Nick Floyd, the new gay boy toy for Cade Maddox

Nick Floyd is the new boy toy for Cade Maddox! Just as you would expect him to be – slim, smooth with a boyish body and face and in love with taking big cock. The Review

Nick Floyd and Cade Maddox

I declare Cade Maddox the unchallenged authority for choosing the hottest gay-bottom boys. Nick Floyd, you know you would be good if Cade Maddox invited you into his bed. He is young, boyish, slim (sort of skinny), smooth and willing to please. What else do you expect from a perfect gay boy toy? If you are a gay daddy searching for a gay boy toy, then you will watch this video. If you are a gay boy-toy in the learning stage, get this video to see how it is done.

Is it a boy toy or a toy boy? I just consulted the dictionary. Both are in use widely. However, the word boy is a noun, and the word toy can be a noun or an adjective. In the English language, the adjective comes before the noun. Therefore, toy boy is the only grammatically correct option. I am lazy to go back and re-type it, but from now on, folks, it is toy boy!

How do you like your toy boy? Do you want him wet? Sex in the shower is the way if you like your gay toy boy to be damp and ready. Water is quite a good lubricant, by the way. Did you know that? Let’s shower together then!

All I know about Nick Floyd is that he joined the gay porn industry in 2022 and has managed to participate in seventeen gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations since. Most of them are with SAYUNCLE studios. Nick Floyd is a natural gay bottom toy boy. As far as Cade Maddox is concerned, he is the most-reviewed producer of gay adult content on this site. You can check it out by visiting my gay porn library. I also found some sort of a porn profile about Nick Floyd.

Wet Lust with Nick Floyd – The official description

Nick Floyd and I were prepping for our video. He told me he loves getting wet, so he joined me in the shower. Man, I love fucking in the shower! Especially with a slim sexy bottom boy such as himself. I edited this one with multiple angles and POV shots; I hope you enjoy it! And be sure to check out his socials, too!

Cade Maddox
Wet Lust with Nick Floyd by Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Wet Lust with Nick Floyd by Cade Maddox

Wet Lust. We all love it. At least most of us, I guess. I enjoyed watching this video, and it is evident that Cade put some good effort into it. Both, Cade and Nick Floyd performed very well. However, I have some reservations about photo preview and representation. I am talking about landscape photos being joined horizontally. In my opinion, it does not look the best. Those hooked vertically are fine. Anyway, if you are after my opinion about the whole project, I am happy to rate it with four and a half stars! Great job, Cade and Nick! I hope to see more of both of you again.

Cade Maddox in a new Cumdump Anal Breeding Porn

Cade Maddox was caught on camera in a new cumdump anal breeding!


Cade Maddox loves fucking an anonymous cumdump anal breeding. How do I know that? Simply, I had the pleasure of watching his previous anonymous cumdump and breeding porn in a gay porn video published in June 2022.

After this latest addition, my gay porn review library will have two gay porn videos of Cade Maddox dumping his cum and breeding anonymously. I would love to know who the unknown is. Would you like to know too? Is Cade Maddox moving from fucking Putxoxoxo, Dilon Roman and Peachy Boy to anonymous bottoms? We will have to wait and see.

What is cumdump or cum-dump?

After consulting with Wiktionary, I am sure that cumdump (or cum-dump) is “a place to ejaculate – a body part or cavity.” If a cumdump involves two male sexual partners and results in breeding, then it is fair to assume that the body part or cavity must be the anus. Therefore it is a cumdump resulting in anal breeding. Do we all got the picture now?

Anal Breeding is a kink gaining popularity among the gay population

Have you ever been in the throes of sexual passion, deep at the moment, and turned on by the idea of getting pregnant? Or maybe you’ve been giving it good to your partner and the possibility that you could impregnate him gives you a thrill. Who are the people that are into this kink? According to some surveys, there are two groups. The first is made of dominant gay tops. The second one is on the opposite – submissive and feminine gay bottom boys. However, there is no absolute proof of the above. What is your opinion on anal breeding as a kink?

