Are Gay Latino Boys the Hottest Fucker Mates?

Gay Latino boys Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce are the hottest addition to FuckerMate stars. All in for Him by Oscar Mishima – Review

Gay Latino boys Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce brought my levels of horniness to an absolute maximum. I was pleased to review another gay porn video directed by Oscar Mishima for FurkerMate Studio. It was a total sexual pleasure that kept me horny from the start to the end. I am in love with gay Latino boys. Particularly with gay Latino bottom boys. Have you ever fucked a Latino bottom boy? I did only once. I wish it were more than that. What do you think about them? Please use the comments box if you want to share anything with the rest of us.

I watched this video last Monday and then again today (Friday) for my final review. Ever since the first viewing, I have fantasised about that hot and so sexy mouth of Austin Pence wrapped around my cock. After seeing so many gay porn videos, I am tough to impress. However, “All in for Him”, starring Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce, impressed me. Do you know the feeling of getting so horny that it is almost painful? I got that horny when watching this video, the first and second time.

Franklin Acevedo

Imposing gay Latino top guy. This Venezuelan is 6’2″ (187 cm) tall and weighs 182 lbs. (83 kg). He is slim with a firm body and an extra-large uncut cock. Franklin started his career in the gay porn industry in 2018 and has clocked fifty-two gay porn movies for various studios. All his roles are as a gay top. And the impressive gay top he is. Most of his engagements seem to be with FuckerMate studio but not exclusively. Franklin Acevedo also has his content presented to the public through the OnlyFans platform.

The best head job in the town
Thick and XXXL cock sucked

Austin Ponce

May I start with one observation? He is beautiful. And he is a gay Latino bottom boy I would never let leave my bed. According to my reliable source, this is his FIRST gay porn video! I am sure he lost his virginity some time ago, but this is the closest you can get to observe! How many would kill for a slander body of his? Austin Ponce just joined the gay porn industry with this project. I will keep my eye on him for further development. May I make a prediction as well – He will turn into a big gay porn star. Remember what I just told you.

Don’t bite that huge cock boy

“All in for Him” – starring Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce by Oscar Mishima – FuckerMate studio production – the official description

Colombia is one of our favourite places to spot the hottest and most passionate guys. The horny mate Austin Ponce making his debut this week, comes from there and is no exception. When he meets our XXL ass-lover Franklin Acevedo, Austin’s willingness for rough sex goes wild while he gets down on his knees and welcomes that monster dick right into his mouth. So many inches of hard meat could have frightened anyone, not our Colombian newcomer.

That shows off all the skills of an experienced bottom when Franklin takes him from behind and sticks the huge raw dick deep inside his pulsating ass. Austin moans and begs to be fucked harder and harder: he ends up with his hole destroyed and his face covered in cum, but he is happy for giving relief to his hunger for cock!

My rating

“All in for Him” deserves top ratings in every sense. Both actors performed very well. They delivered a great pleasure and made me horny as hell. That is what gay porn is all about. Great camera works. I would like to congratulate FuckerMate and Oscar Mishima on consistently producing some of the best gay porn available. Giving it five stars without any hessitation. I can only urge you to get it and enjoy it yourselves.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Is your ass under attack – Alberth & Thiago Fuck

Is your ass under attack? Let’s watch Argentinian gay bottom boy Thiago da Silva’s ass being violated by Latino gay top Alberth Pineda!

I guess every gay bottom boy fantasises about his ass being attacked by some stud with a giant tool. My experience is that size matters and that all bottoms would agree with me. Some are publicly, and some are shy but firmly in agreement. Yes, I know that your prostate is only 2-3 inches deep, but there is more to it than that.

Thiago da Silva seemingly enjoyed his ass being attacked and violated in many different positions by another Latino stud named Albert Pineda. Do I need to mention that Albert is well equipped gay top sporting a sizeable uncut cock with a tight foreskin?

