Gay Sex with Cade Maddox – Milo and Me now

Gay sex with Cade Maddox is always unique. Who is his latest pray? Milo and Me is all about Cade Maddox screwing bonanza

Gay sex now! Do you ever have enough of it? I am not sure about you, but it seems that Cade Maddox never has enough hot and steamy gay sex. If you check some other pages HERE, you will see that Cade Maddox is strictly top gay with a monster cock. Who is the lucky bottom this time? His name is Milo. I have consulted the best source of information about gay porn actors without much success. The list of porn actors classified under “Milo” is very long. Maybe Milo is not a very prominent performer in gay porn studios. I will return to him as Cade Maddox generously provided Milo’s Twitter account link.

How does Cace Maddox find partners for his videos? I think Twitter is his source of new talents willing to make new content with the star of the gay porn scene. Cade regularly provides links to his partners’ Twitter accounts. That is a great way to support other gay porn content creators.

Milo has 106 thousand followers on Twitter and that is quite impressive achievement. I would not hesitate to call him Queer Twitter Influencer. See who else is in that group of influencers HERE. In short – Milo seems to be very attractive versatile gay boy with his own gay porn content on several platforms.

Gay sex with Cade Maddox is a regular feature on this site, and I am not sure if any of our followers here do not know a lot about him. I will return to his new sexual adventures in my next article about him.

Milo and Me – by Cade Maddox

I did a video with Milo back last year, and I was looking forward to meeting back up with this smooth tattooed stud and getting more of his sweet hole. Let me tell you, he’s as hot as I remembered, and the anticipation made the wait even sweeter. Be sure to check out his new Twitter @xodemilo

Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox Christmas cumming in Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign is saving Christmas by bottoming for Cade Maddox – Christmas special from Falcon Studios and Cade Maddox to you

Cade Maddox, Taylor Reign and Falcon Studios have prepared great Christmas presents for all their loyal fans. I am a big fan of Cade Maddox. It is evident just by checking the number of reviews of his videos. Most of these videos have very simple storyline. Some of them don’t have a storyline. Just plain fucking. That is what porn is all about, after all. However, this particular video has a rather interesting story.


Cade and Taylor Reign: Cumming Home for Christmas by Falcon Studios

Taylor Reign is determined to do whatever it takes to save his boss’ struggling family-owned bakery from going out of business. Even if that means bottoming for Cade Maddox, the twisted owner of a confectionery conglomerate that’s attempting to acquire the cake shop only days before Christmas.

Bent over an industrial kitchen counter, Taylor is suddenly filled with the spirit of Christmas as Cade inserts a monstrous candy cane into his raw hole. Having satisfied his sweet tooth, Cade trades the oversized candy for his giant cock. He dominates and pumps Taylor full of his thick dick. Riding Cade atop the kitchen counter has Taylor blowing his load with Cade. He is then standing up to continue pounding the baker’s hole until he’s ready to ice the bottom like a Christmas cake and feed Taylor a taste of his Noel nut.


Grab this video if you like the storyline. Or, maybe you should grab it because you love watching that endless fucking. I liked it for both reasons. Cade Maddox and Taylor Reign worked together to deliver a great video. Are you thinking about what to buy for Christmas for your gay mates? This might be a nice present

Pretty Gay Boy Kylan Boyd bottoming for Cade

Pretty gay boy Kylan Boyd added his name to the list of cuties fucked by Cade Maddox. Gay porn review of “Pretty Boy Kylan Boyd”

Kylan Boyd is a pretty gay boy. There are no doubts about that. I watched many gay porn videos made by Cade Maddox, and one thing is common for all of them. That is because Cade Maddox knows precisely what it takes to be a pretty gay boy. I would rely on his taste any time. Would you?

Kylan Boyd fits several other standards necessary for Cade Maddox when it comes to choosing partners for his video production. One of them is being submissive. I don’t know Cade Maddox personally, but his perception of “submissive” is similar to mine. It means that the bottom is more passive but playful. I am not sure about Cade, but I don’t mind some feminine bits in my bottom pretty gay boys. Cade is in a much better position when it comes to having these pretty boys in bed. Am I jealous? Of course, I am. You are probably too.