The official description

Do you all like an anonymous hotel cum dump as much as I do? There’s nothing like a hot bottom waiting, all ass up and ready for a deep breeding. I know you love watching my slick cock slide in and out of a smooth hot round ass. Fucking hot!

Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Cumdump Deep Breeding”

I have written more gay porn reviews and ratings about Cade Maddox than any other gay porn star. Cade Maddox is the best-represented gay porn actor in my gay porn reviews library. That might be strange as I am strictly top as he is. However, there are two things we have in common. The first one is his choice of bottom boys. Second, we both seem to be into the same kinks and fetishes. Regardless of that, I am trying to do this review unbiased. My rating for the latest cumdump and anal breeding by Cade Maddox is four and a half stars. Are we all in agreement about this?

Latest news on Anon Sex with Cade Maddox

Cade Maddox likes ANON sex; this is his latest sexual adventure involving anonymous gay sex.

Anon sex stands for anonymous sex. Are you familiar with that gayest sexual activity? Is there any gay guy out there that has not been involved in cruising for sex? I doubt it. However, I have not been actively searching for anon gay sex for some years now. Let me know if that is still happening. Maybe it is not as frequent as before, thanks to Grindr. However, some people are genuinely into gay anon sex. There is undoubtedly excitement in doing gay anon sex in public places. Cade Maddox seems to be into gay anon sex very much.

Anon bottom tasting the monster cock of Cade Maddox

Anonymous sex is a form of one-night stand or casual sex between people who have very little or no history with each other, often engaging in sexual activity on the same day of their meeting and usually never seeing each other again afterwards. Cruising for sex refers to a person searching for sexual activity with another person, usually anonymously. The internet is also a primary vehicle for people setting up anonymous sex. Anonymous sex is sometimes considered to be a form of prostitution when it involves an exchange of money or drugs for sex. Some people engage in anonymous sex because of the thrill of the act.


I am sure my regular readers don’t need me to provide more information on Cade Maddox. As one of the most popular gay porn actors, Cade does not need more of that promotion. However, there are always new people visiting these pages. For them, I would warmly suggest changing my posts under the tag “Cade Maddox”. Some of the posts already published have a lot of information on him.

Cumdump – the definition

Cumdump is when two gay men have unprotected anal sex and the penetrative partner ejaculates into the receptive partner’s anus. The receptive partners call themselves cumdumps. Men who are into the kink often get off on the number of loads they receive. 


Gay porn review, ratings, and links to “Anon Park Cumdump” by Cade Maddox

Anon Park Cumdump feels very authentic. I suppose that Cade Maddox enjoys taking some risk of being caught having sex in a public place. Are you excited about having this sort of sex yourself? Many years ago, when I was active in some Sydney’s gay cruising areas, HIV was something that everyone was scared of. I did take risk of performing cumdump on some cute bottom boys that “looked” safe. I am rating this gay porn video by Cade Maddox and his anonymous partner with four and a half stars.

New – Cade Maddox – Sublime Maximiliano

Cade Maddox is back with his new gay porn video featuring hot gay bottom boy Sublime Maximiliano

Cade Maddox and his gay porn content have been reviewed on these pages more than anyone else. What is the reason for that? There is no one reason only. I find his gay porn videos simple and effective. Porn is all about fucking, and Cade Maddox knows it well. Therefore, he produces videos with lots of fucking. Another reason is that I love his choice of gay bottom boys for collaboration. I wish he had provided more information about Sublime Maximiliano.

Who is Sublime Maximiliano? When writing this review, I am unsure who Sublime Maximiliano is. However, I will do my best to find out who he is. I find him very attractive. Not to mention that he seems to be a pure gay bottom boy to my liking. Sublime Maximiliano appears to be very passionate and to enjoy sex to the maximum. If you follow my suggestion and see the video, you will agree with Cade Maddox’s claim that Maximiliano is a hot active, gay-bottom boy. In short, he is one asking for more cock. I love that. Do you like it too?

