Gay Tales from the Locker Room – Mk III

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The Locker Room Tales are among the most popular among gay consumers of pornography. What are the latest tales from the Locker Room between Devin Franco and Jordan Starr? Let’s find out!

Locker Room seems to be an enormous source of gay tales, rumours and fantasies. There should be no surprises about that. Nowhere else but in the locker room can you be nude in the presence of unknown guys. The locker room is one of the few places where you can walk around naked in the company of strangers. Devin Franco and Jordan Starr are not strangers to each other, though. Let’s find out their (not so) secret story from the locker room in Falcon Studios’ production.

Devin Franco is one of the most productive gay porn actors and content creators today. According to a reliable source, Devin was born in 1989 and joined the gay porn industry relatively late, at 27, in 2016. He was part of over two hundred projects! Devin is a natural gay bottom boy but is more than capable of performing as a top. This born exhibitionist is 5’10” (178 kg) tall and 154 lbs. (70 kg) in weight. Beautiful well looked after naturally smooth body would make any top horny. If you are looking for a kinky sex buddy, then Devin Franco would be the right choice for you.

Jordan Starr is a somewhat mysterious young gay porn actor. I cannot provide much information about him except that he joined the gay porn industry in 2021. Jordan has participated in around forty gay porn projects so far, proving his popularity. Versatile but mostly a top gay boy. I promise to do more research and bring more information about him.

Tales from the Locker Room 3 starring Devin Franco and Jordan Starr – Falcon Studios production – The official description

Custodian Jordan Starr rarely works overtime, but he always manages to clock in a few extra hours if he can catch Coach Devin Franco alone in his office. With no one else in the building, the two hunks get to ripping their clothes off, licking pits, and sucking dick right in Devin’s open doorway. Devin’s legs get thrown in the air as the eager janitor rims him and slides his girthy cock in his hole. Knowing that Devin’s hungry for more than just his hog, Jordan grabs a bucket and a mop for Devin’s wet ass busy and fucks the coach with the mop’s wooden handle before sticking his bareback meat back in Devin’s horny hole.

Devin’s championship trophies watch over him as he gets rammed all over his desk, and Jordan strokes off the coach’s big dick until he’s busting all over himself. Both men taste Devin’s load as the drained bottom drops to rim Jordan and take a creamy facial from his custodian cock.

This is another completely well done production by Falcon Studios. Two stars performance could not be faulted. I am so happy to award my second five stars in this brand new year. Gay porn industry is getting better and better.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gay Master/Slave with Raging Stallion

Gay Master Devin Franco has his way with slaves, Tristan Hunter and Liam Skye. Horny Raging Stallion in action

Gay master Devin Franco has a ball with two slaves. Tristan Hunter is getting double penetrated, and Liam Skye is receiving his portion of the master’s whip. If you are into gay master/slave fetish, you arrived at the correct address. Raging Stallion produced a great video in this genre again. They might be the best studio specialising in gay master/slave videos.

Sexual slavery in a BDSM context is a sexual fantasy and sexual roleplay. The slave master might be any person or group. However, most such relationships are usually either one dominant, o a committed dominant couple, with only one or more slaves. A slave, the owner, and others involved in the relationship could be of any gender, sexual identity, or orientation.

Those who take the superior position are called dominantsDoms (regardless of gender). Those who take the subordinate place are called submissive or subs. A switch is an individual who plays either role.


“Submit” – Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter and Liam Skye in Raging Stallion Studios production

Tristan Hunter is laid back with his arms bound. Liam Skye watches helplessly from a steel cage. Dominant Devin Franco is pacing the room with his riding crop, teasing both of his boys. After clamping Tristan’s nipples, Devin sees his sub get hard and slips Tristan’s jock down to tease his thick cock.

Devin Franco directs his attention to Liam and repeatedly uses his whip to strike his horny prisoner. After utilising several more devices of dominance on Liam, Devin opens the cage and lets Liam face-fuck Tristan, who is still bound. From each end, Liam and Devin bareback spit-roast Tristan with their cocks and thick dildos.

Entirely at their mercy, Tristan takes both cocks in both holes until Devin unleashes a thick load that covers Tristan’s crotch. Eager sub-Liam finishes by getting between Tristan’s legs and lapping up Devin’s load.

Devin Franco and Lucca Mazzi – Dirty Doctors

Devin Franco and Lucca Mazzi playing a gay game called Dirty Desert Doctors in HotHouse – Raging Stallion production

Devin Franco is one of those classic gay porn stars. His latest engagement is with Lucca Mazzi in the HotHouse production “Dirty Desert Doctors”. Don’t you think Devin Franco is also one of the busiest gay porn stars today? Based on that, there is only one conclusion: he is very popular. Most of the time, he plays the role of a bottom boy. He is also prominent in the fisting scene. In this particular project, Davin Franco is versatile.

Gay doctors games and videos based on that theme are an ancient genre to call that name. Did you play doctors and patients when you were a youngster? It is popular among the pre-teen population. Is that more popular among straight boys (or those who will be heterosexual once they grow up), or is it more something potential gay boys like playing? I would love to get an accurate answer to that question. What do you think?

“Dirty Desert Doctors” – the short story

Devin Franco just got his vaccination and has to wait 15 minutes until he’s allowed to leave. To his surprise, Dr Lucca Mazzi is entirely free and can give him a full-body examination while he waits. With Devin’s pants down and ass out, the doctor rims his patient’s furry hole in the middle of the outdoor vaccination site.

