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Gay men love to party! However, not often can you attend a real gay porn orgy. Oh, yes, you can. With Lucas men

Gay men are party animals. I know it is too much of a generalising. However, compared to straight guys, gay men are much more active on the party scene. How about a gay porn orgy, though? What are the origins of a gay orgy? Or what are believed to be the origins, as it seems complicated to separate historical facts from popular myth.

There are two opposed beliefs about homosexuality—or gay sex, or the more neutral and perhaps accurate term, all-male sex—in the Roman Empire. The first is that the Ancient World fizzled out in an orgy of bum fun and that we need to be careful not to let this happen to us. The second is that the Ancient World was one big al-fresco bath house. Though held by opposite sides, neither belief in its essentials contradicts the other. Both, however, are false.

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar both had a taste for all-male sex. So did Mark Antony. And so did Hadrian. So had most of the famous Athenians – Euripides being one of its most notable enthusiasts. No signs there of moral or any other weakness. If Mark Antony came to a bad end, it was because he married an ambitious foreign woman. The fact is that the ancients didn’t have our concept of gay and straight.

In his Naturales Quaestiones (I,16)Seneca the Younger tells the story of Hostius, a wealthy man who used his slaves for sex. His taste was for both sexes, and he was as eager for the passive as for the active part. He would choose his men, a ruler in his hand, to measure them. His house was a place of continual orgies.

Lucas men fuck party

Gay men’s contribution to ancient history is evident. Maybe even more so in the history of gay porn orgy. And that continues till right now. Let’s enjoy gay men’s fuck party now! Gay porn orgy by Lucas, men!

Gay Orgy Extravaganza is at Lucas Men Fuck Party

The gay orgy extravaganza is the way we want to finish the year. Lucas, men fuck party is happening right now. Let’s check it out!

Gay orgy! Music to our ears. It is December, folks. Every December is a party season. We love to party. And we love gay orgies! There is nothing as exciting as a men’s fuck party. Also, there is no better way to relieve stress than a gay orgy as a massive men fuck party. All in the hands of great organisers – Lucas Entertainment. They know how to do it.

What is an orgy?

The word orgy comes from the Greek orgia meaning “secret rites”. It is referring to the secret rites of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and lovemaking. An orgy is a gathering of many people involving sex and drinking. You can use the word orgy to refer to intense, excessive activity.

Definitions of orgy:

  1. noun a wild gathering synonym: bacchanalbacchanaliadebauchdebaucherydrunken revelryriot.
  2. also noun any act of immoderate indulgence “an orgy of shopping” synonyms: bingesplurge
  3. noun secret rite in the cults of ancient Greek or Roman deities involving singing and dancing and drinking and sexual activity

    Watch part one of this two-part gay bareback orgy starring ten of the sexiest guys among the Lucas Men! So you better get ready because the Lucas Men are about to have a 10-man fuck party. You have a front-row invitation to check out all the cock-sucking and ass-fucking gay bareback action!

    Join Ricky Hard, Kosta Viking, Pol Prince, Jordan Jameson, Bruno Galvez, Rudy Gram, Harold Lopez, Craig Marks, Dom King, and Alex Cabrera for all of the action going down in this gay orgy extravaganza!

    Alex Cabrera @ gay orgy

    Bruno Galvez

    Craig Marks in gay orgy

    Dom King

    Harold Lopez

    Jordan Jameson – gay orgy guy

    Kosta Viking

    Pol Prince

    Ricky Hard @ Lucas Entertainment orgy

    Rudy Gram

    Lucas Entertainment has assembled impressive crowd for filming their gay orgy extravaganza. Men fuck party is about to explode. Watch this space for some hot photos from the party! Lubricate your cocks and get ready!

    Gay Spit-Roast of Sean Weiss on the record

    Gay Spit-Roast is gaining popularity! Just recently Rudy Gram and Vincent O’Reilly spit-roasted Sean Weiss. In front of cameras and recorded!

    Spit-Roast (or Spit-Roasting) by Urban Dictionary: A three-way sex act in which a person is penetrated orally and either anally or vaginally. It is good to ensure that we all know what we are talking about here.

    Sean Weiss describes himself as “Muscle bottom who also likes to top” on his Twitter page. Apart from being part of the Lucas Entertainment crew, Sean is also posting his own gay porn production on OnlyFans and Just For Fans.

    Let’s share some fantasies. The name of the game is simple: How would I write scenario for this video? Why not. We are all production directors when it comes to gay porn. Every time you are in bed with another guy you are creating an original story. Let’s get creative!

    Sean Weiss is a hot young punk who typically has a big attitude during the day, but when he’s in the bedroom, he turns into a submissive bottom bitch. That would be hard to figure out as he looks rather macho than submissive or feminine. He has tried many cocks, but his dream is to be squeezed between two tops in a spit roast. However, it is not easy finding two tops keen on being sexually adventurous.

    Rudy Gram and Vincent O’Reilly spit-roasting Sean Weiss

    Older folks will tell you that if you are looking for something hard enough, you might find it. Finally, young Sean managed to organise a little orgy with two other gay boys. Their names are Rudy Gram and Vincent O’Reilly. These two guys live together, and Sean Weiss was invited to come to their place for some hot fun.

    There is one thing that Sean does not know. What is it, and how important is it? Well, it all depends. Sean does not know that there are several hidden cameras in the room, and everything will be recorded. Does he care? We don’t know that yet.

    Are you bottom and craving to be speat-roast? Let us know in the comments section.

