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Spit roast is the best type of threesome. The latest from Lucas Entertainment – “All about spit roasting”. Here is my review

Eh, spit roast! Can you smell it? Lucas Entertainment’s news is about a gay threesome special – spit roast. For our pleasure, Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage will spit roast Alex Cabrera in front of cameras.

All about spit roast scene
Threesome – Spit Roast

According to the Urban Dictionary, spit roast is a sexual activity involving three people – two active males and one passive. One active male penetrates the passive male from the rear (anal sex) while he sucks the penis of the second active male. Then they swap. Have you ever been part of a gay threesome spit roast? If you have, what was your role?

Alex Cabrera Porn

Alex Cabrera joined the professional gay porn industry in 2022. He is also creating his gay porn content and posting it on the OnlyFans platform. Alex participated in producing eleven gay porn videos, most of them for Lucas Entertainment. He is a strictly gay bottom boy.

Derek Kage Porn

Derek Kage has been active on the professional gay porn scene since 2022. He is a very prominent performer and performed in seventy gay porn videos! Derek is also active on the OnlyFans platform, presenting his content. He is a versatile top.

Lobo Carreira Porn

Lobo Carreira is very new to the professional gay porn industry. This is his only second gay porn video. Both videos he produced for Lucas Entertainment. Lobo Carreira is gay top guy.

“All about spit roasting” – The Official Description

Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage each have a rock-hard and throbbing uncut cock between their legs, and they’re ready to use them on a mouth and ass that can take some intense action and has plenty of stamina. Alex Cabrera is just the guy for this. This young hunk has a beautiful body and a big, plump ass ready to get banged out immediately. He also has a pair of dick-sucking lips ready to serve dick orally. Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage use Alex Cabrera from both ends, fucking him down his throat and up his ass for some hot and intense gay spit roasting action!

Lucas Entertainment

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “All about spit roasting”

We are used to very high-quality gay porn videos produced by Lucas Entertainment. They delivered very well in that sense. Three relatively new gay porn actors performed very well. I am rating this gay porn video with four and a half stars.

“All about spit roasting” rating

All about spit roasting

Is Dylan Hayes New boy toy for Cade Maddox?

Dylan Hayes is bottoming for Cade Maddox in his latest video released. Is Dylan Hayes a new boy toy for Cade Maddox?

Dylan Hayes & Cade Maddox – Making Dylan Whimper video review.

Dylan Hayes seems to be ticking all boxes in Cade Maddox’s checklist for the perfect bottom boys. The good news is that he is ticking all boxes on my checklist for the ideal gay bottom boy. I am kicking myself for not having more reviews of his gay porn videos. Here, I promise to correct that terrible mistake.

Cade Maddox Porn

Cade Maddox has more gay porn videos reviewed on this site than any other gay porn actor. Some people might think that I am having a crash on him. However, the truth is quite the opposite. I believe that he is one of the best and most popular gay porn actors at the moment. However, the reason for me having to review so many of his gay porn videos is not him. The actual reason is his choice of gay bottom boys for his videos. Now, he knows exactly what I like. And I like it a lot.

Dylan Hayes Porn

I don’t know how I could not have any of his gay porn videos reviewed here before this one. Dylan Hayes is not a newbie on the professional gay porn scene. He started his gay porn acting career in 2018 at twenty. Dylan Hayes has appeared in 59 gay porn videos since then. He is a versatile bottom gay boy. Undoubtedly, he is on my list of the perfect gay bottom boys.

“Making Dylan Whimper” – The Official Description

Beautiful things come in small packages, and Dylan Hayes is just how I like them. Slim and sluttty, with stunning green eyes. He’s a real twink trophy boy with a beautiful breedable boy-pussy. Daddy needs some Dylan Hayes– Atta, boy!

Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Making Dylan Whimper” featuring Dylan Hayes and Cade Maddox

Dylan Hayes and Cade Maddox delivered more than I expected in this gay porn video. I am rating it with five stars!

Making Dylan Whimper

Is Dean Young a New bottom for Sir Peter?

In “Body & Sol” by Falcon Studios, Dean Young is bottoming for Sir Peter. Photo review and rating

Dean Young – a natural bottom, was a perfect match for Sir Peter and his enormous cock. Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios delivered a great gay porn video. I am not sure if Dean Young has ever bottomed for Sir Peter previously. Neither of them is here for the first time. However, I have no reviews of gay porn videos featuring them together. We will find out.