In order not to repeat things and bore my regular readers, for those not informed about Cade Maddox, I would suggest checking the links to my earlier gay porn review about him here. There are many other articles in gay porn media covering Cade Maddox and his gay adult content. Some of them you can find here.

Sublime Maximiliano – the official description

You guys are going to like this one. Maximiliano is sexy as hell and so good at fucking it’s unreal. He’s a passionate kisser with a smooth body and a hot little ass. Honestly, there’s nothing l like more than a boy that loves to make out as he rides on my cock, and he might just be the best active bottom I’ve had on my site. Let me tell you; he put hard work into this one. And I thanked him with some real hard fucking, and he took every thrust I gave him until I exploded deep in his guts. Just Sublime.

Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings and links to Cade Maddox – Sublime Maximiliano

Are you looking for a great gay porn video with a lot of passionate fucking? If so, add this Cade Maddox video to your gay porn library. My gay porn library is full of Cade Maddox videos. It is simple and full of action. Cade is a classic (to say so) gay top guy who picks beautiful gay bottom boys for his scenes. Both Cade and Maximiliano performed very well. I am rating this video with four and a half stars.

Cade Maddox fucks gay Cutie on Campus Special

Cade Maddox is horny! He is horny all the time. Today’s special is a video and photo story of how Cade Maddox fucks gay Cutie on Campus. Who is the cutie?

Cade Maddox – Cute on Campus

Cade Maddox porn is back on Gay_Links pages. That is not news anymore. Cade was very horny recently. He lives in the vicinity of a college campus. According to statistics, around 3-5 per cent of any college campus students are cute gay boys. Statistically, around half of them are gay bottom boys. According to my personal experience, a massive majority of them are cuties. The bottom line is Cade Maddox picked up a gay cutie on campus and fucked him. I am curious about this as Cade keeps all information about his gay bottom boy secret. Come on, Cade, share it with us!

Cade Maddox fucking cutie on campus

The gay campus cutie proved to be a very willing gay bottom boy. Deep breathing followed every stroke by Cade Maddox penetrating a young campus gay boy. The expression on the face was signalling that Cade’s monster cock was making its presence a mixture of pain and pleasure. The gay campus cutie occasionally had too much of that giant cock. You could see him clinging firmly to Cade’s body in an attempt to reduce the depth of strokes. Cade was pretty rough with the campus gay cutie.

Who is the cutie on campus? Cade Maddox did not provide any clues as to who that might be. Is it because it was Grindr pick-up? That could be. Several guys from Grindr came to my place and bottomed for me. Most of them never told me their names or asked me for mine. It is simply a one-off thing. Two horny gay guys get together and have sex. I ask for names only if we both feel that one-off thing might get something regular. How do you handle your Grindr pick-ups?

Cutie on Campus by Cade Maddox – The official description

The best part about living next to a college campus is the hot guys that occupy them. I was driving by on my way home and checked Grindr. A guy hit me up and told me to come by and find his ass up in the showers of his dorm.

Cade Maddox

My Ratings

Cade Maddox is as good as gold in this gay porn video. So is his partner “cutie on campus”. I am giving it four and a half stars


Cade Maddox Porn – Exclusive Pounding PutXOXOXO

Cade Maddox Porn latest news is about pounding PutXOXOXO! Cade’s latest addition to gay porn library of mine. What is it all about?

Cade Maddox’s latest gay porn production was with PutXOXOXO. Who is PutXOXOXO? It seems that we are about to see the exclusive and the very first official appearance of PutXOXOXO on the professional gay porn scene. According to my reliable source of information about gay porn performers, this is the first appearance of this mysterious gay bottom boy on the professional gay porn scene. How Cade Maddox and PutXOXOXO found each other is still a secret. However, they are a great match. PutXOXOXO is an absolute size queen that loves big cocks. PutXOXOXO is also an anal-fisting enthusiast. It is not a surprise that he is collaborating with that big cock of Cade Maddox.