I searched about Kylan Boyd and found that he has played in several other projects and for different gay porn studios. However, I could not see if he is active on Twitter or OnlyFans. If you know anything about it, please share it with the rest—we all like learning more about these pretty boys. Oh, by the way, the recent post with Cade Maddox and Peachy Boy is viral. Peachy Boy himself is trendy on Twitter.

Pretty Boy Kylan Boyd – Cade Maddox impression

Kylan Boyd is a pretty boy I met close to home. He likes to kiss almost as much as I do. He’s toned, masculine, and submissive but really nervous. We had a few sensual moments, and I think he performed great in this video. I fucked him deep and came tons, but that stingy motherfucking hole kept my load for itself. I hope all of you enjoy this one!

Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox is in Dirty Desert Doctors

Cade Maddox is undoubtedly one of my favourite gay porn actors and content creators. Let’s watch him perform in “Dirty Desert Doctors” with sexy Angel Rivera. Your erection can start NOW!

Cade Maddox! Do I need to say anything more for you to get the picture? From “daddy” to dirty doctor, he will perform well in any role in any gay porn video. The only constant things are his dominating role as a top and his vast and always hard cock. Look no further if you want to watch well-equipped top screwing his bottom boy with lust.



Is there something special in that doctor/patient roleplay? I think there is. How many of you remember days when you wanted to play that roleplay before you were even aware of your sexuality? These were the very first engagements with a sexual background. It was so secretive and special. We were touching other guys’ bodies, undressing secretly and exploring each other’s bodies. Then we grew up and tried to forget all those games and our first steps in recognising our sexuality. I would like to know if some of us still watch doctor/patient gay roleplays and videos secretly. Let me know what your experience is please.


Dirty Desert Doctors starring Cade Maddox and Angel Rivera

Dr Cade Maddox is ready to unwind from a busy day at the hospital. Lucky for him, boyfriend Angel Rivera is waiting at home with his cock out, ready to service his girthy doctor dick. Angel immediately drops to his knees and slurps Cade’s tool before leaning over and letting his doctor boyfriend chow down on his hole.

Ready to take the doctor’s bareback cock, Angel lowers himself onto Cade’s cock and swallows its girth. The two look each other in the eyes as Angel goes up and down, passionately riding his man. The grateful bottom is soon covering himself in his own long, wet ropes as Cade pulls out, busts all over Angel’s balls, and stuffs his cock back inside his lover’s used hole.

Angel Rivera played his role perfectly. He is a very sexy gay bottom boy.

It is all just as the doctor ordered for long, cold and wet evenings settling all over the Northern Hemisphere. It is just as good as watching here in Australia as summer slowly creeps in. Raging Stallion has produced another great gay porn video

Gay cutie doing it how daddy Cade Maddox like it

Gay cutie Blaine Kade is doing everything to please daddy Cade Maddox. I think that he is doing it well! What do you think?

Gay cutie Blaine Kade is the new name to me. Have you seen this sexy bottom boy before? All my searches returned either no results or just one pointing to this video with Cade Maddox. I like Cade Maddox’s taste and choice of gay bottom boys. That means that I liked Blaine Kade in his role. This is not the first time Cade Maddox has presented himself as a “daddy”. Well, many gay bottom boys would love a daddy like him. Just look at that muscular body and a huge hard cock of his…

Just recently I have started a survey in order to find out what is the “perfect bottom” appearance according to tops that read this. Results so far are not conclusive at all. I hope for more luck with publishing it for the second time.

What is your “Perfect Bottom” appearance
Perfect Bottom Appearance
The question for all tops

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

One thing is obvious, though. When choosing his bottom boy “daddy,” Cade Maddox likes them slim, smooth and visibly smaller than him. Cade likes submissive boys. I would be surprised if he is not into feminine boys as well. I am amazed at how much similarity is between his choices and mine. There should be no surprise then with the fact that I love videos made by Cade Maddox.

Gay cutie Blaine Kade is really getting Cade Maddox sexually mad. Like with his tight shaved ass. I think that all bottoms should shave their asses regularly. Appearance is so much better. Cade Maddox obviously agrees with me.

