Gay Scrum News: From jack-off to fucking Grant!

Gay scrum is back. What is the newest from the locker room? Andre Donovan went for jacking off to fucking Grant Ducati.

SCRUM: Go Big or Go Home Gay secrets from the Locker Room

Gay Scrum is a massive gay porn video project that produces high-quality gay adult content. What is the latest news from the locker room of “Go Big or Go Home”? I enjoyed this video. Andre Donovan and Grant Ducati had a ball, genuinely enjoyed fucking and delivered a great gay porn video. I also loved that colour combination (if you wish): Ebony top and very pale-skinned bottom. Whoever is on top, his sperm seems thick, juicy and white. Production and distribution by Hot House and Raging Stallion.

Andre Donovan porn – Gay Scrum

Andre Donovan is our Ebony gay boy top in the gay scrum story. He is 6’2″ (188cm) tall and gifted with a nice body and a giant cock. Andre Donovan started his career as a professional gay porn actor in 2015 and participated in the production of 129 gay porn videos and photo shoots. He has been nominated for several awards for this year’s Grabby Awards. You can read more about him here. The link to the voting page is provided at the bottom of that article if you want to vote for him. I already have.

Grant Ducati Porn – Gay Scrum

Grant Ducati is one of my favourite gay bottom boys. That has not been a secret for some time. This is my sixth review of a gay porn video featuring Grant Ducati. I wish I could do more. Grant Ducati has been regular on the professional gay porn scene since 2021. During that time, he was part of producing 61 gay porn videos and photo shoots. I am working on getting more gay links to Grant Ducati. It is a promise.

Scrum: Go Big or Go Home – HotHouse and Raging Stallion gay porn video featuring Andre Donovan and Grant Ducati – The Official Description

Rugby hunk Andre Donovan would typically be upset at someone interrupting his locker room jack-off session. Still, when Grant Ducati walks in wearing the team’s Bulldog mascot costume, he decides he’d rather play ruff than alone. The jock gropes Grant through the full-body outfit, strips him down, and goes to eat his twink ass.

Wanting more, a curious Grant grabs a taste of Andre’s pole and squats down to ride his member bareback in the empty locker room. The athletic top quickly picks up Grant’s entire body and bobs the young mascot’s hole on his dick like his own personal sex toy. Once Grant is back on the table, Andre continues to drill him with his raw cock until the young rugby lover is cumming all over himself. Andre then dips down to lick Grant’s load before shooting his cum all over the mascot’s smooth taint.

My Rating

This is one of the best gay porn videos I have watched recently. I am managing to see quite many of them. I can only recommend it. My rating is FIVE STARS! Great job by HotHouse and Raging Stallion

Watch Grant Ducati violated in Random Fucks now

Grant Ducati has been violated by Raging Stallion® Reign in Random Fucks! My favourite bottom boy Grant Ducati bravely took that big black cock of Reign

Grant Ducati is one of my favourite gay bottom boys. He is perfectly built to be fucked. I know that Grant is officially a versatile gay boy, but most of his roles are as a bottom. Make no mistakes; he does bottom roles as champion. Grant Ducati was born to be bottom. He loves it; even more than that, his fans love it.

Reign is built to be the top gay boy. His appearance makes you think about the dominant top with a huge black cock as a tool for disciplining his bottom prey.

This is not the first time Reign and Grant Ducati filmed gay porn together. I hope it will not be the last time, as they are a perfect match. Like a giant dominant top with his scary large cock on the pale bottom boy whose hole enjoys being penetrated and violated.

Random Fucks with Grant and Reign – Raging Stallion® Studio

Waiting for your laundry to wrap up at the laundromat can take forever. That’s why it’s essential to pass the time by busting your loads. Feet away from the machines in a secluded outdoor space, Reign begins a steamy makeout session with Grant Ducati.