What is your “ideal” gay bottom boy? Please help me find out what most of you desire to see and experience with your bottom partner. I promise to bring up another survey that will be asking what is your “ideal” gay top.

What is your “Perfect Bottom” appearance
Perfect Bottom Appearance
The question for all tops

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

Who are these two Latin gay lovers that enjoyed sex in front of cameras so much? I am finding Fucker-Mate very consistent, not only in bringing us all those beautiful Latin gay boys but in delivering almost perfect gay porn videos.

Alberth Pineda

This is my second review of a gay porn video featuring Alberth Pineda. In the previous one, he fucked one of my favourite Latino gay bottom boys, Alfonso Osnaya. You can read more about that HERE. Alberth Pineda is very new to the gay porn scene. According to my reliable source of information regarding gay porn actors, Alberth started his gay porn actor career last year and has starred in only four projects.

He seems to be top, as that was his role in all four appearances. I cannot provide any more information about him at the moment. It will be a great surprise to me if he is not active on other platforms, such as OnlyFans. Alberth Pineda is from Venezuela.

Thiago da Silva

Thiago is a more experienced gay porn actor with twenty-seven projects. I am free to say that he is a “versatile bottom” boy. The majority of his roles so far have been as a bottom, but he did appear as a top on some projects. Thiago is Argentinian, 5’8″ (174 cm) tall.

Ass under attack – the official description

Our XXL-hung twink Alberth Pineda wanted to hook up with one of our best cock lovers, and our choice was evident when we heard that Thiago da Silva was back in town. When the guys meet, they like each other from the very first moment, and minutes after, the beautiful Argentinian is already gagging on Alberth’s thick gift with expert mouth jobs.

The horny twink then aims at the epic ass that Thiago serves him. He buries his face in it, taking a luscious taste, and once his workspace is prepared, he sticks his massive perfect bone deep in Thiago’s hungry ass.

Alberth doesn’t use any half-measures and hammers his new fuck-friend bareback till the last moment when he paints Thiago’s mouth and face with an incredible load of boy juice!

I would love to be in position to attack that hot smooth Latin ass. Yes, I enjoyed this video and have no problems recommending it to you. The only dilemma I had was about giving it four and a half or five stars. My rating is:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Latino Gay Lovers – Antonio Pena & Marcostone

Latino gay lovers are a regular feature of Fucker-Mate house of gay porn. In their latest production, Antonio Pena is fucked by his lover from daily life, Marcostone. Now, how hot is that?

Latino gay boys are hot! That is a straightforward and very accurate statement. Do you agree with me? If you disagree with me, please share with us your reasons for that. The comments box is all yours, as usual. Fucker Mate house of gay porn has more than a fair share of gay Latino boys. That is one of my reasons for following them. And to be honest, Antonio Pena is beautiful. Don’t you think so?

It is not unique, but it is not common to have real-life boyfriends star in gay porn content. In the era of bareback, Antonio Pena prefers to do it with his boyfriend in case he gets pregnant… Kidding… Liar… Just typing my secret fantasies. You know what I mean.

Antonio Pena is a beautiful tall, Latino gay boy from Venezuela. This gay bottom beauty is 6’2″ (188 cm) tall and weighs 160 lbs. (73 kg). He is smooth all over and decorated with several tattoos. Antonio Pena, like every beautiful Latino gay boy, is uncut. It might not be essential for a bottom as he is, but that uncut cock is longer than average for sure. This is his only third gay porn video. I have two of these in my collection, and I promise to get the remaining one soon.

Marcostone is allegedly Antonio’s boyfriend. I suspect it is correct. That makes me jealous… However, life must go on, and we will be watching more porn to satisfy all those secret sexual fantasies of ours. This is his first gay porn for a professional studio as Fucker Mate. I could not find any more information even on my regular source. I will make a guess here. It might be Marco as his name and Stone as for the hardness of his cock.

