In bed with Colombian with big cock Camilo Uribe

Gay porn stars review

Originally from Colombia, Camilo is a big-dicked boy who looks good on camera

Saying Camilo Uribe to any gay porn consumer is enough to think about a young Latino with a rather big cock. His large dick is almost disproportional to his slim body and smooth tanned skin. This is what every gay bottom boy would ever want. Particularly size queens. OMG! How would that feel rubbing your prostate and deeper?

Camilo Uribe has 218 thousand followers on Twitter right now. That qualifies him for the title of Queer Twitter Influencer. With a little bit more effort, he could become Queer Twitter Superstar. However, there is no personal information available on Twitter either. Right now, I am unsure where this hot gay porn star resides. I have a feeling that he is in Europe. Probably in Spain.

I know it is hard to believe, but I could not find any links to his profile on onlyfans – if he has one. Are you aware of him having his pages on any pay-for platforms? If you do know, please let me know.

Camilo Uribe works in gay porn industry

This young Latino stud is quite busy, working for various studios.

Fucker Mate Studio hails from Barcelona and presents a great collection of sizzling hot HD videos starring a mix of Spanish, other European and Latin American porn stars and amateurs. There are over 350 videos on the site now, with regular updates to stream and download.

Raw Hammering: Camilo gives his buddy some deserved pounding and won’t stop until a creamy load slink all over the Brazilian’s smooth ass! Here are some images:

More and more onlyfans gay content creators are using this amazing little camera

There is never too much of Camilo Uribe but I will have to bring this article to an end. I am sure this is not the last article about him on this site. You can see more of him on his Twitter

Love & Lust Jacob & Douglas – Twitter Superstars

Meet our Queer Twitter Superstars – With over 750 thousand followers Gay Boys Jacob & Douglas are ruling queer Social Media

I am delighted to present Jacob and Douglas on this freezing Saturday morning in Sydney! And these guys deserve your attention. I don’t know (yet) how many hits they get on Onlyfans, but I would be surprised if they are not among the most popular gay explicit content creators on that platform. I know that Twitter has been exposed for having millions of “ghost” followers and that the numbers under profiles might not be accurate. After observing their performance on Twitter, I am confident these two queers have a genuinely colossal number of followers simply because they deserve it!

According to their profile, Jacob & Douglas joined Twitter in 2012. I believe that the joining time is accurate as Twitter had no reason to cheat in that sector. They are on Twitter longer than I have been. Admittedly, I was practically absent between 2016 and 2021. This information could also indicate that they are no younger than their mid-twenties.

Are Jacob and Douglas boyfriends or just content collaborators?

I cannot provide a 100% accurate answer to that question. Based on their posts, I would say that they are closer to each other than just being collaborators in producing gay explicit content. I also assume that they have been together since 2012. I hope that is correct. It is great seeing gay relationships last longer than a relatively short lust duration towards your newly found partner. According to their performance, the passion between them is going very strong even after that many years together. I noticed a few posts showing a threesome, but that could be a sign of the strength of their relationship.

Oh, yes, before I forget, our lusty gay couple failed to disclose their exact location. They are somewhere in Europe.

Explicit Content by Jacob & Douglas – Don’t hide your excitement!

The first thing you will notice with this presentation is that almost all their Twitter posts are video clips. I like that. I am not surprised either, as their clips are very passionate and energetic. These two gay boys love action and pleasing each other in bed.

Two European gay boys are both uncut – no surprises here

Do you agree that Jacob & Douglas are faithful Queer Twitter Superstars? Please express your opinion(s) in the “comments” box. I read comments regularly.

A short message to Jacob and Douglas: I will send you a link to this article after publishing it. This is my invitation to you to arrange for a short interview. Photos, videos, and LINKS of your choice will be posted with that interview. Until then, I wish you all the best and continue enjoying each other for a very long time.

Let’s explore Salem Grey – Sub Queer Bitch!

A genuine Male Nymphomaniac – Salem Grey – Confessed Submissive Queer Bitch!

I would love to get a chance to explore Salem Grey closely. He is Confessed, Submissive Queer Bitch. Unfortunately, I don’t know him personally. Chances are that we will never meet as we reside on different continents. I would probably jump on the plane a couple of decades ago and get to meet him. That is not a viable option anymore. Time changes, and we change with time. However, our ability to determine what our desires get better. Salem Grey is well within my standards, picking something “perfect”.