The young twink advances the situation by pulling Reign’s curved cock out of his shorts, sucking him off, and bending over for Reign to rim his hole. With Grant’s ass hungry for dick, Reign slides his 8 inches into his hookup’s completely smooth fuck hole.

The soft but dominant top barebacks Grant’s ass while firmly wrapping his muscular arms around his entire body. Reign pulls out his big dick just in time to coat Grant in his seed right before Grant milks out his load.

Categories: Anal sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Ebony, Interracial, Outdoor sex

Random Fucks series prove to be on of the most successful gay porn projects in recent times. It produced many of great videos, and I hope it will continue to do so. Random Fucks with Grant Ducati and Reign is the best proof of this claim. I am inclined to rate it with five stars and recommend it.

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Random Fucks – Masyn Thorne fucks Grant Ducati

Random Fucks – Raging Stallion Masyn Thorne fucks Grant Ducati in the Hot House – Resort guest dream comes true

Random Fucks! How often do these happen? Particularly in your hotel room while enjoying your vacation in a tourist resort. It does happen, folks. We are about to observe one of those Random Fucks.

Raging Stallion Masyn Thorne is hot as hell and horny as fuck. I like this gay porn actor. Do you. On the receiving side is one of my favourites as well.


Grant Ducati is someone I would love to meet in person. Would he mind bottoming for a mature gentleman? Ok, some other time about my dirty dreams by an old dirty top gay guy. Grant Ducati is a very hot gay bottom boy that any top would love to have in his bed.

Masyn Thorne is definitely on my list of gay porn actors to be followed. I believe he has a great future in the gay porn industry.

Hot House delivered once again. This is yet another good video produced by that studio.

I was talking about all these videos. Are you guys collecting all of these? I save only some. This one is on that particular list. I loved it from start to finish.

Random Fucks – Raging Stallion Masyn Thorne fucks Grant Ducati in the Hot House gay porn – the storyline

Resort guest Grant Ducati knows that by leaving a crack in his door, he’ll soon be visited by a stranger ready to dominate his hole. Like clockwork, young jock Masyn Thorne finds himself walking into Grant’s room with an already-hard cock that Grant can’t wait to serve.


The naked twink blows the stranger’s meat before Masyn’s tongue goes to rim Grant’s smooth hole. With the bottom’s ass wet and ready, Masyn inserts his hairy member and barebacks the boy. The verbal tops spit out some dirty talk as an overwhelmed Grant bounces his tight hole on Masyn’s thick dick. Only a few thrusts away from permanently breaking the resort bed, the passionate fuckers only give the bedframe a break as they bust their balls all over Grant and cover his naked body in their hot juice.

My conclusion is

This is the second gay porn video in as many days that I am delighted to recommend. Go for it! If you are not sure what is the other one, please click here.

Gay Games – Bottoms – Winner gets it all

Gay Games are hot! Two great gay bottoms – Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati – Winner gets it all

Gay games are on! What happens when two gay bottoms get horny, but no gay top around? Our bottom boys beg for a cock, but there are no tops around. They are so horny that one of them will have to be top this time. Gay games are on, and the winner gets it all. Yes, he will get that precious cock. Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati special for Bottom Games is on now.

I must admit one thing to you. It is challenging for me to choose sides in these gay games battle between Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati. Why? I am really in love with both of them. They are among my favourite gay bottom boys of them all. How can you choose between two beautiful smooth bodies, slim built and young willing to please? The main difference is that one is tanned, and the other is rather pale. I don’t mind either. Do you? If you take a closer look, you will also notice that their assholes are similarly smooth and so sexy… Please tell me who would be your choice to take him to your bed. is where hot jock hunks compete for the fuck of it. These gay jocks compete not only for cash but to see who will get the top and who gets the bottom. The losers always suck it up and take it like men. Games have never been more fun, exciting, and with more at stake than ever before.

Porn star, Alfonso Osnaya, and his youthful good looks are fresh and seductive. It takes Alfonso little effort when he is luring a man into the bedroom before servicing his cock with his mouth and hole. Versatile but more bottom.