Couple on Fire – starring Marcostone and Antonio Pena, directed by Oscar Mishima for Hot House Studios – Official Description

This week we bring you one of the hottest debuts we have filmed. Our new top mate Marcostone comes from Medellin, Colombia, where he lives with his boyfriend, Antonio Peña. You may remember Antonio from his debut scene we released a few weeks ago: this time, we paired them together, and it has been impossible not to be impressed by the beauty, the hotness and the chemistry between these two guys. As well as Antonio, Marcostone got a huge Latin cock that he knows how to use masterfully.

Taking that monster’s raw meat deep inside the ass and being hammered like an absolute bottom deserves pure bliss for his boy, that soon reaches ecstasy and blows a massive load all over his body just before bending over to leave his lover to fill his hole with juicy cum!

Antonio Pena and Marcostone performed flawlessly. Everything was done professionally to deliver another outstanding performance by the team at Fucker Mate. I am not hesitating to give it five stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Raw fuck in Barcelona – Hot and Jordan screwing

Raw fuck. Or bareback? Let’s watch fucker mates Hot Bllack and Jordan Jameson screw Latino gay boy Andrea Novak at Raw Feast at Night Barcelona!

Raw fuck or bareback is a familiar scene in gay porn movies these days. We are delighted to watch raw cocks penetrating bottom bitches asking for more. Do you fuck raw? I do. If you still insist on using condoms, please let us know your preferred role. Who is more willing to enjoy raw fuck? Tops or bottoms?

Fucker Mate has published their latest gay porn in which two solid gay tops, Hot Bllack and Jordan Jameson, raw fuck and screw gay bottom Latino boy Andrea Novak. Are they going to plant their seeds (or sperm if you prefer to present scientifically) in their bitch? You will have to watch the whole video to find the answer. I will not tell you. And I will not apologise for that.

What is Night Barcelona?

In the heart of the Gaixample, the gay district of Barcelona, Night Barcelona gay bar is the most popular bar in the zone with dark room, cabins, glory holes and cruising area. In the bar zone we have photo exhibitions, and every Thursday a happy hour from 6 to 9pm. Free condoms and cloakroom. Opened daily from 6 pm to 2.30 am. Friday and Saturday until 3.00 am.

Trip Advisor

Raw Feast at Night Barcelona – Hot Bllack, Jordan Jameson and Andrea Novak by Fucker Mate Studio

When our sexy Latin mate Andrea Novak went spending some free time at Night Barcelona, one of the most lively gay spot in the city, he couldn’t imagine how things were going to end up. Just before the closing hour he remains alone with our two horny guys Jordan Jameson and Hot Bllack and gets a double hard dosis of raw ebony cock and thick white juice!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Antonio Peña is newbie nailed by Tommy Dreams!

Antonio Pena is a newbie gay porn actor with a great future. Watch him being nailed by the Fucker Mate Tommy Dreams!

Antonio Pena is a newbie gay porn actor with a great future in my mind. I truly enjoyed watching this young stud with a big cock being screwed all over by Tommy Dreams. Yes, I admit being biased regarding my passion for bottom boys. Antonio seems to be the bottom gay boy, well and truly. I searched a bit about him, and it seems that bottom is the only role he has played so far. Do you have any different information? I would be grateful for any news on this hot gay Latino boy. If you know more, please share it with the rest of us.

Tommy Dreams is a bit more experienced gay porn actor of the two. He is always willing to put his large uncut cock with long foreskin to use. Tommy is top, and he does it well. His fucking tool is impressive in look, his erection is hard, and his action is decisive. It is nice to see him taking total pleasure in his work. If you are bottom and would like to comment on Tommy, please feel free to use the comments box. I am sure he would appreciate some feedback too.

TOMMY DREAMS AND ANTONIO PENA [DOUBLE WELCUM] – The official description by Fucker Mate Studio

Tommy Dreams and his monster cock are back to welcome the porno debut of the gorgeous mate Antonio Peña. Antonio comes from Venezuela but lives in Colombia.