Who is Salem Grey?

I don’t know! I have made some conclusions based on photos, video clips and comments on his Twitter profile. Would you like to find out more about Salem Grey? I would. I guess it has been established that I will never meet him in person. That makes me sad, but such is life, as they say. I am just hoping he will agree to an interview with me to be published and shared with the rest of you here on Gay Links. Will he agree? I hope so.

Till that happens, if that happens, I can only share my observations of his Twitter profile. I am strictly top and slightly dominant for those of you who are joining me in this search through queer Twitter performers. That indeed determines what profiles I will pick to present here. I am also doing my best to ignore my bias and present profiles that are very popular on Twitter.

If you have a profile on Twitter and think I should present it to followers of this site, please feel free to contact me. It does not mean that you must be fitting my “standards”. Not at all. If you are creative, original or very queer, you will fit perfectly. One thing I learned through the years is to be aware of my own biases and manage them to a degree.

Enough talking! Let’s see what Salem Grey wants to tell us through his posts!

Let’s get graphical!

“pussy destroyer applications can be sent to my dms”

I don’t think you have to be some great mind reader to come to some conclusions here. One of them is that Salem Grey is a very hungry bottom. Like a male nymphomaniac, as I stated above. Don’t you like that? Another thing standing above the rest is his tendency to call his lovely tight anus – a pussy! It might not be the case, but I will take a risk and conclude that he is the feminine bottom. And, make no mistakes, I like that.

Queer Twitter Influencer

With 97.8 thousand followers, Salem Grey belongs to my “Queer Twitter Influencer” classification. I have no doubts that he will soon reach the point of becoming “Queer Twitter Superstar” group requiring in excess of 250,000 followers on twitter.

I urge you to follow his profile. It is great fun.

Dear Salem Grey, I will send you a link to this article as soon as it is published. Would you like to grant me a short interview to be published as a follow-up, please? You can choose photos, videos, and links to be published as a part of that interview. I wish you a lot of fun, happiness and success.

In Bed with Beautiful Damien Grey!

One of the hottest gay porn content creators on Twitter today! One and only – Damien Grey!

Once you see photos you will know that I am not exaggerating at all. In my search for the best queer content creators on many social platforms, I have seen many great profiles. Damien Grey is absolutely one of them. Unfortunately, I was not in bed with him. He is an ideal bottom boy in my books. I had quite many of them in my bed and I can sense that he would beat them all. I will break the standard form for these posts by showing some photos along with the text.

Smooth Operator

What do you see on the photo above? Let me know in the comments section. I will tell you what I see. First of all, I see a model that loves a camera. And, make no mistakes, the camera loves him back. Not everyone is so relaxed and natural in front of a camera. Don’t start me with other details, please! I just like them like this – smooth, slender, bitchy, boyish…

It is hard to say, but I am sensing this beauty is coming in a small package (like poison or perfume)
So sexy and playful
He just loves feeling cock penetrating him. Don’t you love that natural sound of moaning

Two clips with the same partner. I am really curious if that is just a business partner for collaborations or if there is more to it? Hello @Tim_Onlyfans, I am jealous. I truly am.

“Lion & Lamb” – The title he gave to this photo is pointing to his preference for being subdued. Am I right?

New York City Boy

Damien is residing in New York City. I wish he is in Sydney though. He has over 168 thousand of followers on Twitter right now. I think he deserves to have at least twice as many.

Do I know anything else about this beautiful gay porn content creator? No, I don’t. I will send link of this article to Damien and ask him for an interview. Hopefully, I will be able to share it with you soon. Till then, go and visit his profile on Twitter and like it. You will really love it.

Falling in Love with TDaddy Ze FMTY

Zeke Nix. Transmasc (they/he) 18+ NSFW. 26 – T4T content primarily – As queer as you get!

My search for interesting queer performers on Twitter continues. And, boy, was I lucky to find this one! I may be falling in love with TDaddy Ze.

I had only one interaction with a Trans person. It was a long time ago. I really enjoyed it and cannot explain to myself why I did not develop this interest more. Anyway, I remember it quite well even today.