“Doing it how Daddy likes” – Cade Maddox & Blaine Kade

Blaine Kade is a slim tattooed cutie with a tight shaved ass. He pushed out his pink hole just how I like it before spreading those cheeks and taking my cock like a good bottom and getting my load deep inside him. Atta-boy!

Cade Maddox

This is another reason I like gay porn produced by Cade Maddox. There is not much of a “story” there. Just fucking in all positions. That is why we all watch porn, after all. I enjoyed watching this one. I suggest you hop to and check it out yourself. Please let me know if you have more information about Blaine Kade. I do like him. Enjoy all those savings offered by Cade!

How to Orgasm with Cade Maddox?

How can Cade Maddox massage your prostate to a full orgasm?

What is the definition of orgasm?

“Orgasm is a climax of sexual excitement characterised by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.”

Orgasm is the main (if not the only) reason for having anal sex. Unlike breeders, we don’t engage in sex to provide the continuation of species. Needless to say, both partners involved in anal sex are trying to achieve an orgasm. It is also that partners engaged in anal sex can achieve an orgasm in the same way – by stimulating their penises till climax is reached and resulting in ejaculation.

Let’s get deeper into achieving orgasm during anal (gay) sex. The Passive (bottom) partner’s penis is not directly engaged in the sexual act (penetration). The Active (top) partner uses his penis for anal penetration, and his penis is naturally stimulated during that act. That leaves us with a question: How will the passive (bottom) partner achieve his sexual climax? Well, there is more than just a straightforward answer to that question. Are you a gay bottom boy? If you are a bottom, please share with us how you achieve orgasm.

How Bottoms achieve an orgasm?
How Bottom Gay Guys achieve an Orgasm?
This survey is trying to find out what techniques are used by gay bottom guys to achieve an orgasm

You are bottom – how do you achieve orgasm

You are bottom – how do you achieve orgasm

I was considering surveying how many of you would like your prostate massaged by Cade Maddox. However, traffic limits on my server would probably be reached. Don’t you want his cock?

Cade Maddox Production – “Fit and Fucked”

What a hot meetup this one turned out to be. This muscle boy swallowed up my dick like a champ. He loved every second of it. I bred him deep and massaged his prostate to a full body-shaking orgasm. Wow, watching him spray his load all over his abs was incredibly hot. I sure can’t wait for you all to watch this one!

Cade Maddox

Peachy Boy and Cade Maddox Sexy Play

Smooth Peachy Boy in hands of Cade Maddox

Peachy Boy is the last victim of Cade Maddox’s mad search for an ideal bottom boy. He is a gorgeous boy with a slim and smooth body. His silky skin invites your erection at the very first look. Every time I watch new porn production by Cade Maddox, I get more convinced that we have a similar taste for a boy. Is it just Cade and myself, or most pure tops like boys with smooth and silky skin? Like them slim or smooth. Some feminine appearance makes me very horny.

Peachy Boy – smooth and silky hole
Cade Maddox showing his cock – every bottom gay boy’s dream

Yall know how much I love a smooth hole. Peachy boy has one of the most delicious holes I’ve ever had. Soft, smooth, and absolutely delicious.

Cade Maddox

Peachy Boy is probably a dream-bottom boy for so many gay tops out there. There is no doubt that Cade Maddox was having the time of his life with that young stud. There is one more thing I am starting to sense regarding how Cade Maddox finds partners for his gay porn production. I am not sure, but I feel he is actively searching for a suitable bottom on Twitter. My little search found that Peachy Boy and Cade Maddox are very popular gay porn creators on Twitter.

I am curious to find out what that “perfect bottom” is in the eyes of most strict tops. What part of bottom’s appearance makes you want to fuck him? We all have our perfect sex partner type. Someone that presses all the buttons. Please participate in the survey below. You are allowed to make more than just one choice. Let’s see how many people would find Peachy Boy their perfect bottom.

What is your “Perfect Bottom” appearance
Perfect Bottom Appearance
The question for all tops

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

Peachy Boy and Cade Maddox’s sexual encounter in pictures

Let’s share some images of Peachy Boy and Cade Madox. Please let me know what you think about this latest production by Cade.

