. According to his Twitter page, Carter resides in Austin, Texas, and also posts his gay adult content on the OnlyFans platform.

Jake Lawrence

Jake Lawrence was born in December 1983. Active on the gay porn scene since 2020 with forty-seven appearances. Jake is 5’11” (180cm) tall and weighs 149 lbs. (68kg). He is versatile. Jake is actively posting his gay porn creations on various platforms. He is the winner of “Best group scene” by Grabby Awards.

His First Time Bottoming – the story

Zayne Bright is hanging out with his boyfriend, Carter DelRey when he notices he has a boner. The boys start to fool around, but when Carter tries to play with Zayne’s butt, he stops him, telling him that he’s never done that before. Zayne’s stepdad Jake Lawrence intervenes, assuring him he can have a great experience if he agrees to try it out. Jake and Carter have their way with Zayne, and the three end up panting and covered in cum in no time!

My rating

This is a pretty successful project by Family Dick and Say Uncle studios. Professionally produced and able to deliver you pleasure. Young and cute actors will make you get an erection from the video’s first moments and hold it until the end. I am rating it with four and a half stars. Go and get it!

Let’s watch Asher Day receive family dick now

Asher Day is about to demonstrate receiving family dick from Jax Phoenix in Family Dick and Say Uncle gay porn production. Let’s watch it now!

Asher Day is still a newbie in the gay porn industry. However, he is quite a popular and successful newbie. I am very proud to be someone who predicted his success quite some time ago in my article “New Dick on the Block – Asher Day”. At that time, I was the editor for this site and Gay News Portal. I am still an editor on both of these sites. Since my article about Asher Day was published here, I have changed the concept for both sites to avoid overlapping. It is a long story. However, I take some pride in spotting a young and beautiful gay boy named Asher Day.


The gay family genre of porn has a very loyal audience among the gay population. How frequent are gay sexual relationships within the family unit in its broadest definition? Nobody knows. I don’t have any personal experience when it comes to that. However, one of my ex-partners did have that experience. He had a crush on one of his cousins. According to him, nothing ever actually happened between them. Do you have any personal experience with gay relationships and sex within a family? If you have a story to tell, don’t hesitate.

Do Asher and Jax Phoenix have “A very different idea of fun” by Family Dick and Say Uncle studios?

Let’s get back to our young gay boy Asher Day and his participation in “A Very Different Idea of Fun” – a video story by the Family Dick and Say Uncle studios.

I am not going to tell you the story. I guess that would spoil your pleasure. No matter how predictable most gay porn videos and scenes are, there is always that particular pleasure when you watch it without knowing what is next. I will try to avoid telling you the story. Sometimes I might tell you my story for the video I am reviewing—some other time about that.

Asher Day so far performed in seventeen gay porn productions, and he was a bottom every time.

Gay Porn Bravado by Say Uncle Studio Review

Gay porn production by Saun Uncle Studio reviewed for 2022 before we wish you horny new 2023

Gay porn industry is heading towards the end of another year. How well is it doing? I don’t have any precise results to make the judgement. The fact is that gay porn professional studios are facing challenges from platforms such as OnlyFans or JustForFans, and many other similar ones.

I dare to predict that expected changes in Twitter under new ownership might significantly impact developments in the gay porn industry. Why do I think so? Right now, Twitter is one of the leading platforms for individual gay porn content creators to market their productions. That might change. Nobody is talking about this aspect of changes in Twitter ownership. Not as yet. I might be completely wrong. Who knows? What do you think? Please share your opinions with us.

What makes Say Uncle content such a turn-on?

Say Uncle gives us the storyline setup that many of us fantasise about.

Maybe it starts as a workout in the gym, or an eager nephew comes over to help mow the lawn. The intergenerational scenarios are endless.

Ultimately, this is the kind of content that delivers beefy older guys taking control and working over slutty young boys who can’t get enough daddy dick.

So far, I have reviewed only three videos produced by Say Uncle. More is needed to make any firm conclusions. However, I liked all three of their projects and will follow their activities in the future.

A Morning Cuddle

Featuring Shae Reynolds, Myles Landon, and Brody Kayman.

Stepson Shae walks in on Myles and Brody taking care of their morning wood, so he asks if he can join in. Soon, Shae’s hole is super stretched as he takes both Myles and Bordy’s cocks!

Impressing the Coach – gay porn by Say Uncle

Featuring Jonah Wheeler and Nick Floyd.

Nick wants to join the wrestling team but needs to impress coach Jonah if he has a shot. Nick is shy at first but is willing to do what he must to make the team.

Gay porn is integral part of gay population’s lifestyle. In spite of the fact that many deny watching it. Let’s face it, we all get horny and we all have our sexual fantasies and desires. Sometimes, gay porn is quickest and cheapest way to live some of them. Say Uncle is delivering wide spectrum of gay porn for the rest of us to enjoy it. I appreciate their efforts. Do you? If you have any suggestions about coverage of gay porn, please feel free to contact me.

OnlyFans and JustForFans and similar platforms are part of the gay porn industry and they should not be observed as a threat to the rest. They have a place on gay scene too. Many gay porn actors have their own creations on these platforms but are still working with professional studios. That is the way to go

Gay, catholic, horny – Des Irez & Gabe Bradshaw

Young and horny Des Irez and Gabe Bradshaw in “One Before the Vow” gay porn video by Say Uncle Studio. Gay porn at its best!