We caught him in Barcelona during his recent European trip with his real-life boyfriend. He got a big juicy rod, together with an amazing ass. The ass able to take the biggest dicks deep inside! Antonio is a perfect match for Tommy that loves young Latin guys and their passion for hot sex.

Our French stallion is so horny, sticking his raw meat into that opened hole. So horny that he cums twice and leaves Antonio’s ass full of a thick load, inside and outside!

Fucker Mate manage to deliver another great gay porn video. In my mind, they deserve respect for being consistent. You can bet your house that every week they will provide new delight to gay porn lovers and enthusiasts. The selection of gay porn actors is fantastic and second to none. Their directing is legendary, and the same applies to the quality of photography and the complete package. I can only recommend this

For more gay porn reviews please click HERE and happy watching!

Anal Penetration Mastered by Franklin Acevedo

Anal penetration and Franklin Acevedo as someone who knows how to deliver it. To his credit, Saylor Jones knew how to take that big cock and enjoy it. Well done, Fuckermate®

Anal penetration is undoubtedly the very centrepiece of anal sex as the strongest desire of any gay guy.

Franklin Acevedo is strictly top. He is also a very well-equipped top with a rather large cock. You can question some things, but one is certain – he knows how to use it.

Saylor Jones, on the other side, is bottom. At least on this occasion. He performed very well in this gay porn production by Fuckermate®. He convinced me that he loved every inch of Acevedo’s cock. Let me know if you have the same feeling. Or if you did not have the same sense.

Deep Stuffing is the core of the story that Fuckermate® is presenting to us in this rather fine piece of gay porn starring Franklin Acevedo and Saylor Jones. It could be called some other names, but I am pretty happy with “Deep Stuffing”. Do you have any different suggestions? I would be very keen to learn what is your opinion or recommendation.

What is the storyline of “Deep Stuffing” starring Franklin Acevedo and Saylor Jones?

This week dominant Latin top Franklin Acevedo gives a rough bareback fuck to our young Russian-American mate Saylor Jones. Saylor gets almost shocked when he discovers the massive bulge Franklin hides inside his underwear. He doesn’t waste any second before kneeling and welcoming the monster dick into his mouth.

The long and passionate sucking session leads to even more challenging moments when our Venezuelan stallion goes all in and sticks his thick rod deep inside Jones’ hungry ass. The obedient young bottom happily takes all the inches of the hard meat but reaches complete satisfaction only after Franklin unleashes a thick creamy load all over his face!

Fucker Mate with Vadim Romanov and Andres Zayd

Fucker Mate is presenting another gay porn video starring Vadim Romanov and Andres Zayd. Hot actors and great photographic qualities are their trademarks

Fucker Mate gay porn studio are steadily churning new hot titles. I am actually a bit behind with reviews of videos produced by that studio. Who are our fucker mate (s) today? Russian top with huge uncut cock is back. His name is Vadim Romanov. He was absent for some time. He will be fucking slim, smooth and very hot Latino boy Andres Zayd.

Andres Zayd is making his first appearance for Fucker Mate studio. I hope he will stay with the studio because his first appearance was more than successful. I am not 100% sure, but he seems to be what I call a “natural bottom”, and he loves cock, be it in his mouth or his smooth hot hole. He takes cock with a big smile and takes the absolute pleasure of being fucked in front of cameras to pass that pleasure to viewers.

Vadim Romanov appears to be an “old hand” in gay porn production. He acted as a professional from start to finish. I will be honest here. I prefer a bit less professional and a bit more relaxed approach. This is a very good video production and was very close to being excellent. There are many ways how to look at the camera while fucking. Some of them are not the best. I hired a stunning escort some years ago. Fucking him was like a dream… Then he looked at his watch… You got the message.