“Daddy” Cade Maddox and tight boy Kristoffer

“Daddy” is how Cade Maddox prescribed himself when commenting on filming of his latest project “Tight Boy Kristoffer”

Daddy Cade Maddox! I was surprised by Cade’s description of himself when commenting on the filming of his latest project, “Tight Boy Kristoffer”. What is the age when one considers himself a “daddy” in relationships? The term “daddy” is used equally among heterosexuals and homosexuals. One has to be very careful when using the phrase, as it could be offensive. Don’t we all think about ourselves as being eternally young and beautiful? Particularly in our little gay world.

daddy in gay culture is a slang term meaning a (typically) older man sexually involved in a relationship or wanting sex with a younger male. The age gap may differ. The relationship involves the traditional parental hierarchy of father-son dynamics. Daddy is providing emotional support and guidance along with sexual encouragement and nurturing to the inexperienced or sometimes vulnerable partner.


Daddy is a wide-ranging term used across many different sexual situations and sexualities to describe a dominant partner in a relationship. Daddy is most commonly used in a power exchange relationship, where one partner identifies as submissive to the dominant Daddy. A Daddy can be stern or caring. He can inflict punishment and provide rewards and can assume that role during sex and in real life, depending on the relationship. In most instances, Daddy refers to a male partner, though the term can also be used by anyone who wants to adopt a Daddy persona. Daddies can be found in many different relationship structures and the term is not limited to any specific sexuality.


Don’t you think that Cade just revealed to us some of his kinks? Was it intentional?

“Tight boy Kristoffer”

Kristoffer is slim, dark-haired, and smooth with a pretty face. Just how I like it. His hole was tight, but I took my time and opened him up and then Kristoffer was Ready for whatever I wanted to give him. Look at me pounding his slick ass! I made him feel so fucking good that his toes curled up and bred him deeply. I do love it when boys push it out for daddy.

Cade Maddox

Are all Asian Gay boys Skintight by Cade Maddox?

Are all Asian Gay boys skintight? What did Cade Maddox think about it after fucking Jkab Ethan Dale?

Do you like skintight Asian gay boys? I adore them. They are smooth, slim and SKINTIGHT. Are they all? Asian gay boys being all skintight is not an absolute truth, but most tend to be like that. I am not an expert in anatomy to be able to tell you why that is so. As a top, I am never obsessed with my bottom being skintight. Are you? No, I did not say I like a sloppy hole, either.

Will Cade Maddox’s monster cock fit into Jkab Ethan Dale hole? Click on photo to check it out

Two famous gay porn actors made this hot gay porn video for Hot House Studios. Cade Maddox is well known for being strictly top (I believe so) with a huge cock. His partner is no less known as Jkab Ethan Dale, who is versatile but often acts as a bottom. Considering the size of Cade Maddox’s cock, most of the assholes out there are skintight by definition.

Skintight Asian gay boy and famous fashion photographer – The story

Famous fashion photographer Cade Maddox has been staring at naked models all day. While he’s never one to stop working in the middle of a shoot, he can’t help but give into temptation when Jkab Ethan Dale flashes his infectious smile.

Ready for a go, Cade sets his camera aside, drops his pants, and pulls Jkab to the side to rim his muscular ass. The horny photographer then slowly inserts his stunning big dick into Jkab until the bottom’s ass is stretched to fit every inch of him comfortably.

How to please a Skintight Asian gay boy?

Ready for more, Cade fucks his superstar model bareback in multiple positions on the sun-drenched patio furniture until both are draining their balls all over Jkab’s smooth torso in front of the crowd of Cade’s other insatiable nude models.

Imagine Cade Maddox fucking beautiful skintight Asian gay boy Jkab Ethan Dale in front of other nude gay models! Do you like fucking in public while others are observing your performance? Let us know, please.