Dean Young Porn

Dean Young is relatively new on the professional gay porn scene. He made his debut in 2020 and filmed 16 gay porn videos. Dean Young is doing some own gay porn content and posting it on “amateur” platforms such as OnlyFans. If you want to know more about Dean Young, I suggest checking his brief gay porn profile on the Gay News Portal with some hot photos. Dean is a bottom gay boy.

Sir Peter Porn

Sir Peter is a perfect actor to partner with Dean Young. He is a pure gay top guy. Sir Peter joined the professional gay porn industry in 2020 and participated in 203 gay porn projects. Now, that is a big fucker by any measure.

“Body & Sol” by Falcon Studios – The Official Description

On a mission to discover the best places to fuck in Southern Spain, Dean Young ventures to the friendly beaches of Costa Del Sol, where he bumps into a more-than-willing Sir Peter. The hung stranger leads Dean to a private pool where the eager traveller quickly proves that his talented mouth and smooth hole can take the massive size of Sir Peter’s girthy cock.

Peter bareback Dean in two positions before heavy rain has the two moving inside to suck, rim, and fuck all over a modernist staircase. With Sir Peter still inside, Dean strokes his uncut cock until he’s covering himself in his cum, with Sir Peter pulling out right after to blow his heavy load all over Dean’s drained balls.

Raging Stallion

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Body & Sol”

Pairing Dean Young and Sir Peter were crucial for making this gay porn video successful. And success it is. They performed very well. The rest of the crew maintained that high level. My rating for “Body & Sol” is four and a half stars.

“Body & sol” – Dean Young & Sir Peter

New Flip-Fuck – I am following You scene 3

New Flip Fuck from Naked Sword featuring Jordan Starr and Nick Cranston, directed by Marc MacNamara. The Review

Do you like flip-fuck gay porn? Here is some good news for you from NakedSword Originals. Let’s enjoy watching Jordan Starr and Nick Cranston flip-fuck.

A new episode of THE SWORDS: I’M FOLLOWING YOU is here! With all his friends suddenly disappearing, Jordan Starr is asking “Officer” Nick Cranston for some much-needed help locating his lost pals. The uniformed muscle man has some other ideas in mind. Soon Jordan finds himself in a dinnertime flip-fuck with the beefy hunk. Now playing exclusively on!

Jordan Starr flip-fuck Porn

Jordan Starr has been on the gay porn industry scene since 2021. During that time, he participated in 68 gay porn videos/photoshoots and compilations. Jordan has appeared in my reviews several times before. He is a very busy and popular gay boy.

Nick Cranston Porn

Nick Cranston is making his debut on His gay porn acting career started in 2022, and so far, he has taken roles in producing twelve gay porn videos.

Flip-Fuck – I am Following You – Scene 3 – The Official Description

Jordan Starr knows something is seriously off when all his friends fail to show up for his scheduled dinner. Officer Nick Cranston doesn’t seem to be worried, though. Instead of searching for the missing men all over Fire Island, the uniformed muscleman decides to spend his time on much more pressing matters – chowing down on Jordan’s smooth fuck slit.

After getting eaten out, Jordan satisfies his taste for the beefy cop as he sucks off Nick before taking his thick bareback cock for a joyride. Once Nick pulls out, the two to 69 on the dining room table and Nick opens his hole for Jordan to dick down. Jordan thrusts himself between the officer’s thick thighs until Nick shoots cum all over his body and swaps positions with his flip-fucking partner to suck the cum out of Jordan’s dick.

NakedSword Originals

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “I am Following You.”

Flip fuck at its best. Two rather rough and passionate gay fuckers flip fuck and take all the pleasure. It was my pleasure watching it. I am rating it with four stars. How would you rate it?

Watch Now – New Threesome from Naked Sword

My review and ratings after watching a new threesome gay porn video from Naked Sword. Andy Rodrigues, Roxas Caelum and Yan in a three huge dicks gay threesome

Are you ready for a trio of big dick fuckers? Good, because executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz are back with a brand-new scene. For today’s threesome, Roxas Caelum and Yan are making their NakedSword X Rhyheim debuts as they team up with our hung crush Andy Rodrigues for a feet-worshipping, cock-loving hookup that leaves Roxas covered in his hot nut. This new threesome gay porn is as hot as it gets.

Andy Rodrigues porn

Andy Rodrigues is somehow a mysterious one for me at the moment. I promise to update you as soon as I get some more information. You are welcome to observe his natural beauties, including, but not limited to, that enormous cock.

Roxas Caelum porn

Roxas Caelum is making a debut for Naked Sword Studios. He is 6’2″ (188cm) tall and weighs 189 lbs. (86kg). Roxas started his gay porn acting for professional studios in 2021 and participated in the production of 32 gay porn videos/photoshoots and compilations. He is strictly top.

