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Let’s wank with Bruce Huxley. Latest gay porn from Masqulin studio

How often do you wank? I must be out of trends. Because the wanking seems to be trendy at the moment. Did I miss anything? Better question would be: Do you like watching other guys wank? If you take sexual pleasure from watching other guys wank then look no further. Bruce Huxley will wank happily just for you and in front of you. You are free to join him if you feel like that. Try not to make too much mess, please.

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Sexual Role Preference

What is your preferred sexual role

What is your preferred sexual role

This is the second gay porn video I am reviewing in as many days that has no anal penetration as part of it! I am not complaining as both videos have shown to be of a good quality. However, I am starting to ask what is going on. What is it about wanking or masturbation? When you are willing to learn then you will find answer for all of your questions. Here are some:

Five Reasons Masturbation (Wank) is Great for De-stressing

  1. Feel Good hormones are released
  2. You can learn to love yourself
  3. You will sleep better
  4. Relieve physical pain & reduce stress
  5. No risks, no worries. Reap the benefits of sex without risks

So, there it is. I tend to agree with the first four. Let’s get back to the video

Hot AF: Bruce Huxley

Bruce Huxley is having a stressful time at the office. He sneaks out to the restroom for a bit of me-time but keeps getting distracted by people coming in and out, making noise. A good wank is just what he needs, but only if he gets into it. He pulls out a VR headset, double fists his cock, and gets lost in the fantasy as he is transported into another dimension.

Rock hard; he plays for you, his hands exploring his tight abs, his stiff pole throbs, his toned bubble ass is lightly dusted with hair. And his sculpted back is in full display. Watch as he cums for you, his fantasy. Bruce’s stress relief mission is fully accomplished; he’s wholly relieved and ready for work!

Let’s wank (distress) with Bruce Huxley! No mess please!

Gay Exposed – Accidental Conference Exposure!

“Conference Exposure” is a story about being gay and accidentally exposed could end in a great gay sex filmed by Masqulin Studios

Gay exposed! Not every gay person is “out” to his coworkers. This probably applies to the clear majority of gay guys. Nothing is wrong with that. Your sexual preferences and life are your own, and you don’t need to disclose them to anyone. Unless you feel like doing it. The fact is that majority of gay guys don’t like doing it. This might upset some gay rights warriors, but it is true, nevertheless.

“Conference Exposure” presents the good side of being gay and accidentally exposed to your coworkers. It also brings up the reality of many gay guys not being “out” to their coworkers. Possibly, you are not the only one in your office who is not “out”. And, in general, that is excellent news! It could end in a hot sex exchange in your office. Maybe even relationship…

Jake Nobello – Gay Porn Actor

Regular visitors to this site know that I like presenting available information about actors appearing in the project. Sometimes it is hard to find that sort of information. However, my search for “Jake Nobello – a gay porn actor” was more than a success. He has his page, and I am impressed with it. I believe that is precisely what every serious gay porn actor, influencer and content creator should have. I salute your effort Jake Nobello!

”My journey as a key player in Adult Entertainment, reputable Porn Star, Porn Video Producer as well  as a social media Influencer is something I enjoy sharing with my fans that are also on the look for intence sexual fantacies. I very much enjoy interacting and getting feedbacks from you. I am very greatfull of the people I have inspired through my career so far, thanks to all of you!”

Jake Nobello

Ryan Jacobs – Gay Porn Actor

I was not particularly lucky with my efforts to dig for more information about Ryan Jacobs. There are many links there, but they are all visual rather than informative. He is associated with several gay porn studios and seems to be a very busy boy.

“Conference Exposure” by Masqulin Studio – The Story

Three coworkers are burning the midnight oil to finish up a presentation for work. They are all nearly burnt out, but Jake Nobello motivates the team by showing off their progress. Embarrassingly, instead of the slides, his favourite porn site flashes on the screen! Ryan Jacobs takes notice, but their third coworker is none-the-wiser. When she heads off for the evening, Ryan propositions his coworker for fun under the conference room table. Ryan throat-fucks Jake and tongue-fucks his hole before pounding his slim-twink ass and makes his curious coworker blow his thick cum on his slim abs before he shoots his load on Jake’s slim thigh.

College gay boy and fuckbuddy

College gay boy who brought his fuckbuddy to meet his old fuckbuddy for Thanksgiving

A college gay boy named Aiden Jacobs is heading back to his hometown with his fuckbuddy Benjamin Blue. It does not sound like much of a story to make a gay porn. Does it? Well, that is just one part of the story. If you get to know the whole story and watch the entire video, you will like it just as I did. What makes this story much more interesting (and sexually stimulating) is the fact that Aiden is taking his fuckbuddy to visit his old fuckbuddy. Where is that leading us?

Thanksgiving has always been a prime time for Aiden Jacobs. Ever since he was little, he has never missed his friend Gabriel Clark’s family Thanksgiving. And he wouldn’t miss it for the world. This year, he brought home a college buddy, Benjamin Blue, to meet his second family. After all, nobody should be alone on Thanksgiving. His college buddy is also his fuckbuddy. How convenient is that? Things are getting interesting if you follow up.

College is good for some sexual experimenting. When Aiden introduced his college fuckbuddy to meet his original fuckbuddy, he could tell they would get along from the moment they laid eyes on each other. After all, Benjamin sucks a mean cock, and the holiday is all about sharing. Gabriel soon finds out for himself, as he gets his cock sucked and has two gorgeous boys to play with! There’s nothing like rekindling old flames for the holidays, especially when it leaves Aiden covered in double buddy cum!