This production by Hot House Studios starring Cade Maddox and Jkab Ethan Dale is excellent. I am giving it nine stars out of ten! Warmly recommended

Public Fuck @ 4am – When Cade Maddox is horny

What happens when Cade Maddox get horny at 4am? Early morning public fuck with Salvador

Public fuck is a fascinating thing. Gay public fuck is even more exciting. At least for such called “general public”. Some people enjoy that sort of hidden exhibition. Public fuck is like taking your chance of doing something naughty and being caught. I am not particularly into that sort of excitement. However, I performed several public fucks in the past. If fucking in a car in the parking lot qualifies for that definition. I think it does. What do you think?

I must admit one thing. When I started doing these gay porn reviews, I did not think that a production by Cade Maddox would be something I review frequently. He is top, and I am too. I thought I would be more interested in production by some of the famous gay bottom gay porn actors. However, based on my experience, I was wrong for several reasons. One of these reasons is his choice of bottoms. We are not 100% on the same frequency but close enough. The second is the way he cum inside his bottom. Ejaculating in someone is a particular way of domination. You mark “your” bottom with your sperm. You know what I mean.

This is not the first time that Cade Maddox is fucking Salvador. I have reviewed their previous encounter. You can check it out here. I would not mind having Salvador in my bed, either. Maybe I would ask him to shave. I like them smooth…

Public Fuck at 4am according to Cade Maddox

It was already late when Salvador reached out, and he wanted my dick bad. I always keep my filming equipment close at hand for moments just like this. So, when he suggested we head to his favourite spot, I knew this would be an excellent public fuck. You can hear the traffic go by in the distance. Knowing how close we were to getting caught was hot as fuck!

Cade Maddox
You have been seeded bitch!

I will make just one more comment. I appreciate videos made by Cade Maddox and enjoy watching them. However, a bit better quality of photography would make them even better. I know it is not easy in certain situations and circumstances, but I would like to see some improvement. Otherwise, I can recommend this video without hesitation.

Cade Maddox Coaching – How to take big cock?

It is pleasure to watch Cade Maddox coaching young Juan how to take a big cock and enjoy it

If I say, Cade Maddox, many bottoms think of big cock immediately. I have seen Cade Maddox in many roles. So many bottoms admire his enormous cock. He is a great gay porn actor to watch. We are both tops, so no personal sexual desires are involved here. His latest role as a coach is exciting.

Cade Maddox’ choice of partner for this project is excellent as far as I am concerned. Juan Salazar is just right for my desires. He is a young, naughty boy presentation bleached hair, slim and smooth. Not to mention that he appears as a “natural” bottom. This project made me horny from start to finish.

Regardless of the size of the top’s cock – Lube should always be used.

“Coaching Juan to take big cock” is a type of video that would appeal to tops and bottoms almost equally. I am sure all bottoms, particularly size queens, will line up to watch Cade Maddox use his big tool. Or to try to estimate the size of that big cock. Tops, on the other side, or most of them like myself, will enjoy watching Juan Salazar being screwed and fantasise about doing it with him themselves. If you look seriously, there is something for everyone in this video.

How important is a big cock for great sex? Let me know what you think, if you don’t mind. Just type it in the comments box. I do read it regularly.

“Coaching Juan to take big cock” – the storyline

Slim twink Juan Salazar wasn’t ready for what I’ve got in my pants! This Hotel Hookup turned into an expert coaching session and let me tell you, Juan’s sweet moans filled the air and his sweet boypussy had never been filled like this! In the end, I helped myself along and cranked out my load, seeding Salazar. Show me that hole, boy!

Cade Maddox

Let’s not ask too many questions about how Juan got to Cade’s hotel room. Would you like to know? If you get to see the whole video, you might find out. Is it there or not? It would not be fair if I told you.

Will this video keep your big cock erect? I am sure it will. Considering that I don’t have precums, I stay dry. However, I know that many of you will be wet by the time you reach up to half of this project.

I can say only one more thing – Enjoy it.

You need to change underwear after watching Cade Maddox screw academy. Using this link to get yourself some fancy underwear will make at least three queers happy. Please consider! Get some sexy cover for your big cock.

Do you dream fucking with Cade Maddox?

Review of Cade Maddox latest production – Making Dreams Cum True starring Cade Maddox and Chris N.