Yan Porn

Yan is another actor making his debut for this studio. And another colossal cock playing in this gay threesome. Right now, I cannot provide any more information about him.

Andy Rodrigues, Roxas Caelum and Yan by Naked Sword Studios – The official description

Andy Rodrigues and Yan are already sucking each other’s big dicks when Roxas Caelum joins them in bed for a bareback threesome. After taking both men down his throat, Roxas sprawls out with his ass in the air and his face at dick-level for the hung duo to stuff him at both ends.

Roxas’ entire body is serviced as Yan pounds his hole, and Andy sucks him off before smothering his face with his muscular ass. Roxas then alternates between both tops, getting fucked by each of the men and even taking the chance to worship Yan’s feet while Yan is still deep inside his hole. Now on his back getting drilled, Roxas takes his hand to his own XL erection until he’s covering himself in a hot layer of cum.

Naked Sword Studios

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Andy Rodrigues, Roxas Caelum and Yan by Naked Sword Studios – The Threesome

Do you like threesomes? Do you like tall, athletic guys with larger-than-average cocks? If your answers to the above questions are positive, you should get this video. I am rating it with four and a half stars. What would be your rating?

Gay Trade Show – New foursome flip-fuck-show

Gay Trade Show is a gay porn star show – Magnificent Four are Vincent O’Reilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier. Let’s review it now!

The Gay Trade Show project by Falcon Studios recently presented us with a new part. It seems to be getting better with every new stage. What a great crew they have engaged! Vincent O’Reilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier will flip-fuck just for us in a gay porn extravaganza! Get your positions and make sure there is enough lube.

Vincent O’Reilly porn

Vincent O’Reilly has appeared on this site twice before. However, the previous two appearances were with Lucas Entertainment. I am planning to find the source of more information about him and will link it to this or maybe some future article.

Grant Ducati porn

Grant Ducati is one of my favourite bottoms. Yes, I do know that he is versatile. Gay porn videos featuring Grant are prominent in my gay porn library. More information about this popular gay porn star and content creator is available on Gay News Portal.

Sean Xavier porn

Sean Xavier is making his debut on this site. I was impressed with his performance and promised to bring more information about him and his work. From now I hope to do many more gay porn video reviews featuring Sean Xavier.

Kane Fox porn

Kane Fox is making his third appearance on this site. He is a seasoned and well-known gay porn actor and content creator. The last time I checked, he was in a relationship with another famous gay porn actor – Trevor Harris.

Gay Trade Show – The official description

Assistant Kane Fox will do anything to make sure CEO Sean Xavier is satisfied. That is why, for this year’s Boss Appreciation Day, he’s enlisting the help of twinkly project coordinators Vincent O’Reilly and Grant Ducati to help drain Sean’s nine inches.

Getting right down to business, the men begin exchanging blowjobs with Kane, then becoming the first bottom of the afternoon as he opens his hole for some bareback cock. As Grant drills him, Sean gets a turn topping Vincent before taking charge of the foursome by rearranging his employees to maximise his pleasure.

All four versatile men constantly swap positions, each getting fucked and filled by some hot co-worker’s cock. Truly feeling the appreciation from his subordinates, Sean then takes centre stage of the foursome to be pounded, ridden and covered in cum.

Falcon Studios

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for “Trade Show” by Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios proved once again to be a producer of awesome gay porn videos/photoshoots and compilations. “Trade Show” is well presented, professionally executed and with the great crew performing excellently. This porn video, in my opinion, deserves the full five stars.

Gay Trade Show is a gay porn star show – Magnificent Four are Vincent O’Reilly, Grant Ducati, Kane Fox and Sean Xavier

New from Lucas – Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry

Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz in a new Lucas gay porn video. Here is the review

Lucas Entertainment published its latest gay porn video featuring Charlie Cherry and Jerry Toriz. The video title is very straightforward – Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz. Here is my review

Charlie porn photos for this video

Jerry porn photos for this video

Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz – The official description by Lucas Entertainment.

Charlie Cherry does have it all in the physicality department. He’s so drop-dead good-looking; his body is trimmed and sculpted, and his cock… his cock is a masterpiece if you like significant, fat, uncut works of art. And what self-respecting gay man does not?

Jerry Toriz, a newcomer to Lucas Entertainment, entirely agrees, and he’s thrilled at the chance to take on Charlie Cherry as a total top. He is a muscular and masculine-looking guy, precisely the type of man Charlie likes to make his bitch in the bedroom.

