A Gay twink caught stealing a big dildo

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A gay twink caught stealing a big dildo sounds like big news. Is it? How often do young delinquents steal stuff from sex shops?

A gay twink Carter DelRey is desperately willing to try a big dildo in his young virgin ass. However, he is still in school and cannot afford to buy a big dildo. He went to a sex shop in another suburb to avoid being recognised accidentally by his friends or neighbours. He observed a variety of big dildos on the rack. They were all too expensive for him. Finally, his sexual urge prevailed, and he decided to steal one dildo.

Jax Thirio is a sex shop owner. He noticed young Carter DelRey browsing through the section with big dildos and feeling uncomfortable. Young Carter was behaving unusually, and Jax decided to pay attention to this customer. After a while, Carter DelRey picked one dildo and hid it under his jacket before walking towards the exit door. Jax intercepted young Carter DelRey before he could leave the shop. Carter was embarrassed but followed Jax to the room behind the shop without resisting. He knew he would be in trouble.

Carter DelRey immediately started begging the shop owner to let him go. He was concerned that his parents would find out about the whole thing. He was not out to his parents. Jax asked him if he was gay, and Carter confirmed it.

A gay twink had no idea that Jax was gay as well. The young lad was about to get something much more natural in his ass than a dildo. Is Jax Thirio about to punish young Carter DelRey with his cock, or should one see it as a gift? What do you think about that?

Caught Stealing – Jax Thirio and Carter DelRey by SAYUNCLE studios

Jax Thirio is a smooth-body and taught muscles, but he’s also a soft personality. As a stepdad, Mormon bishop, or best friend’s dad, he’s a horny, brutal fucker. In real life, he’s a sweetheart with a heart of gold. Though on the scene for a relatively short period, he’s risen to the top…so to speak…filming with Next Door Studios, Falcon, Men.com, and more. His self-produced content is beyond the fire, and he’s been inside all your favourite names in the industry. He recently won a Fleshbot Award for his role in the Best Movie of the Year, Johnny Rapid: For the Fans Vo. 1.

To paint a picture, I’m a 25-year-old gay twink (trying to get to that twunk status) from Santa Barbara, California. Believe it or not, I went to UC Berkeley for Film and graduated in 2019, and now reside in Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to write for movies and TV for as long as I can remember (so hey, if there’s an exec 

Carter DelRey

“Caught Stealing” belongs to a large group of gay porn videos covering what happens when young guys are caught stealing in shops. There is not much one can invent to make the scenario different. However, this video produced ty SAYUNCLE studios is not dull, to say the least. Actors Jax Thirio and Carter DelRey performed very well. To be blunt – your erection will last from the first scene of this video to the very last one. That is why we watch porn videos, after all. This is the good one.

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