Do we know how many gay bottoms boys dream about fucking with Cade Maddox? What is it like fucking with him? Watch “Making Dreams Cum True”, and you will know. I just finished reviewing Cade Maddox’s last fucking adventure with Chris N. Do you know who Chris N. is? I don’t. I guess he does not want us to know. Let’s leave that as a little mystery.

Cade Maddox likes his cock licked before fucking

If you dig deeper through this site, you will find that I have reviewed quite many of Cade Maddox’s videos. I have one thing in common with him. I wish it is more, but that is a different story. One thing in common is that we are both tops. It also seems that our preferences when choosing our gay bottom boys are similar.

What do you like about watching Cade Maddox’s videos? Is it his big cock? Or is it his choice of positions? What part of his fucking skills do you admire the most? I am asking many questions here and hope at least some will be answered. Please use the “comments” box to answer some of these questions.

Video “Making Dreams Cum True” – Cade Maddox and Chris N.

Let’s get back to the “Making Dreams Cum True” video. It is made on a straightforward storyline. It is probably based on the belief that most of the audience is not interested in the storyline. Why do people buy gay porn videos? I guess that the answer to that question is straightforward. Because they like watching two gay guys fucking each other. It happens daily and under different circumstances. Two gay guys meet, get together, and the fucking action is the result. Often that is their only meeting ever.

Here is what Cade said about this video:

Chris N. and I met up and he took my cock like a champ. Worship does not even begin to describe how he treated it. Fuck, that was hot!

Cade Maddox

Are you top? Do you like your cock worshiped? If your answer on both of these questions is “yes” then you can seriously consider getting a good look at this video. It might approve your ejaculation as well as a bonus. I wish you happy watching!

Jay takes Cade Maddox’s cock like a Pro

Cade Maddox got a new boy-toy Jay, and put him to the test

There is no need to say much about Cade Maddox. This superstar of gay porn is well known among lovers of that genre. One thing you can be sure about Cade Maddox is – he is naturally gifted with a large cock. I am not sure how long it is, but it is certainly well over the average. When it comes to the thickness, then his cock qualifies as a monster. Not every hole can accommodate his cock without difficulty. Even if Cade tries to be gentle, taking his cock takes courage and skills.

I have bottomed only once, and that was decades ago. However, as a top, I try to accommodate the needs of my bottom. Most of my sex partners perceived me as a dominant type. However, I would not classify myself as a rough fucker. Quite the opposite. I prefer long foreplays and gentle initial penetration. As a matter of fact, from my experience, gentle penetration offers top more pleasure than just a forceful one. I like the feeling of my foreskin being pushed back as my penis enters my partner’s rectum. And, very importantly, I don’t fuck bottoms who don’t kiss. Some positions seem more comfortable for bottoms, but there is no universal rule.

What is the best position for anal penetration?

It is essential to be flexible when choosing that starting position. When I was much younger, it was part of my habit to decide on starting work and to lead changes till ejaculation. There are positions that I don’t find satisfactory, and I used to avoid them. However, with the maturing came an understanding that sex is most enjoyable when one tries to go with the flow. Today, I don’t care what position we start. One thing is for sure: we will finish in a missionary position. I love ejaculating my juice while my bottom is with his legs spread.

Back to Jay and Cade Maddox story

Cade Maddox got himself a new boy toy. His name is Jay. He is a cute boy of a small build and slim and smooth. I would love to fuck him any time. I am sure you would too. At the start of the video, I was a bit concerned about how Jay will take that big cock of Cade Maddox. Indeed, I knew he could do it, but the question was, how well it would go for that little body. Jay prepared Cade’s cock very well by sucking and wetting it. To my pleasure, Jay took that big legendary cock well and enjoyed it. I enjoyed that, too and would be happy to recommend it to you folks.

Jay takes Cade Maddox’s cock like a Pro in pictures

I must apologise for not having the best quality of these screenshots. However, they are good enough to get you horny. You can access TRAILER PAGE HERE. Enjoy

Gabe Bradshaw wants Cade Maddox’s c*** badly!