I liked this video by Bottom Games and Say_Uncle Studios. Let me know what your opinion was, please.

We love Grant Ducati being f*ck*d in a threesome

Star is undoubtedly born! His name is Grant Ducati! Let’s watch him in a threesome with Andrew Delta and Jordan Starr

Am I getting obsessed with Grant Ducati? I don’t think I am obsessed with him, but I am certainly adding my name to the list of his admirers. He is a boy that would be one of the favourites in a race to win my “perfect bottom” title. Yes, it is my personal preference. However, I am convinced that thousands of others share that preference. As a top, I am a bit dominant and possessive. That means that I would not be particularly keen on a threesome. I definitely would not like to share Grant Ducati with others. However, if that is the only way to get between his legs, then… Well, count me in! Would you?

What do you consider to be a good porn video/movie? What makes it suitable and enjoyable to watch? I guess that is different for different people. However, there must be some common ground. I am not asking about a scenario or the storyline. We have seen them all, and it would be hard to develop something completely new. May I make a suggestion? I will: In my opinion, it is the quality of acting. Even better, it is how actors genuinely enjoy themselves rather than “acting”.

Gran Ducati is genuinely enjoying himself while making gay porn. That makes him the star. It is his attitude that makes him deliver that extra bit that makes the difference. Perfect combination of physical and mental conditions making him desirable as a partner in sexual “crime”. Please let me know what do you think about that? Do you want to change my mind? Let me know please… Maybe I am really obsessed. Let me know if you see it all in a different way.

“Grant Gets Tag Teamed” – Starring Grant Ducati, Andrew Delta and Jordan Starr – review by

Here is what Grant has to say about this video:

Here y’all go, all 38 minutes of this incredible threesome with the super sexy Andrew Delta and Jordan Starr! I had an insane amount of fun with these two. They’re both amazing tops and I love when I get the chance to flip and both bottom and top! Hope y’all enjoy, let me know what you think in the comments below

I loved watching this video. I am happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys threesomes—watching solo or with your partner. And why not watch it while doing it three ways yourselves?

Grant Ducti is my name – Boy who loves cocks

Grant Ducati is a rising star of gay porn. Relatively new to the scene, Grant Ducati is scoring well with every new project

Grant Ducati is my name. I love cocks. Technically I am versatile. However, I am a natural bottom gay boy that loves cocks. Bigger, the better

Grant Ducati appears in gay movies titled Skintight, SCRUM: Go Big Or Go Home, Highway, Random Fucks, and Train My Hole. And many more. In short, Grant is a very busy gay boy wanted by many gay porn studios. That is not a surprise to me. When selecting that “perfect” bottom boy, he ticks all boxes in my book. He is slim, has a sweet face and smile, and has smooth white skin. Not to mention a beautiful cock-loving asshole. What more can you ask for?

What are some of the recent scenes with Grant Ducati? Here are some:

Bound tightly in shrink wrap and feet away from a chained-up Lucas Leon, Grant Ducati is ready to surrender to every command Devin Franco dishes out. Starting out, the trashy dominant takes a riding crop to Grant and Lucas’ chests until both have bright red, raw pecs. Devin turns his attention to the pair’s asses then.

He bends them over and teases their cheeks with some toys and his tongue. After begging for Devin’s cock to enter them, Devin finally gives his pigs what they want. He slides in his thick dick to bareback both their holes. The two subs are then given a taste of their insides as they team up to deepthroat their master’s dick before a grunting Devin finish inside Lucas’ open mouth.
Cast: Devin franco grant Ducati Lucas Leon  

Muscle hotties Alfonso Osnaya and Grant Ducati engage in a standing arm-wrestling competition in which the loser will have to bottom for the winner!
Cast: Alfonso Osnaya Grant Ducati  

Boy who loves cocks

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