Why Random Fucks with Roman Todd & Cade Jaxon?

Random Fucks – unplanned sexual activities and pleasure. Roman Todd will fuck Cade Jaxon just for you. Courtesy of Hothouse Entertainment and Raging Stallion

What are the random fucks? According to some dictionaries, random fucks are made, done or happening without method or conscious decision. Can we call them opportunistic fucks? Like grabbing an unexpected opportunity to fuck a stranger you find attractive. Some call them casual fucks. I will not argue about that. How often do you experience random fucks? Are these entirely unplanned? I don’t think so. In any case, Roman Todd will fuck Cade Jaxon in Random Fucks. If you are keen to see what that looks like, please stick around.

I used to live in Darlinghurst in Sydney. That area was where most gay infrastructure was located (gay clubs, bars, saunas…). Random fucks, there was something you almost planned or expected. I think you know what I mean. There are places where you wish opportunity to fuck randomly and areas where that is not very likely.

Have you ever fucked at a car scrapyard? I have to admit being to one of these decades ago and never since. No, I did not expect any random fucks there before arriving. However, lucky fucks happen anywhere. I guess that is why they are called random. Let me know if you had a similar experience, please.

Random Fucks starring Roman Todd and Cade Jaxon – Official description

While hauling some worn tires out back, Cade Jaxon notices the raging hard-on that handyman Roman Todd has stuffed in the waistband of his shorts. Never one to hide his manhood from a curious friend, Roman lets his pal grab the meat spilling out of his jock and even goes in for a taste. After the two blue-collar men suck each other off, Cade is stripped down to nothing, but his work boots and Roman’s wet cock starts finding their way into Cade’s smooth hole.

The muscular handyman uses all of his strength to bareback the big dick bottom as Cade sprawls out and throws his beefy legs in the air. Stroking himself, Cade shoots out an extra creamy load as the hung top pulls out to cover Cade’s six-pack in his warm cum.

Maybe it is because I started this year with three great gay porn videos, but I am not particularly impressed by this one. There is nothing I could point to as being inadequate in particular. It is hard to say. I am not saying that this video is terrible. Not at all. It is not my type of gay porn, but I know many of you will like it. Remember that all my reviews are based on my taste, expectations and interests. Just for and example – I don’t find fucking while wearing boots only particularly sexy or exciting. Many people do, however. We are not all the same. In any case, I will mark this video with three and a half stars. You are invited to make your judgement based on provided photos.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What happened In the Night in Hot House Porn?

In the Night is the latest title of gay porn video production by Hot House. Do you want to know what happened between Jordan Starr and Luca del Rey In the Night in Hot House? Let’s find out together!

Hot House just published their latest gay porn video titled In the Night. It was my pleasure playing it this early morning. I mean, very early morning. What is this about? What happened In the Night in the Hot House?

Gay porn actors Jordan Starr and Luca del Rey are stars in this project. Jordan joined the gay porn industry in 2021, and Luca del Rey started appearing in gay porn projects in 2022. According to my reliable source, when it comes to information about gay porn actors, Luca has performed in eight gay porn projects so far. He is a newbie in the trade of gay porn performance. However, you will not notice that when watching this video. Luca is performing like a pro. Well, he is a pro, after all. Jordan, on the other side, is more experienced.

Jordan Starr is hardly versatile. This boy is top, and that is his role in this video. Needless to say, that he performed very well in that role in this video. There is not much information regarding Luca del Rey’s preferred position. He seems to be a natural gay bottom boy, which was his role in this video. He performed well.

If you were to choose, what would be your favourite environment set-up for filming gay porn? Maybe it is better to ask, what would be your favourite set-up for having sex with your partner? How about poolside sex? That also qualifies as outdoor sex but not as sex in a public space. Unless it is a public swimming pool. In this case, it is not public. I don’t think you expect me to disclose much more than this. Let’s get graphical then!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Who is Fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Random Fucks?