Let’s find out how badly Gabe Bradshaw wants that famous gay porn cock of Cade Maddox? Welcome of my latest review of some hot queer porn

I am sure there is no need to present Cade Maddox to my regular readers and followers. I have reviewed numerous videos with him starring and showing his muscular body and now a famous cock. Cade Maddox is almost an institution in a beautiful world of gay porn. Who knows how many potential gay porn content performers out there dream of being filmed with Cade in the bed.

The Internet has revolutionised the world of pornography. It simplified the delivery of content to consumers. It also made it so much easier for everyone willing to participate to make his/hers offering to the market. One does not have to go to a big city and one of the studios and offer to be their model. You can make your gay porn anywhere on this planet as long as you have a semi-decent smartphone, Internet connection and account on one of many platforms delivering porn to consumers.

However, every great thing has some adverse side effects. A number of gay porn content creators have reached incredible numbers. They all share one common problem. It is marketing stupid! You can be the most beautiful boy, have the most charming smile, sexy round bottom and a monster cock, but that does not mean that people will notice that. In the old days, if you had chosen to be a performer, you did not have to worry about marketing. Your job was to perform in front of a camera.

Looking for some hot gear? Here is the opportunity to source some hot stuff from an LGBTQ supplier via an LGBTQ site and help our common LGBTQ community. Above photo is advertising.


Many (probably all) professional gay porn actors have their audience of followers on platforms such as OnlyFans. Some of them, like Cade Maddox, have their Internet site. They made their name on the scene when they were actors performing for one of the professional studios. Now they work for studios and on their projects. Newcomers are best advised to try to get to collaborate with one well-known performer.

I suspect that Gabe Bradshaw has managed to get more than just a good start in this collaboration with Cade Maddox. He enjoyed the whole thing and had a rare opportunity to be in bed with Cade. I could sense his excitement from feeling monster Cade Maddox’s cock inside his body. Both performed very well, and I loved this video more than any other I reviewed recently. And, make no mistakes, young Gabe Bradshaw was not the only one excited. Cade was just as excited.

I’ve had my eye on Gabe Bradshaw for a while, and when he reached out to me on Twitter, I knew he would put his whole ass into it. Honestly, I think he’d been waiting for this to happen for a long time. This little obedient, enthusiastic twink was one of my best fucks in a while!

This great video was recently released, and I will provide links to more information after publishing some photos.

Cade Maddox and Gabe Bradshaw in “Gabe Bradshaw Wants it Bad” – click HERE for Access to this video.

Horny Cade Maddox stretching out Salvador

Salvador gave Cade Maddox a sloppy blowjob like no other, and then Cade pushed his cock in his hole – Stretching out Salvador’s butt operation

Our old friend Code Maddox was horny again. A sloppy blowjob from Salvador was just foreplay. The entire operation of stretching Salvador’s butt was to follow soon.

Before presenting you with my fantasy of this story, let me tell you that “Stretching Out Salvador” will be released on 5. September this year. Get ready for the new adventures of our stud and always horny star, Cade Maddox.

My version – always different for the official one

Join me in daydreaming. There is nothing wrong with having some hot sexual fantasies. I am convinced it is even good for the overall and particularly mental health. How do I do it? Simply I create my own story after watching the video. Why not?

So… Cade arrived at his hotel somewhere in Central America. His schedule for this visit was packed to the top, and he was unsure if there would be any time left to meet local gay boys. After several days of various meetings, he will have to return home immediately. Cade usually spares a day or two at the end of his business visits to have fun. Be it just cruising local gay clubs or going to the sauna… It all depends on the circumstance and his mood. This time it might be different, and Cade is not very happy with that.

Formalities at the reception were sorted quickly, and Cade walked to the lift that would take him to the room. Lift boy gave him a big welcoming smile. Cade sensed that this boy might be one of the cute local gay boys. It turned out that boy was just about to finish his shift. Cade used that opportunity to invite him for a drink.

The rest of the story? Well, it is up to you to make it up. Or, just make sure you get this video after release and watch it. Their story is pretty good. I think that mine is better but… You can make that decision and let me know.

Let’s have a look at some pictures

Stretching Out Salvador

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