    Oh, enjoy watching this great video by Lucas Entertainment.

    Bareback Auditions – Can you take two cocks?

    Bareback Auditions is regular production by Lucas Entertainment, one of the biggest names on the gay porn scene

    Bareback auditions! What are you thinking about when someone mentions that sort of audition? I can think about two only scenarios. One would be an audition for a gay porn studio. The other is more a product of that dirty part of my mind. Maybe an audition for getting a job in a gay escort agency. Do you have any other suggestions? Please let me know in the comments.

    Let’s clarify the meaning of “bareback”. For that purpose, I consulted Wikipedia, and here is what they say about bareback:

    Bareback sex is physical sexual activity, especially sexual penetration, without using a condom. The topic primarily concerns anal sex between men who have sex with men without using a condom and may be distinguished from unprotected sex because bareback sex denotes the deliberate act of forgoing condom use.

    Auditions – Sir Peter and Pol Prince sodomising young and beautiful Latino gay twink bottom boy Joaquin Santana

    Sir Peter and Pol Prince both have a dominant streak to their personalities. They manifest it with a vengeance when they’re in the bedroom. Here, Peter and Pol team up and double-team the Latin twink bottom, Joaquin Santana. Sir Peter and Pol Prince take turns sodomising Joaquin Santana in the mouth and spreading his legs to invade his tight little asshole.

    While Pol is sucking and fucking, he shows off his trademark (and always sexy) tan lines around his cock and on his beautiful ass cheeks!

    This is probably the best of some twenty scenes of “Bareback Auditions” filmed. Everything is done with the highest level of professionalism and quality, from the choice of actors, their performance, quality of photography and sound… I could not fault this video in any way. I have watched it twice already, and I was not bored with it even after the second watching—excellent investment for long cold nights in Northern Hemisphere.

    Gay Gangbang – Three tops sharing one hole


    Is that a classic? I mean gangbang gay porn. It is probably not as frequent as it might look. The last time I watched and reviewed gangbang gay porn was on the 12th of July 2022. It was Devin Franco who bottomed to five tops. If you are hot on gangbang porn, you can see it here. That mean that I have not watched a decent gay gangbang porn for three months.

    As a possessive top, I don’t participate in gangbangs in real life. I did it only a couple of times in the past, and it was in the “Bodyline” gay sauna in Sydney. However, I don’t mind watching others screwing each other in a group. Another question begging for an answer is whether the audience prefers gangbangs with multiple tops and bottoms or just one bottom being screwed by everyone else. Please share your preference in the “comments” below.

    Another question for those who participate in gangbang fuckings. How do you find partners? Or do you, like me in the past, go to the gay sauna and participate in a gangbang there? It must be happening much more in gay baths these days since Prep has been easily available. Some older generations did not have that luxury. Imagine a gangbang with condoms?! That would just be too annoying.

    GANG BANGED BOTTOM HOLES the ultimate gangbang stuff

    That is the official name of this production, by the way. So, what is the storyline?

    Usually, when Shae Reynolds is with a guy, he usually starts with oral sex as foreplay before the real action starts. He knows the key to a good blowjob is making eye contact so his top can look at him when he’s swallowing cock. Now times that by three with Sir Peter, Bruno Galvez, and Harold Lopez.

    Shae Reynolds opened Pandora’s Box with these three hunkies, masculine men. He likes a dominant and jacked guy in bed. But three? Can he take on three? We’re about to discover this because the strong and masculine Peter, Bruno, and Harold pass Shae Reynolds around like a sex doll in this gay sex encounter. 

    I will be back with more gay links to the hottest porn on the net.

    For those looking for some true gay travel adventure – check this source of the information – Gay Travel Portal


    Kosta Viking has sexually experienced both Allen King and Pol Prince in the past

    Kosta had his way with both of them individually. But he’s never tasted their cocks together until now. Since Pol Prince and Allen King are real-life boyfriends, a guy like Kosta Viking is the perfect guest to be introduced into a relationship for a fun bareback tryst.

    Allen King typically bottoms with that beautiful little booty of his, and so Kosta and Pol both take rough advantage of it. Not only do they take turns fucking him with their throbbing cocks after Allen got them hard with some expert dick sucking. Kosta also taps into his raunchier side by trying to squeeze his fist into Allen’s anus. But you’ll have to watch the scene to see how successful he is!

    Here are some photos of Allen King folks:

    I am not sure what exactly is the story here. Let’s deploy our collective imagination and make on. Shell we? Of course we can.

    Pol Prince and Allen King are real-life boyfriends. They enjoy living together and having sex to the maximum. However, as many of you know all too well, after some time gay couples (I assume the same happens to heterosexuals) start feeling a bit bored. When that happens, the relationship has reached the crossroads. Pretending that nothing is happening is the worse thing one can do. It will inevitably lead to an unhealthy relationship that would end with hurting both partners.

    There are two options. One is to stop being boyfriends and walk away from the relationship. Many try to turn it into a friendship, but it rarely lasts. Another option is to go for an “open relationship”. In that arrangement, both partners are allowed to look for sexual satisfaction outside the relationship. In most open relationships, partners “cheat” separately. However, some of these arrangements involve a third person. It seems that we are having that case presented in this production.

    Actors are very natural and feel comfortable with each other. This project is also packed with the action, from sucking to bareback fucking and attempted fisting.

    This video is suitable for watching solo or with your partner. I guess it would be fine, even for watching in a bigger group.

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