Back from College

College gay boy Aiden Jacobs will remember this Thanksgiving forever. Getting covered with cum from two of his fuckbuddies does not happen regularly. If you like threesomes, you will like this video. A friend of mine who is into group sex thinks the video is good. I have no objections to that at all. Do you? I have reviewed more of Masqulin videos, and you can check them out here

King Heart become victim of the office sex urge

King Heart is still in his office after business hours. He is not alone in that building! Let’s watch him becoming victim of his office gay sex urge with Jack Kross

King Heart is still in his office, working hard. He is overworked and in need of some breaks. However, it does not stop him from getting an erection. I suppose it is normal for young cocks to get hard quickly. Any young gay man thinks about sex more than anything else at that age. King Heart is a young gay bottom boy. Do we know who gets more sexual urges – bottoms or tops? Does it matter?

What does the young guy do when his sex urge goes over all limits, and his cock is hard and throbbing for some action? There is nobody around in the office block. At least, that is what a young King Heart believes. He rolls his chair away from the desk, pulls his pants down and starts stroking his cock. A rather large ejaculation would be more than welcome relief after a long busy day in the office.

One thing about stroking your cock in a public place is you get all your senses scanning for uninvited observers. Even if you think that nobody else is around. King Heart was stroking his cock when he suddenly heard noises from the corridor. He quickly pulled his pants back on and went to the passage to see the source of the noises. Over there he saw Jack Kross in his construction worker uniform. It turned out that Jack Kross stayed behind to finish some construction work in the block next to the offices.

King Heart is being fucked in his office by construction worker named Jack Kross

Two young guys looked at each other, and both noticed that the other was unsuccessfully hiding his bulge. Could it be that both are gay? How do you know? Well, as you probably know, eye contact is the first thing. Both were responsive. What is the next thing? Both went and started rubbing their cocks… Mission accomplished. The other side is responsive. Let’s hope that preferences are compatible…

King Heart and Jack Kross performed well in this gay porn classic story. I enjoyed watching this video. You would too. Another good production by Masqulin and TheBroNetwork.

Strictly Secret Gay Locker Room Confession

Let’s share strictly secret gay locker room confession by Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo

Strictly secret gay locker room confession must surface one day or the other. Is it true that what happens in the gay locker room stays in the gay locker room? Am I not sure about that? What about you? Do you have any gay locker room confessions waiting to be disclosed? I am not ready to share any of my gay locker-room confessions. Not as yet. However, we can watch one together by Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo. Disclosed only several days ago by BroNetwork.

What do you like about locker rooms? Apart from hot guys that undress there. Indeed, they do dress up sometimes there as well. How about that smell typical for locker rooms? There is one extra flavour in gay locker rooms not found in the straight ones. Can you guess what it is? Ok, I will help you – it is the smell of male sperm—lots of it. There is no better smell than that of mixed sperm and sweat.

Benjamin King and Tony D’Angelo gay locker room confession

After practice, Benjamin King retires to the locker room. There he is joined by football star Tony D’Angelo, fresh out of the showers. Tony isn’t shy, drying himself out in the open and chatting Ben up as he sits on the benches.

Ben has a reputation for being the fastest guy on the field, and Tony can’t let the opportunity pass him by to extoll the virtues of football. But Ben has reservations admitting that team sports aren’t his thing. Especially when tight pants are involved and might reveal more than bargained for. Tony’s advice is not to overthink things, that getting hard is natural, and that the team could put his talents to work.

Ben strokes Tony’s thigh. Tony massages Ben’s neck, loosening him up; his cock jumps and Ben reaches down and sucks his stiff shaft. Tony teases the muscular track star with his cock before slapping his ass and pounding him over the locker room bench. Ben climbs on top, and the football bro pounds him from below. These peak athletes put their power and flexibility to use, and Tony glands Ben cumming all over his face before Tony adds his hot cum on his chin.

Gay Halloween Thriller – Psycho Killer Body

Gay Halloween is here! Brought to you by and

Gay Halloween! Don’t we all love it?

Gay Halloween Thriller by Masqulin

One dark and foggy evening, a predator lurks in the dark, ready to pounce. The neighbourhood is being terrorised by a crazed night stalker putting the whole community on edge.

Olivier Robert’s roommate has a few quirks, but rules are rules. And, with Rocky Vallarta, things need to be just so. Rocky tends to fixate on the details, and Olivier certainly does not want him to get crazy. Suddenly, a breaking story comes on the TV. Another body has been found in an alley downtown. As Olivier puts two and two together, all of a sudden, the room goes dark.

Rocky’s sexy roommate has discovered his secret. Now he cannot leave any loose ends. Olivier awakens tied up and gagged in a plastic-covered room. Excitement and terror fill the room. In a tense moment, the truth comes to light, and the darkest secrets are revealed.

Rocky dominates his prey, producing waves of pleasure throughout his killer body at the touch of his fingers, before putting Olivier’s admissions to the test. He plunges his hard cock into Olivier’s throat and rims his submissive muscular bubble ass. He glands his roommate, who sprays his load all over his tight abs. Rocky finishes, thick ropes of cum glazing Olivier’s face.

With passions riding high what comes next? Will Olivier join Rocky in his madness?

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