Alfonso Osnaya is being fucked in front of cameras again! Who is fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Hot House Random Fucks? Roman Todd is the lucky gay top, drilling beautiful Latino gay boy. Let’s watch them together!

Watching Alfonso Osnaya is the second-best way to start the new year. Do you know what the best way to start it is? I am sure you guessed it. The best way would be to fuck him. I wish… So, who is fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Random Fucks by Hot House Studio in my first gay porn review for 2023? HAPPY NEW 2023 to everyone! It is almost evening here in Sydney, Australia. The rest of the world followed us and entered the new year throughout all time zones. Let’s start this year with a bang! Who is better to make you horny than beautiful Latino gay boy Alfonso Osnaya?

Roman Todd is the lucky gay top-raging stallion. What do we know about him? According to my regular source of information regarding gay porn actors, Roman Todd was born in 1985. Roman Todd is an experienced gay porn actor who joined the industry in 2010. He is American, 6’1″ (185 cm) tall, and weighs 189 lbs. (86 kg). A versatile but overwhelming number of his performance is as the gay top. Todd was a nominee for various gay porn industry awards. His latest award is the winner of best duo scene for 2022.


Alfonso Osnaya is one of my favourite bottoms on the gay porn scene. I have a little collection of reviews covering his performances.

Random Fucks by Hot House Studio starring Roman and Alfonso – Official description

When Alfonso Osnaya decided to borrow a power drill from handyman Roman Todd, he wasn’t expecting to get his ass power drilled by the muscleman’s big tool. Still, in Roman’s garage, surrounded by equipment, Alfonso kneels to worship and deepthroat Roman’s already hard cock. Roman returns the oral favour before turning the young jock around and barebacking his hairless hole.

Alfonso stays stiff as a brick while a sweat-drenched Roman insatiably thrusts himself in and out of his hole. The ripped handyman pulls out just in time to shoot a thick load all over the tip of Alfonso’s dick, with the satisfied bottom busting his nut load seconds later.

I enjoyed my first gay porn review for this year. Actors, scene, choreography, photography and everything that matters for a good gay porn video was delivered. I am glad to start the news year with a bang and award this video five stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Random Fucks – Masyn Thorne fucks Grant Ducati

Random Fucks – Raging Stallion Masyn Thorne fucks Grant Ducati in the Hot House – Resort guest dream comes true

Random Fucks! How often do these happen? Particularly in your hotel room while enjoying your vacation in a tourist resort. It does happen, folks. We are about to observe one of those Random Fucks.

Raging Stallion Masyn Thorne is hot as hell and horny as fuck. I like this gay porn actor. Do you. On the receiving side is one of my favourites as well.


Grant Ducati is someone I would love to meet in person. Would he mind bottoming for a mature gentleman? Ok, some other time about my dirty dreams by an old dirty top gay guy. Grant Ducati is a very hot gay bottom boy that any top would love to have in his bed.

Masyn Thorne is definitely on my list of gay porn actors to be followed. I believe he has a great future in the gay porn industry.

Hot House delivered once again. This is yet another good video produced by that studio.

I was talking about all these videos. Are you guys collecting all of these? I save only some. This one is on that particular list. I loved it from start to finish.

Random Fucks – Raging Stallion Masyn Thorne fucks Grant Ducati in the Hot House gay porn – the storyline

Resort guest Grant Ducati knows that by leaving a crack in his door, he’ll soon be visited by a stranger ready to dominate his hole. Like clockwork, young jock Masyn Thorne finds himself walking into Grant’s room with an already-hard cock that Grant can’t wait to serve.


The naked twink blows the stranger’s meat before Masyn’s tongue goes to rim Grant’s smooth hole. With the bottom’s ass wet and ready, Masyn inserts his hairy member and barebacks the boy. The verbal tops spit out some dirty talk as an overwhelmed Grant bounces his tight hole on Masyn’s thick dick. Only a few thrusts away from permanently breaking the resort bed, the passionate fuckers only give the bedframe a break as they bust their balls all over Grant and cover his naked body in their hot juice.