Gay anal sex has many terms describing ferocity (or not) of that all important anal penetration. Pounding is one of these terms. I generally am not one that would use that particular term. How about you? Do you prefer to fuck or is it better to screw, bang, drill… I prefer to screw that slim and smooth bottom. Step by step and inch by inch. Cade Maddox and PutXOXOXO prefer pounding. I am fine with that. Are you?


Cade Maddox Porn

Everyone who enjoys watching gay porn knows who Cade Maddox is. I have published much information about him in my previous reviews of his gay porn videos. Cade was born in March 1988 and joined the professional gay porn scene in 2017. The result is 174 gay porn videos, and photo shoots with his participation. This is my Cade Maddox porn review number 25 and counting.


This is his first engagement working for a professional gay porn studio or distributor. However, he is not a virgin gay boy by any means. I could not gather much information about PutXOXOXO, and I can only appeal to you to share it if you know more about him. If you are into fucking a massive jock pussy, then you would certainly like him.


Pounding PutXOXOXO – Cade Maddox and PutXOXOXO – the official description

The content PutXOXOXO has out on the internet is extreme in all the right ways. He has a nice bubble ass and a massive jock pussy. I just had to get inside. Starting with good cock worship and ending with a hard pounding, I filled that good fucking pussy good. I left his talented fucking hole gaping and creamed like a freshly filled, hot and delicious doughnut.

Cade Maddox

My Rating

Cade Maddox has never disappointed me with his ever-growing number of porn videos with an ever-growing number of new sex partners. PutXOXOXO was up to the high standards of Cade Maddox porn. Overall, four and a half stars from me.

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Is Cade Maddox sex with Dillon Roman News?

Cade Maddox porn and sex with Dillon Roman

Cade Maddox porn and sex are in our focus again. It is not news that he fucked another gay boy with his monster cock anymore. Did he drill Dillon Roman before? I am not sure, to be honest. The latest gay porn video from Cade Maddox is as hot as you would expect it from him. Dillon Roman took that big cock bravely and enjoyed it. Let’s watch it together!

This will be my gay porn review number 24 featuring Cade Maddox. No, I am not obsessed with him as I am strictly gay top as he is. However, he seems to be producing new titles very fast. Another thing that makes me return to reviewing his porn videos is his choice of partners in sex. He has a taste similar to mine. That makes it easy for me to fantasise while watching his porn production. Drilling Dillon Roman was one of the better ones. No, I will not tell you if my penis is as big as his. However, I am uncut.


“Drilling” as part of the slang (vulgar according to Wiktionary) – To have sexual intercourse with; to penetrate. Synonyms: plow, poke, root, shaft, copulate with. What is your preferred term for fucking? Let us know if you are using a word not mentioned here. Let’s enrich our sexual vocabulary!

Dillon Roman porn

Dillon Roman is the new face of the gay porn industry for me. My reliable source of information failed to provide much information about him. He is an American who stepped into the professional gay porn scene in 2021 to take part in seventeen gay porn projects. This boy is a pure bottom! I am starting to like him! What do you think about young Dillon Roman and his porn?

Cade Maddox – Drilling Dillon Roman – The official Description

Dillon Roman is one of my favourites. He has a tight body and a smooth ass and is the perfect boy next door. Not only does he look incredible in his bright pink jock strap and classic white sneakers, but he also kisses really nice. And, not to mention how he services my balls and deep throats my cock while I play with his hot, smooth hole. Just take a look for yourself when he shows off for the camera. I can’t get enough! The boy takes a few good smacks before I tongue that ass, and he slides his slick juicy hole back on me. He called me cumming deep.

My Rating

Cade Maddox, one of the best-known gay tops on the gay porn scene, has picked another great partner for his latest gay porn video. Maddox (as expected) and Dillon Roman delivered excellent gay porn videos without much fiddling – just pure fucking (or drilling, if you prefer) – what porn is all about. Deserve four and a half stars.


Cade Maddox says: Taste my Cum now!

Cade Maddox is a dominant gay top. His order to gorgeous Latino boy Rex Lima is simple: Taste my cum after I fuck you.