Vadim Romanov and Andres Zayd – “Thick Moments”

Andres Zayd appeared to be slightly shy at the start of the video. However, he turned into and delighted, hungry, gay, bottom Latino boy who he hungry for cock. He is slim, obedient and willing to please his man. Everything I like in gay bottom boys is right there. It is delivered naturally and with a big smile. He moans because he genuinely enjoys the cock drilling him rather than doing it to pretend to be enjoying it. Gay porn producers pay attention here – this boy is great! If you like “normal” sexual encounter with fucking in various positions, get this video. It is packed with good fucking from start to the very end. Latino gay boys’ lovers – this one is for you too.


Video is well produced; acting is on a high level (I particularly commend Andres Zayd for his role). Photography is great as usual for Fucker Mate Studio. One of these videos that I could come back to watch them again and again.

How is gay fucker Hot Bllack screwing Ricky Hard

Gay fucker Hot Bllack is seriously screwing Ricky Hard! Ricky is not complaining though. He loves that black cock rubbing inside him

Hot Bllack is undoubtedly a gay fucker that most bottoms would dream about. Yes, he has a big black cock. Hot Bllack (real name Alex) is from Northern Brazil. This is his first gay porn video for Fucker-Mate Studios. Let’s wish him lots of luck and great fun. Ricky Hard is also making his start with Fucker-Mate Studios in this video. Ricky is coming from Portugal. This makes watching this video more interesting. Are you curious to find out how are these two first-timers going to perform? I am. If you have ever fucked in public or front of cameras, you will know it is not as easy a task as it might look.

Gay multiracial videos are viral. I don’t mind some mix. Is it just a popular myth or so many gay porn consumers are impressed with that black cock? Frankly, from an anatomical point of view, there is no difference between black, white, and Asian cock. Ok, some will jump on this and mention the size of one particular group. Let’s clarify this once for ever – any cock that exceeds the length of 3-4 inches is perfectly capable of giving you satisfaction. That is how deep inside your body the prostate is placed. If you want to enjoy pain deep inside, get a huge dildo. Oh, what colour is your dildo, by the way? Just asking…

Black cock is a very prominent feature of this video. You guessed it, Hot Bllack (aka Alex) is of African origins. He might be new to making gay porn videos (at least for Fucker-Mate), but he is acting as an experienced gay fucker. In short, he is screwing Ricky Hard like a pro. You name the position, and he will screw in that position for your pleasure.

Hot Bllack and Ricky Hard (Black on White) – the story by Fucker-Mate

Two new faces debut with us this week, and they end up spending and enjoying a long session of hard bareback sex. Hot Bllack, whose real name is Alex, comes from Northern Brazil and is a gorgeous exotic mate well endowed with a juicy black cock on which our second first-timer Ricky Hard from Portugal works, bringing out all his best sucking and fucking skills. The proper reward for him could not be anything less than a mouth milked with a healthy load of white-hot cum!

Is Alfonso Osnaya horniest Fucker Mate ever?

Alfonso Osnaya is a horny Latino gay bottom boy. Is he going to get satisfaction from the thick cock of Romeo Davis?

Alfonso Osnaya seems to be a continuously horny Latino gay bottom boy. People who love gay porn will tell you that young Alfonso is one of the trademarks of FuckerMate gay porn studios. This little Mexican gay pocket rocket is in perpetual search of a cock that will fill all his holes and fulfil his sexual desires. What is Alfonso Osnaya up to in this video production? Does it matter? He is excellent to watch in any show. I am trying to make an entire collection of gay porn featuring Alfonso Osnaya. Simply because I cannot have enough of him, is it hard to see why? How about you folks?

If you are looking for a daddy-type gay top with a huge cock, look no further than Romeo Davis. Imagine that massive swinging cock getting geared to penetrate you. I am inviting gay bottom boys to let us know what they prefer. What is more pleasure: a long or thick cock. Come one-size queens and make some comments. This Canadian top loves pounding bottom boys and listening to how they squeal when he starts pushing himself inside their holes. Romeo is on a trip to Europe and has the luck to meet our Mexican hot and somehow kinky gay bottom Latino from Mexico.

Be warned! Fireworks are about to start, and your cocks will get as hard as ever. Please don’t say I did not warn you!