My conclusion is

This is the second gay porn video in as many days that I am delighted to recommend. Go for it! If you are not sure what is the other one, please click here.

Gay sex in the bathroom – Get Funk’d

Get Funk’d by Hot House Studios released another scene of the Get Funk’d series. Isaiah Taye is being Funk’d by Tristan Hunter

Gay sex is hotter than anything that heterosexuals can even imagine. Don’t you agree with me? If you don’t believe it, look at the latest scene of the Get Funk’d series produced by Hot House. Two hot gay boys engage in some hot gay sex in the bathroom. I loved watching their beautiful bodies touching each other and sweating as they engaged in some great scenes, from oral to anal sex. Bareback, of course. Does anyone use condoms for anal sex anymore? Let us know!

Isaiah Taye is a newcomer in producing great gay sex and videos about that. However, he acted like a pro in this project. I don’t know what his preferred role in bed is, but he appears to be a perfect bottom in my mind. I am sure that other tops out there would agree with me. However, I am convinced that we will see many more projects with young Isaiah and that a bright career is awaiting him in the gay porn industry.

Tristan Hunter is a famed twink top. He worked on several projects and is not new to gay porn production. Recently he issued a piece of advice to other tops eating ass. He also answered several other questions. You can see his video interview HERE.

Gay sex beauty – Get Funk’d – Isaiah Taye being fucked by Tristan Hunter for Hot House Studios

Hunter is spending his afternoon taking in the scenic views of the Palm Springs desert. All along with the gorgeous sight of Isaiah Taye skinny dipping in the pool. Once Isaiah heads inside to rinse, Tristan follows. Soon he finds himself with his cock deep in Isaiah’s open mouth as water runs over both of their naked bodies.

Isaiah bobs up and down on Tristan’s stiff dick before getting into position for Tristian to the rim and stretching his smooth hole. Without leaving the luxe shower, Tristan barebacks Isaiah in multiple positions while the gasping bottom strokes his hard cock. The speed of Tristan’s thrusting rapidly increases, only for him to pull out just in time to shower Isaiah in nut as the bottom finishes himself off.

How Gay – Get Funk’d around Swimming Pool

Gay way to get Funk’d in the Hot House in Palm Springs. Gay guys love fucking around swimming pool

Get Funk’d added another scene to their series by Hot House Studio. It is showing Evan Knoxx fucking (or funking) Isaac Parker. And boy, they fuck around the swimming pool and more. I would love to get a chance to get to that hot house in Palm Springs for a holiday. Isaac Parker would be a perfect bottom for me. What do you think about that proposition? Have you ever fucked around a swimming pool?

What would you do if I send you invitation to watch Evan Knoxx fucking Isaac Parker? I would accept it. Yes, even if that means watching this video one more time. I like to storyline, good quality photography and very good performance by both actors. Just the way I like them.

Get Funk’d with Evan Knoxx and Isaac Parker

While lounging around a lavish Palm Springs pool with Evan Knoxx, Isaac Parker finds himself too distracted by Evan’s eye-catching bulge to enjoy the relaxing summer day. Without thinking, Isaac gives into his urges by grabbing Evan’s hard cock and taking him inside to go down on his impressive dick.

Evan reciprocates the oral favour by rimming his pool buddy’s hole before filling him up and fucking him on the bed. With his tan-lined ass on full display, Evan thrusts his handsome dick into Isaac and fills the bedroom with the sound of their bodies clapping against each other. Ready to cum, Evan then pulls out of Isaac’s used hole to nut perfectly in sync with his comfortable bottom.

My experience is a bit different when it comes to fucking around swimming pool. Some years ago I stayed in a hotel in Bangkok. I did not try to hide my erection bulging my swimwear but the bottom guy next to me did not grab my cock. Probably because we were not alone there. However, he pushed his swimmers a bit down showing untanned part of his bottom. I got up, adjusted my cock, looked straight to his eyes and walked away slowly. He got the message and followed me to my room. You can imagine the rest.