Cade Maddox is our guest again. His partner for making this gay porn video is a gorgeous Latino bottom gay boy named Rex Lima. They seem to be a good match. Cade Maddox is a dominant gay top, and Rex Lima is a gay bottom willing to please his man.

I don’t think Cade Maddox should be introduced to anyone who enjoys consuming gay porn videos. In short, that is the guy who is dominant and loves poking his giant cock into willing to feel it in full gay bottoms. Cade Maddox is one of the best-known gay tops in the porn industry. The fucker is in a constant search for bottoms willing to take his cock. Rex Lima is his latest partner in making hot gay porn.

Cade Maddox

Born in March 1988, Cade Maddox joined the gay porn industry in 2017 at 29. However, his late start in the industry did not stop him from being among the best-known and awarded gay porn actors. Cade Maddox has performed in one hundred seventy-one gay porn videos and photo shoots. This strictly top is 6′ (183cm) tall and weighs 169 lbs. (77kg). I have no exact information about the size of his cock, but it is among the biggest out there as well. Would you like to measure it? Put your hand up if you do, as Cade is always searching for new holes to violate and penetrate. Let me mention just latest of his many awards by gay porn industry:

GRABBY AWARDS – Winner – Hottest Top, and Winner – Performer of the Year.

PORNHUB AWARDS – Winner – Favourite gay model, and Winner – A most popular gay male performer

There are numerous other awards he won previously.

Rex Lima

The only information I could find about Rex Lima is that he joined the gay porn industry in 2022 and appeared in seven gay porn videos and photo shoots. I believe that he is very active on the OnlyFans platform. Rex is a true gay bottom boy who loves being fucked and enjoys giving oral. Tasting his partner’s cum is not something he did not do before filming this video with Cade Maddox.

Test my Cum – Cade Maddox and Rex Lima – the official description

Rex Lima is a gorgeous Latino boy from Manchester in the UK. Watch me play with his smooth muscular hole and take a hard pounding. He has me on the verge of cumming; it’s so fucking hot. Ultimately, I change it up and give him a mouthful of cum. He looks so beautiful with my cum dripping from his gorgeous face

My rating

I am adding this video to my collection of Cade Maddox videos. With no hesitation, I am giving it four and a half stars. Maybe because I am strictly top as Cade is and am often jealous of him and his ability to find so hot bottom gay boys.

Gay Sex with Cade Maddox – Milo and Me now

Gay sex with Cade Maddox is always unique. Who is his latest pray? Milo and Me is all about Cade Maddox screwing bonanza

Gay sex now! Do you ever have enough of it? I am not sure about you, but it seems that Cade Maddox never has enough hot and steamy gay sex. If you check some other pages HERE, you will see that Cade Maddox is strictly top gay with a monster cock. Who is the lucky bottom this time? His name is Milo. I have consulted the best source of information about gay porn actors without much success. The list of porn actors classified under “Milo” is very long. Maybe Milo is not a very prominent performer in gay porn studios. I will return to him as Cade Maddox generously provided Milo’s Twitter account link.

How does Cace Maddox find partners for his videos? I think Twitter is his source of new talents willing to make new content with the star of the gay porn scene. Cade regularly provides links to his partners’ Twitter accounts. That is a great way to support other gay porn content creators.

Milo has 106 thousand followers on Twitter and that is quite impressive achievement. I would not hesitate to call him Queer Twitter Influencer. See who else is in that group of influencers HERE. In short – Milo seems to be very attractive versatile gay boy with his own gay porn content on several platforms.

Gay sex with Cade Maddox is a regular feature on this site, and I am not sure if any of our followers here do not know a lot about him. I will return to his new sexual adventures in my next article about him.

Milo and Me – by Cade Maddox

I did a video with Milo back last year, and I was looking forward to meeting back up with this smooth tattooed stud and getting more of his sweet hole. Let me tell you, he’s as hot as I remembered, and the anticipation made the wait even sweeter. Be sure to check out his new Twitter @xodemilo

Cade Maddox
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