What do I like about Alfonso Osnaya? Apart from his beautiful slim body, smooth silky skin and so inviting hole… I like the way he looks at his partner. He is flirting and it feels so right. Like… “Love is in the air” or something of that sort. He brings not only physical part of bareback heated sex but a touch of romance.

I nominate Alfonso for a bottom-of-the-year!

Our kinky Mexican mate Alfonso Osnaya meets hung stud Romeo Davis during his last European trip. He adds another colossal dick to his extraordinary collection of hard inches of raw meat. The Canadian loves to pound willing boys that can handle his thick rod without complaint, and with Alfonso, he couldn’t ask for anyone better! His bare cock goes in and out of Alfonso’s holes, finding no resistance, and the young Latin enjoys one of the best fucks ever, ending up with his pretty face covered in cum!

This is one of the best videos this year (the end of November). It is on top of my to-replay list, which is not long. Get your lube ready and press that “Play” button!

Nathan Luna Gay Porn Debut Fucker Mate Exclusive

Nathan Luna is a new name on the gay porn scene. And soon to become one of the biggest names on the scene. Watch his debut for Fucker Mate Studios here!

Nathan Luna is the fucker-mate that everyone would love to have. Young Colombian is one of the hottest gay porn actors today. Imagine cuddling his skinny smooth body in extended foreplay… If you can imagine that you will have an erection as hard as mine. Did you try? What is your perfect gay bottom boy? Please let us know.

Who are our fucker-mates being reviewed today? Let’s start with the hot power-top Stallion Fabio. Fabio is French with a big uncut cock. One should expect a nice body and that little dominating streak from any gay top that wants to be classified as a power top. If you like tops with a beard, then you will love him.

Joaquin Santana is a gorgeous Latin twink bottom boy. Sometimes you are surprised how these guys, with their tiny bodies, can take big cocks with so much pleasure. He appeared in many other video productions by Fucker Mate Studios. Every top would love him in his bed. Do you agree? Let me know, please.

Nathan Luna and Joaquin Santana take turns bottoming for Stallion Fabio at Fucker Mate

Fresh meat from Colombia comes in the hands of our young French power top Stallion Fabio in the form of well-known Joaquin Santana and his younger friend Nathan Luna at his porno debut. Just like Joaquin, Nathan is a real delicacy to taste for Fabio! With their insatiable mouths, our Colombians worship and swallow every single inch of Fabio’s massive dick. Then they open their asses wide, taking turns riding the raw boner of the French while he hammers and bangs them hard in every way imaginable, just like they deserve. With such greedy holes, Fabio enjoys the best fuck of his life and blasts a massive load of ball juice all over Joaquin and Nathan’s mouths and faces!

Search for Perfect Fucker Mate with Curvy Cock

Fucker_Mate Studios is bringing us two horny fucker mates – Horny Australian Jackson Radiz meets our skinny French stallion Tommy Dreams

Search for a perfect fucker mate could result in quite many outcomes. As long as you are happy with the outcome. Are you searching for a fucker, mate? How do you do that? Most gay people these days grab their smartphones and go to Grindr, hoping for the best. It works everywhere, so you can use it when travelling. Grindr or something else, it does not matter as long as you get yourself fucker mate and enjoy sex with him.

Bottom fucker mate Jackson Radiz

Position: Bottom/Versatile
Dick Size: 8”  (Uncut)
Height: 6’1

The young, baby-faced beauty Jackson Radiz is happiest when he’s servicing cock. Jackson joined the Lucas Men when he was invited to audition by Michael Lucas, and it didn’t take long for him to be cast in his first scene. This also proved to be a way for Jackson to break out of his shell.

Jackson has always been turned on by voyeurism, but he was too shy to act anything out, so he jumped off the deep end into the gay porn industry. Jackson loves having bareback sex, and he’s especially into sucking a beautiful dick before turning around and feeling it pound his ass. Though Jackson enjoys bottoming a lot, he’s since gotten into slamming dudes with his beautiful piece of meat!

