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Get Funk’d by Reign and Trevor Brooks in Hot House Production

What is “Get Funk’d”? Falcon/NakedSword studio imprint Hot House has released the full version of ‘the 70s-themed title “Get Funk’d.”

Co-directed by Trenton Ducati and Ryan Brian, the first scene was released as a teaser last week. The title features Falcon/NakedSword exclusive Reign, as well as Trevor Brooks, Isaac Parker, Evan Knoxx, Tristan Hunter, Isaiah Taye, Roman Todd, Logan Aarons, and Ethan Sinns.

The title “follows five vacationing couples back to a time when short shorts, tanks, and glistening torsos. Not to mention unprecedented sexual freedom. Each scene features “a new pairing as they venture to Palm Springs’ most sought-after timeshare and begin taking advantage of every room of the beautifully appointed home.”

“We had a great filming location with ‘Get Funk’d’ The biggest standout with this project has to be its cast. Every single one of them delivered a standout performance. I know porn fans are going to love.”

Trenton Ducati

“It’s not easy to constantly one-up yourself with each new movie. However, Trenton Ducati, Ryan Brian, (writer) Ben Rush, and the entire Hot House crew have done it again with ‘Get Funk’d.'”

Tim Valenti – Falcon NakedSword President

Get Funk’d with Reign and Trevor Brooks

Having just arrived for their weekend Palm Springs getaway, Reign and Trevor Brooks immediately ditch their bags. They set out to get into each other’s shorts. Trevor doesn’t waste any time. He drops to his knees and starts servicing Reign’s curved cock on the living room couch.

Reign coaches his man by swallowing his oversized cock before turning him around to rim his hole while Trevor tugs on his cock. Ready for Trevor’s hole to be wrapped around his bareback cock, Reign manhandles the bottom’s naked body as he works his way into his tight ass. The two christen their new weekend abode in permanent positions. Until muscle hunk, Reign pulls out to smother Trevor in jizz, and Trevor is stroking out his creamy load.

“Get Funk’d” is available for digital download and on DVD from the Falcon/NakedSword store.

Gay Sex Release Room exciting visit

Gay Sex Release Room is something special. Have you ever visited one? Let’s do it together with Brad Connors and Tristan West!

Gay sex release room?! What is it? Am I the only one that did not know about that? I had to search before watching this video produced by Naked Sword Studios.

The Release Room is a safe place that allows people to release the things that have been hindering their emotional growth and progress (anger, anxiety, depression, grief, frustration, and etc.) In the Release Room, you will have the option to a debriefing session with our counselor. The counselor is there to help with coping skills and a person’s mental well-being. Burying negative emotions can lead to a host of emotional issues. Our room is stocked with multiple items that can be thrown, smashed, broken, hit, and shot (PAINTBALL GUN) (EXTRA FEE) with one of our provided instruments.

Advertisement found on Internet

Cottaging is a gay slang term, originating from the United Kingdom, referring to anonymous sex between men in a public lavatory (a “cottage”, “tea-room”), or cruising for sexual partners with the intention of having sex elsewhere. The term has its roots in self-contained English toilet blocks resembling small cottages in their appearance; in the English cant language of Polari this became a double entendre by gay men referring to sexual encounters. See also gay beat in Australian English.


Now I think I better understood what type of release room this is all about. I guess something in between a visit to an escort (in the agency) and going to one of those gay cruising places with small cabins and going to a gay sauna. I must admit that I am not stranger to visiting to any of the mentioned ones. However, I certainly never visited “release room” before. Have you? Is there anything of that sort available in Sydney? Please let me know!

Release Room – Scene 3 – The Story

Tristan West is new to the city and while he doesn’t feel ready to go out and meet guys just yet, he’s eager to stop by the Release Room as the one place where he can make the decisions on the services he wants with the men he’s servicing.

Upon entering his private room, hired hunk Brad Connors throws the young twink down on a chair and pulls out his cock for Tristan to swallow to the base. Brad’s hands explore every portion of Tristan’s exposed body as he rims and barebacks his perfectly smooth ass.

Tristan stays rock hard as a beefy Brad get into multiple positions to pump himself inside of him. Once Tristan is on his back with Brad still stretching his hole, the top pulls out, both men blow their loads. Tristan can leave completely satisfied and drained.

My vacation secrets – Naked in Islas Canarias

Eh, vacations. We all love them! Bastian Karim and Sam Steiner enjoyed lovely weather, scenery and sex. It all happened in Islas Canarias

We all have some vacation secrets. I am not sure about others, but Bastian Karim and Sam Steiner had some steamy moments between them during their vacation in Islas Canarias.

Today I am sharing my impressions of NakedSword production – Islas Canarias III. I enjoyed that video. One of my regulars popped in, and we watched it together. It was inspirational, so we started looking after each other’s horny desires. We eventually ended up watching it in full after our small bed gymnastics. You know what I mean…

Islas Canarias III (just like the previous scenes) is one of those gay porn videos that bring some memories back. That is because the storyline is something we all have experienced in real life. I am sure many of you, particularly those from my generation, have spent some time in gay holiday resorts. These are good memories… This video is also inspirational. I tested it with one of my regulars, as mentioned before. Simply, it gets your erection…

Islas Canarias Sc. 3 – Bastian Karim and Sam Steiner

After an exhausting day of sightseeing and discovering the beauty of the town of Teguise, all Bastian Karim and Sam Steiner want to do is head back to their private beach villa, relax, and enjoy each other’s raw bodies.

Quick to lose his clothes, Bastian bobs his head up and down on his lover’s uncut member before taking a seat on his face and his stiff dick. After spreading his thick thighs and riding Sam, Bastian gets his go at topping as Sam brings to the floor, gets on all fours, and opens up for Bastian’s cock.

The villa soon fills with the sound of Sam taking deep breaths at every one of Bastian’s bareback thrusts. A few strokes by his hand has Sam nutting all over himself, with Bastian taking the opportunity to unload onto Sam’s face.

There is much more to that story, but I will leave it for you to check out. You can watch it solo, as most gay guys do but are unwilling to admit it. Or you can watch it with your boyfriend, remember your adventures during vacation and maybe plan to record them next time. Hmm… maybe onlyfans? Finally, you can call one of your regulars and watch it together. It is really up to you.

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