Devin Franco and Lucca Mazzi – Dirty Doctors

Devin Franco and Lucca Mazzi playing a gay game called Dirty Desert Doctors in HotHouse – Raging Stallion production

Devin Franco is one of those classic gay porn stars. His latest engagement is with Lucca Mazzi in the HotHouse production “Dirty Desert Doctors”. Don’t you think Devin Franco is also one of the busiest gay porn stars today? Based on that, there is only one conclusion: he is very popular. Most of the time, he plays the role of a bottom boy. He is also prominent in the fisting scene. In this particular project, Davin Franco is versatile.

Gay doctors games and videos based on that theme are an ancient genre to call that name. Did you play doctors and patients when you were a youngster? It is popular among the pre-teen population. Is that more popular among straight boys (or those who will be heterosexual once they grow up), or is it more something potential gay boys like playing? I would love to get an accurate answer to that question. What do you think?

“Dirty Desert Doctors” – the short story

Devin Franco just got his vaccination and has to wait 15 minutes until he’s allowed to leave. To his surprise, Dr Lucca Mazzi is entirely free and can give him a full-body examination while he waits. With Devin’s pants down and ass out, the doctor rims his patient’s furry hole in the middle of the outdoor vaccination site.

The doc then tests Devin’s gag reflex by making him swallow every inch of his hard tool before flipping him over to bareback his hole. Wanting to make sure Devin’s dick works just as well as he does, Dr Mazzi bends over and gives the freshly vaccinated Devin a turn to rim his hairy hole. Devin is soon busting a thick nut all over the doctor’s round cheeks and watching the doc stroke himself until his thick meat syringe shoots out its load.

I recommend this video to everyone who has always wanted to play (gay) doctors. If you are into masculine guys, you will like both actors’ appearances. Happy wanking!

Get Funk’d in the Hot House in Porn Shop

Get Funk’d by Reign and Trevor Brooks in Hot House Production

What is “Get Funk’d”? Falcon/NakedSword studio imprint Hot House has released the full version of ‘the 70s-themed title “Get Funk’d.”

Co-directed by Trenton Ducati and Ryan Brian, the first scene was released as a teaser last week. The title features Falcon/NakedSword exclusive Reign, as well as Trevor Brooks, Isaac Parker, Evan Knoxx, Tristan Hunter, Isaiah Taye, Roman Todd, Logan Aarons, and Ethan Sinns.

The title “follows five vacationing couples back to a time when short shorts, tanks, and glistening torsos. Not to mention unprecedented sexual freedom. Each scene features “a new pairing as they venture to Palm Springs’ most sought-after timeshare and begin taking advantage of every room of the beautifully appointed home.”

“We had a great filming location with ‘Get Funk’d’ The biggest standout with this project has to be its cast. Every single one of them delivered a standout performance. I know porn fans are going to love.”

Trenton Ducati

“It’s not easy to constantly one-up yourself with each new movie. However, Trenton Ducati, Ryan Brian, (writer) Ben Rush, and the entire Hot House crew have done it again with ‘Get Funk’d.'”

Tim Valenti – Falcon NakedSword President

Get Funk’d with Reign and Trevor Brooks

Having just arrived for their weekend Palm Springs getaway, Reign and Trevor Brooks immediately ditch their bags. They set out to get into each other’s shorts. Trevor doesn’t waste any time. He drops to his knees and starts servicing Reign’s curved cock on the living room couch.

Reign coaches his man by swallowing his oversized cock before turning him around to rim his hole while Trevor tugs on his cock. Ready for Trevor’s hole to be wrapped around his bareback cock, Reign manhandles the bottom’s naked body as he works his way into his tight ass. The two christen their new weekend abode in permanent positions. Until muscle hunk, Reign pulls out to smother Trevor in jizz, and Trevor is stroking out his creamy load.

“Get Funk’d” is available for digital download and on DVD from the Falcon/NakedSword store.