Lucas Entertainment

Top fucker mate Tommy Dreams

  • Height: 5’8″
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Cock size: 9.1″
  • Circumcision: Uncut

When we saw the colossal tool French guy, Tommy Dreams, got between his legs, we did not waste a moment to make him debut in one of our videos! Tommy may seem shy at first, but his XXL dick is more than ready to plunge into the tightest asses!

Fucker Mates Jackson Radiz and Tommy Dreams – the action

After coping with one of our most hung top mates, horny Australian Jackson Radiz meets our skinny French stallion Tommy Dreams and gets the bareback fuck of his dreams, enjoying and swallowing every single inch of the vast perfectly curved cock that Tommy uses to plug his holes hard and rough!

Fucker_Mate Studios

Gay Temptation Fruit – Horny Latino Fucker-mate

Gay “TEMPTATION FRUIT” – Franklin Acevedo and Alfonso Osnaya – Hot and horny Latino fucker-mates

Gay temptation fruit brought to us by Franklin Acevedo and Alfonso Osnaya via FUCKER MATE Studios. Latinos and Asians are my sexual desire. Most of them are similarly smooth and have a streak in them that makes me horny and willing to indulge in a sexual mix of romance and lust. Alfonso Osnaya, in particular, makes me horny. He is one of the perfect gay bottom boys on the scene today.

What is your gay temptation fruit? What get your blood boiling and your cock hardening? Franklin Acevedo and Alfonso Osnaya, in particular, are at the top of my gay temptation fruits list. Some years ago, in one of Sydney’s gay saunas, I met a guy who would perfectly resemble Alfonso Osnaya. He was originally from Mexico but lived in the US and was visiting Sydney for our annual Mardi Gras. He was one of those romantic and full of sexual lust gay boys that you remember for the rest of your life.

Romantic Foreplay – gay temptation fruit

Love is in the air…

You made me so horny now!

Mexico and Venezuela meet with our horny mates Alfonso Osnaya and Franklin Acevedo. Alfonso wants a hearty and healthy breakfast, and with such a hung top to his table, he is more than happy to swap his apple for the giant rock-hard banana that Franklin tempts him with.

Our Mexican boy fills his mouth thoroughly with that succulent fruit, sucking the thick rod and swallowing up as much meat as possible. After the epic cock eating, Franklin returns the favour and takes his turn, placing his tongue into Osnaya’s smooth hole. When our lousy bottom boy begs for a banging, Franklin sticks the raw monster cock in and gets right to destroy that beautiful ass at his service!

What is Anal Sexual Pleasure – Brazilian Way

Romeo Davis and Leo Rocha explaining anal sexual pleasure – the Brazilian way

Anal Pleasure. We all know what it is. However, do we know what the anal pleasure delivered by hot Brazilian bottom boy Leo Rocha is? Well, Romeo Davis is one of those lucky enough to experience it personally. I am very jealous. You will be too.

What is the great thing about anal sexual pleasure? The answer is easy. Anal sexual pleasure is excellent because both partners can share it. Any absolute sexual pleasure is complete only if both partners enjoy it equally. It is not right to be selfish in sex. Share the joy with your partner.

What is being selfish in sex? If you are the top, you should understand that it is not just for the bottom to pleasure you. Maybe you should adjust the rhythm of your cock’s strokes to please both of you? If you are bottom, relax and let your top choose the position that gives him more pleasure. Talk to each other to find out what works best for you.

What exactly is the prostate? The prostate is a gland that is located below the bladder, above the penis, and in front of the rectum. In a healthy adult male, the prostate is about the size of a walnut, but it does grow bigger with age. The urethra runs through the prostate from the bladder to the penis. Approximately 30% of ejaculatory fluid comes from the prostate. For those really curious, it does not require to have a long cock to be able to provide your bottom with anal pleasure by massaging his prostate. It is no more than 2-3 inches deep.