I might tell you a bit about that encounter. It is something I have never discussed with anyone till now. Well, you can freely call it an exclusive disclosure.

It happened in the late 1990s in Sydney. I lived in Darlinghurst once. Any LGBTQ person living in Sydney will tell you it is some sort of Sydney’s queer Mecca. I had two gay saunas just a walking distance from my apartment. I am a naturally nocturnal person and I enjoyed my shift work, giving myself many nights off.

It was either a weeknight or maybe Sunday evening. Gay saunas are almost deserted on these nights. I did not plan to go to a sauna that evening as I was rostered to work the following morning. However, I was very horny and decided to go anyway, promising myself not to stay too long. The locker room was very quiet when I arrived. I undressed quickly, had a quick shower and walked in the cruising area. Only a few silhouettes were visible. My next step was to check what is happening in the Steam Room.

What is the story behind?

The hammam was… well… you figured it out… very steamy. Not my favourite place in the sauna. I almost walked out when something moved in the far corner. He was tiny and with very soft skin. I will not go in too many details here, but we moved to one of the cubicles. I suggested going to my place and he agreed. Hand in hand we moved towards locker room. His clothes were in different room from mine. Only few minutes later I was out of my locker-room and had to wait short time before my blonde partner appeared from his room.

Well, it was SHE! And, boy… she was beautiful. No, I will not go in more details here. I had a great night.

What do I know about Zeke Nix (I suspect it is the name)? Nothing more than what is available on his Twitter profile. I liked the profile and would hope to get an interview granted by him. What sets Trans people apart, in my mind, is the story they have to tell.

I have no his story (yet) but I can post some of his photos

Dear TDaddy Ze, you look stunning. Would you like to share your story with the rest of us?

Get intimate with Aleksandr – Gay Twitter

Aleksandr – Gay Twitter Influencer – Intimate posts

I don’t know much about Aleksandr at this stage. I actually only know his Twitter account name. Hopefully, we can all together get to know him better if he grants me an interview with him. I have already posted some things about his profile on the other site. You can see that if you follow me to the Gay News Portal Network

It is unnecessary to repeat what I have already written about this beautiful gay porn content creator. Let’s see some of his intimate posts on Twitter. And, let’s hope we will get a chance to see more or him on other networks.

Who is Devin Franco – Gay Porn Content Creator

  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: Jul 10, 1989
  • Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • Weight: 154lb (70kg)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Hair Color: Brown

New Mexico-born stud Devin Franco is the hottest Franco. We like to pretend he’s the long lost Franco brother who has made a career for himself in Porn Valley instead of Hollywood. Falcon Studios/Naked Sword President Tim Valenti was moved to sign Devin to an exclusive contract in 2019 after watching his work in the Falcon title “Work It Up,” the Hot House Video feature “HHSN: Exposed,” and numerous other flicks since his 2016 debut. Devin gave his first performance as a Falcon Exclusive as the star of “Beach Rats of Lauderdale.”

Devin Franco is certainly very successful gay porn content performer. Currently he is working for Falcon studio exclusively. He is also posting his creations on OnlyFans and on his own Internet Site.

Falcon Studios recently released a compilation of some of the hottest scenes featuring Devin Franco.

Let’s check them out together!

Devin is mostly bottom but could be versatile

Check Devin Franco Performing on his own site

Gay Adult Content Producer – Vasa Nestorovic

Vasa Nestorovic present himself as:

Actor, Dancer. Artist
content creator

He has 3971 followers on Twitter and 5580 followers on Instagram. Numbers are at the time of creating this article.

Vasa is uncut and it seems that he would be very popular with size queens. However, it is not clear if he prefers to be top or bottom when it comes to anal intercourse. He is definitely engaging in sexual activities with other male partner(s). However, it is not clear if he is gay or bisexual.
Now, that is what I would call a smooth hole folks

And finally, some links

This link will take you to

What do you think about Vasa Nestorovic? Do you have any additional information about him? Any comments are welcome – excluding spam of course.

I do read comments and try to respond

Aiden Ward – Gay Porn actor – EXPLICIT

Aiden Ward is New York City based porn actor has filmed with studios such as Raw Fuck Club, and CockyBoys, as well as producing super-hot content for his fan-subscription channels.

See some less explicit photos of Aiden Ward

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