The doc then tests Devin’s gag reflex by making him swallow every inch of his hard tool before flipping him over to bareback his hole. Wanting to make sure Devin’s dick works just as well as he does, Dr Mazzi bends over and gives the freshly vaccinated Devin a turn to rim his hairy hole. Devin is soon busting a thick nut all over the doctor’s round cheeks and watching the doc stroke himself until his thick meat syringe shoots out its load.

I recommend this video to everyone who has always wanted to play (gay) doctors. If you are into masculine guys, you will like both actors’ appearances. Happy wanking!

Is there any limits on gay fetish? No Limits!

Are you into Gay Fetish? Are there any limits to it? Let’s find out by watching “No Limits” by Fetish Force and Raging Stallion

I admit that I am not a great admirer of gay porn covering a particular fetish. By saying that, I am pointing to BDSM videos. I am not into flogging and boots fetishes either. However, I like hot gay guys in jock straps. They make me horny. Another reason I took this video for review is Devin Franco. I like Devin Franco and can watch any of his videos. His partner, Casey Everett, is very hot too. He is getting on my ever-growing list of gay porn stars to follow. Who is your favourite gay porn star?

Gay fetish is often taboo even to large chunks of a queer community. I was one of those who instead ignored it in the past. Maybe I did not ignore it but instead distanced myself from it. However, I changed my attitude towards gay fetish over time. That is how this was one of the first queer fetish videos I watched in my whole life. Simply I just thought it was not something I would be interested in. I am glad I watched this video.

I prefer smooth guys, but Casey Everett’s outfit appeared to be attractive to me even though he is moderately hairy. Also, I appreciate his modest display of tasty taboos without overdoing skin coverage with that type of art. Do you prefer smooth or hairy guys? Please share your preference with the rest of us! Devin Franco has some traces of hair on his chest that is hardly visible. His hole is so beautifully smooth. I wish to have him for a bottom at least once.

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Admire Devin Franco’s body and nice cock

“No Limits” – Gay Fetish production by Fetish Force

Ripped slave Casey Everett is leashed up and, on all fours, cleaning Master Devin Franco’s boots with his tongue. When Devin feels his slave has spit-shined his boots to his satisfaction, he bends the stud over and is generous enough to let him pick what pleasure tool is used on him next. Casey nervously asks for the flogger, and Devin gets to work whipping his slave.

Starting from the back, Devin flogs Casey’s ass and back before spinning him around and lashing his hard dick. When Devin feels Casey has earned it, he lays down the flogger and falls to his knees to swallow Casey’s throbbing member. After teasing and edging Casey, Devin slaps his slave’s balls, and Casey begs to cum. Now that he’s earned it, Devin strokes Casey’s cock until he unloads. Casey’s duties aren’t over yet! He’s put back on his knees to suck Devin’s cock until his throat is bred with Devin’s spunk.

Actors: Devin Franco and Casey Everett

Explosive! Five on One – Gay Gangbang of Devin!

Watching Devin Franco being gang-banged by five in an explosive gay hardcore sex video

I hope that Devin Franco can still feel his anus after producing an explosive and packed with action gay gangbang hardcore video. I watch many gay porn videos, and it is not easy to impress me. It is like “I have seen the same scenario before” or “actors are acting too much, and their moaning does not sound right”… Not this time around. Devin Franco has produced a video packed with action as a willing bottom and five tops with their hard cocks out to please or hurt him.

There is one thing about orgy or gangbang gay videos – They are great even if the plot is not particularly sophisticated. They can even start without the usual overture. Particularly for people who are deeply into this way of achieving sexual satisfaction. There is simply no need for foreplay. The number of options is also limited and that is actually a good thing. You either have a group of versatile guys or you have several couples enjoying anal sex. Sometimes swapping partners but not necessary.

Gangbang productions are even more straightforward. There is one bottom, and a group of tops lined up and fucking him silly one after the other. Even moaning sounds right in the gangbang videos. I am sure that the bottom is feeling the presence of stiff cocks inside his body. Add some fisting to that, and one starts feeling for him. I do hope he is the type that genuinely enjoys that.

Very good and hard teamwork – a perfect gangbang

The whole team worked hard and produced a very good video. I would also commend the cameramen for capturing action well and avoiding scenes in which there are more spectators than those involved in the action. Sound is also well done and balanced.

Let’s see some scenes here:

I hope that graphical part of this article fulfilled your expectations!

This LINK might be helpful for those who would like to see more.

Double Penetration

Who is Devin Franco – Gay Porn Content Creator

  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: Jul 10, 1989
  • Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • Weight: 154lb (70kg)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Hair Color: Brown

New Mexico-born stud Devin Franco is the hottest Franco. We like to pretend he’s the long lost Franco brother who has made a career for himself in Porn Valley instead of Hollywood. Falcon Studios/Naked Sword President Tim Valenti was moved to sign Devin to an exclusive contract in 2019 after watching his work in the Falcon title “Work It Up,” the Hot House Video feature “HHSN: Exposed,” and numerous other flicks since his 2016 debut. Devin gave his first performance as a Falcon Exclusive as the star of “Beach Rats of Lauderdale.”

Devin Franco is certainly very successful gay porn content performer. Currently he is working for Falcon studio exclusively. He is also posting his creations on OnlyFans and on his own Internet Site.

Falcon Studios recently released a compilation of some of the hottest scenes featuring Devin Franco.

Let’s check them out together!

Devin is mostly bottom but could be versatile

Check Devin Franco Performing on his own site

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