Are all Asian Gay boys Skintight by Cade Maddox?

Are all Asian Gay boys skintight? What did Cade Maddox think about it after fucking Jkab Ethan Dale?

Do you like skintight Asian gay boys? I adore them. They are smooth, slim and SKINTIGHT. Are they all? Asian gay boys being all skintight is not an absolute truth, but most tend to be like that. I am not an expert in anatomy to be able to tell you why that is so. As a top, I am never obsessed with my bottom being skintight. Are you? No, I did not say I like a sloppy hole, either.

Will Cade Maddox’s monster cock fit into Jkab Ethan Dale hole? Click on photo to check it out

Two famous gay porn actors made this hot gay porn video for Hot House Studios. Cade Maddox is well known for being strictly top (I believe so) with a huge cock. His partner is no less known as Jkab Ethan Dale, who is versatile but often acts as a bottom. Considering the size of Cade Maddox’s cock, most of the assholes out there are skintight by definition.

Skintight Asian gay boy and famous fashion photographer – The story

Famous fashion photographer Cade Maddox has been staring at naked models all day. While he’s never one to stop working in the middle of a shoot, he can’t help but give into temptation when Jkab Ethan Dale flashes his infectious smile.

Ready for a go, Cade sets his camera aside, drops his pants, and pulls Jkab to the side to rim his muscular ass. The horny photographer then slowly inserts his stunning big dick into Jkab until the bottom’s ass is stretched to fit every inch of him comfortably.

How to please a Skintight Asian gay boy?

Ready for more, Cade fucks his superstar model bareback in multiple positions on the sun-drenched patio furniture until both are draining their balls all over Jkab’s smooth torso in front of the crowd of Cade’s other insatiable nude models.

Imagine Cade Maddox fucking beautiful skintight Asian gay boy Jkab Ethan Dale in front of other nude gay models! Do you like fucking in public while others are observing your performance? Let us know, please.

This production by Hot House Studios starring Cade Maddox and Jkab Ethan Dale is excellent. I am giving it nine stars out of ten! Warmly recommended

How to make Gay Calendars & fuck behind scenes?

Gay calendars photoshoot season has started. All gay nude models at the “Skintight” have gathered outside by the pool. Dakota Payne and Jake Klerin are horny and looking to fuck

It is mid-October, and the gay calendars photoshoot sessions are starting. All gay models participating in this year’s photoshoot session have gathered outside by the pool. Hot House Studios is using this occasion to make another video and photo set for their site. This is an excellent opportunity for models to get together. Most of them know each other from previous engagements. Some fucked together regularly in front of cameras.

The pool party is how to get everyone ready for the photoshoot session. However, some guys are too horny to wait. Dakota Payne and Jake Klerin hope to have some hot time in privacy before the photoshoot. They don’t know that a keen cameraman from Hot House is following their steps secretly.

Gay calendars are very popular among the international queer population. Many people like to look at those great bodies hanging on their walls. It would be great to know how many had a wank while looking at their gay calendars. What do you think? Do you have a gay calendar hanging on your walls? Share it with us, please!

Photoshoot for gay calendars by “Skintight” – The story

All the models at the ‘Skintight’ magazine gay calendars photoshoot are embracing each other’s bodies outside the pool. However, nude model Jake Klerin is too busy sneaking away with Dakota Payne to care.

Only feet in the door, Dakota rips off his shorts, palms the back of Jake’s head, and sits back as Jake eats up his cock.

Some satisfying rimming leads to Dakota bending Jake over a nearby couch and barebacking his bubble butt. Taking a deep breath, Jake goes for a ride on Dakota while fully stroking his cock. The touch of his hand and the pulsating feeling of Dakota inside him proves to be more than enough for Jake as he busts all over himself right before the tattooed top pulls out to nut on the model’s torso.

Gaylinks rating

Hot House is a solid and good-quality gay porn studio that has been around for some time. This production is nice to see and maybe to have in your collection of hot gay videos and photos. My rating for this particular production is 3 1/2 stars. Your comments are welcome!