Say “YES” to the Yes Father and Say Uncle Studio production. This is gay porn at its best. Gay, catholic, horny. Young Gabe Bradshaw is full of cum and ejaculates like a volcano eruption.

Des Perez is on the verge of devoting his life to the church. That means he will have to give up particular Earthly delights. One of his favourite delights is sharing desires of the flesh with his close buddy Gabe Bradshaw.

Gay, Catholic and Horny is the temptation for two young Catholic gay boys. They take advantage of the solitude of the confessional and have one last torrid go at each other.

Gabe Bradshaw is my serious candidate for the “bottom of the year”. Not just his beautiful slim, and smooth body that makes me think so. It is not his handsome face. It is more than anything else his genuine joy while being fucked.
You cannot fake ejaculation. Gabe Bradshaw and Des Irez enjoyed fucking in front of cameras so that their cocks exploded in one of the best cumming scenes of a long time. It was like a volcano of young sperm.

Must see!

“One Before the Vow” starring Gabe Bradshaw and Des Irez for Yes Father and Say Uncle Studios

The one of the best scenes:

Bradshaw is vigorously pumped until he unleashes a torrent of jizz we can see gleaming in the lights as the strands shoot up across his shoulder and beyond. In like fashion, Irez’s spurts burst forth to hit Bradshaw’s face and mouth as the two seem genuinely surprised by their force. Is there any better blessing than that young and juicy sperm? How far can you shoot?

Gay Games – Bottoms – Winner gets it all

Gay Games are hot! Two great gay bottoms – Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati – Winner gets it all

Gay games are on! What happens when two gay bottoms get horny, but no gay top around? Our bottom boys beg for a cock, but there are no tops around. They are so horny that one of them will have to be top this time. Gay games are on, and the winner gets it all. Yes, he will get that precious cock. Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati special for Bottom Games is on now.

I must admit one thing to you. It is challenging for me to choose sides in these gay games battle between Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati. Why? I am really in love with both of them. They are among my favourite gay bottom boys of them all. How can you choose between two beautiful smooth bodies, slim built and young willing to please? The main difference is that one is tanned, and the other is rather pale. I don’t mind either. Do you? If you take a closer look, you will also notice that their assholes are similarly smooth and so sexy… Please tell me who would be your choice to take him to your bed. is where hot jock hunks compete for the fuck of it. These gay jocks compete not only for cash but to see who will get the top and who gets the bottom. The losers always suck it up and take it like men. Games have never been more fun, exciting, and with more at stake than ever before.

Porn star, Alfonso Osnaya, and his youthful good looks are fresh and seductive. It takes Alfonso little effort when he is luring a man into the bedroom before servicing his cock with his mouth and hole. Versatile but more bottom.

I liked this video by Bottom Games and Say_Uncle Studios. Let me know what your opinion was, please.

A Gay twink caught stealing a big dildo

A gay twink caught stealing a big dildo sounds like big news. Is it? How often do young delinquents steal stuff from sex shops?

A gay twink Carter DelRey is desperately willing to try a big dildo in his young virgin ass. However, he is still in school and cannot afford to buy a big dildo. He went to a sex shop in another suburb to avoid being recognised accidentally by his friends or neighbours. He observed a variety of big dildos on the rack. They were all too expensive for him. Finally, his sexual urge prevailed, and he decided to steal one dildo.

Jax Thirio is a sex shop owner. He noticed young Carter DelRey browsing through the section with big dildos and feeling uncomfortable. Young Carter was behaving unusually, and Jax decided to pay attention to this customer. After a while, Carter DelRey picked one dildo and hid it under his jacket before walking towards the exit door. Jax intercepted young Carter DelRey before he could leave the shop. Carter was embarrassed but followed Jax to the room behind the shop without resisting. He knew he would be in trouble.

Carter DelRey immediately started begging the shop owner to let him go. He was concerned that his parents would find out about the whole thing. He was not out to his parents. Jax asked him if he was gay, and Carter confirmed it.

A gay twink had no idea that Jax was gay as well. The young lad was about to get something much more natural in his ass than a dildo. Is Jax Thirio about to punish young Carter DelRey with his cock, or should one see it as a gift? What do you think about that?

Caught Stealing – Jax Thirio and Carter DelRey by SAYUNCLE studios

Jax Thirio is a smooth-body and taught muscles, but he’s also a soft personality. As a stepdad, Mormon bishop, or best friend’s dad, he’s a horny, brutal fucker. In real life, he’s a sweetheart with a heart of gold. Though on the scene for a relatively short period, he’s risen to the top…so to speak…filming with Next Door Studios, Falcon,, and more. His self-produced content is beyond the fire, and he’s been inside all your favourite names in the industry. He recently won a Fleshbot Award for his role in the Best Movie of the Year, Johnny Rapid: For the Fans Vo. 1.

To paint a picture, I’m a 25-year-old gay twink (trying to get to that twunk status) from Santa Barbara, California. Believe it or not, I went to UC Berkeley for Film and graduated in 2019, and now reside in Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to write for movies and TV for as long as I can remember (so hey, if there’s an exec 

Carter DelRey

“Caught Stealing” belongs to a large group of gay porn videos covering what happens when young guys are caught stealing in shops. There is not much one can invent to make the scenario different. However, this video produced ty SAYUNCLE studios is not dull, to say the least. Actors Jax Thirio and Carter DelRey performed very well. To be blunt – your erection will last from the first scene of this video to the very last one. That is why we watch porn videos, after all. This is the good one.

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