Use this link to get some real hot stuff and make at least three queers happy! Happy Coming Out Day!

Skintight – Gay Classic – Fucking on Pool Table

Watch Aiden Ward Sticks a Pool Cue Up Jim Fit’s Ass Before Fucking Him Raw on a Pool Table In SKINTIGHT

Skintight is the latest gay porn creation by HotHouse Studios in my reviewing list. Watching Aiden Ward sticking a pool cue up Jim Fit’s ass was great fun before fucking him raw on a pool table. Fucking on a pool table is, in my mind, one of those gay porn classics. How likely will one have a chance to have a fuck on a pool table? I would say not very likely. I fucked in many predictable and unpredictable places but never got a chance to stick my cock in a bottom lying on a pool table. What is your experience with this scenario? I would love to hear from you about that.

Skintight is a friendly, short and still self-explanatory name for a gay porn video. Skintight is – close fitting. The word is usually used to describe garments. However, Jim Fit’s ass appeared to be skintight and closely fit Aiden Ward’s penis. Another question is how pleasant it was having the pool cue pushed through that sensitive entry. I trust that all measures have been taken to ensure that the sweet hole is protected.

Skintight – the storyline

Models Jim Fit and Aiden Ward are supposed to be outside by the pool for a shoot with famed photographer Cade Maddox. However, both would rather be inside servicing each other’s cocks.

Leaning up against a foosball table, Jim pumps his stiff dick into Aiden’s mouth. All while getting fucked by one of the foosball handles jetting from the nearby game. Toying with Jim’s hole continues as the two move over to a pool table. There Aiden begins filling up Jim’s ass with the girthy end of the pool cue. Ready for the real thing, Jim keeps his legs spread as Aiden rims and bareback his used hole. The two switch positions all over the table until Jim busts from riding Aiden’s XL cock, and Aiden stands up to deliver a stream of jizzy sperm cocktail directly into Jim’s gaping mouth.

My conclusion

It is a pleasure watching these two young studs enjoying each other intimately. Sex scenes were as authentic as they could be done. Both actors performed well and appeared very natural in their roles. The right atmosphere was created to make the viewer feel like watching the real thing rather than a porn video. There was something for almost everyone – anal bareback, blowjobs, kissing, rimming.

How about “Random Fucks”? Starring Alfonso Osnaya

Alfonso Osnaya is Real Estate agent entertaining Cade Maddox in another of his Random Fucks

Yes, it might be a bit early in the week for indulging in gay porn, but I was horny. I watched it late last evening but was too lazy to make a post immediately after. So, it was another one of those Sunday nights listening to some deep breathing as two studs shaft each other. It was Cade Maddox pocking his cock in Alfonso Osnaya’s hot rectum.

Before I get to that, I would like to not to those who followed my presentations covering gay content creators on Twitter. That was the most popular section of my old site. Some of these posts were linked here, but not all. I intend to continue that presentation on this site. Not everything is ready for that, but I will start it soon. I hope that some of my old followers will now find their way to this site.

Now, back to the business!


Random Fucks


Realtor Alfonso Osnaya is showing Cade Maddox around a new place. However, the horny homebuyer is more interested in Alfonso’s tight ass than the recently renovated kitchen. Cade makes his move quickly. And in no time, the realtor is swallowing cock and getting his cheeks manhandled by Cade’s burly mitts.

Alfonso leans against the kitchen island for support as Cade spits some lube and slides his giant dick into his bottom’s hole. Moving to the spacious main bedroom to complete the tour, Cade officially christens the bed as he pumps himself into Alfonso’s ass bareback.

With sweat flying off his forehead, a glistening Cade pulls out and splatters the realtor’s used hole with his cum moments before a delighted Alfonso slowly strokes out the biggest load that his horned-up homebuyer has ever seen.


Cade Maddox and Alfonso Osnaya

One of better gay porn videos I watched lately

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