Jerry Toriz opens his mouth as wide as possible as he sucks on Charlie’s huge cock. And if you like to see an ass stretch around a big, fat uncut cock, watching Charlie Cherry fuck and breed Jerry Toriz will make your head explode—both of them!

Lucas Entertainment
Do you like sex in the shower?

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Charlie Cherry pounds Jerry Toriz.

Lucas Entertainment managed to maintain its usual high level of quality. Charlie Cherry and Jerry Toriz performed very well. The two could be compatible in real life and not just in front of cameras. I have no hesitations about recommending this gay porn video. It will please you if you are either a dominant gay top guy or submissive gay bottom. In my opinion, this video deserves four and a half stars.

New Threesome – Elijah, Gabriel and Matheus

Elijah Zayne, Gabriel Coimbra, and Matheus Matos in a new Threesome by NakedSword Originals/NakedSword X Rhyheim. The Review and Rating

Elijah Zayne, Gabriel Coimbra and Matheus Matos

What is the difference between a threesome and a gangbang? I will make a guess here. A threesome is between versatile gay guys who are practising flip-fucking. In other words, everyone plays top and bottom roles. On the other side, in my opinion, a gangbang is when there are two gay top guys fucking the bottom boy. It does not have to be rough fucking to be called gangbang. However, mentioning gangbang brings rough sex to mind. Do you agree with me?

I would appreciate if you could participate in the survey below.

Are you ready for this? For the latest threesome from executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz, hung fuckers Elijah Zayne and Gabriel Coimbra are teaming up to fuck, fill and stuff Matheus Matos. They want to ensure this bottom’s mouth and juicy ass are always filled with at least one – if not both – of their massive members. It’s the big dick threeway you’ve been waiting for!

Elijah Zayne, Gabriel Coimbra, and Matheus Matos – The official description

Most men wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of cock that both Elijah Zayn and Gabriel Coimbra are serving. However, Matheus Matos is always up for a challenge. After starting the raw threesome by swallowing both of the big-dicked tops, Matheus drops to all-fours to get rimmed and barebacked. Beams of ambient light bounce off Matheus’ perfectly round bubble butt as each of the well-endowed hunks takes control of his holes by stuffing their XXL cocks into his mouth and ass. After going for a ride on Gabriel’s oversized dick, Matheus gets back on his knees to continue getting rammed until his lower back and tasty crack are being drowned in streams of jizz.

NakedSword Originals/NakedSword X Rhyheim

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Elijah Zayne, Gabriel Coimbra, and Matheus Matos

Do you prefer a threesome or a gangbang? I will ask that question in one of the incoming surveys. You will get more say in what sort of gay porn I review here. What do I think about this gay porn video? I am happy with this video by NAKEDSWORD. However, I am even more impressed with their overall gay adult content production introduced recently. I rate this video with four and a half stars. Would you agree with me?

Nick Floyd, the new gay boy toy for Cade Maddox

Nick Floyd is the new boy toy for Cade Maddox! Just as you would expect him to be – slim, smooth with a boyish body and face and in love with taking big cock. The Review

Nick Floyd and Cade Maddox

I declare Cade Maddox the unchallenged authority for choosing the hottest gay-bottom boys. Nick Floyd, you know you would be good if Cade Maddox invited you into his bed. He is young, boyish, slim (sort of skinny), smooth and willing to please. What else do you expect from a perfect gay boy toy? If you are a gay daddy searching for a gay boy toy, then you will watch this video. If you are a gay boy-toy in the learning stage, get this video to see how it is done.

Is it a boy toy or a toy boy? I just consulted the dictionary. Both are in use widely. However, the word boy is a noun, and the word toy can be a noun or an adjective. In the English language, the adjective comes before the noun. Therefore, toy boy is the only grammatically correct option. I am lazy to go back and re-type it, but from now on, folks, it is toy boy!

How do you like your toy boy? Do you want him wet? Sex in the shower is the way if you like your gay toy boy to be damp and ready. Water is quite a good lubricant, by the way. Did you know that? Let’s shower together then!

All I know about Nick Floyd is that he joined the gay porn industry in 2022 and has managed to participate in seventeen gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations since. Most of them are with SAYUNCLE studios. Nick Floyd is a natural gay bottom toy boy. As far as Cade Maddox is concerned, he is the most-reviewed producer of gay adult content on this site. You can check it out by visiting my gay porn library. I also found some sort of a porn profile about Nick Floyd.

Wet Lust with Nick Floyd – The official description

Nick Floyd and I were prepping for our video. He told me he loves getting wet, so he joined me in the shower. Man, I love fucking in the shower! Especially with a slim sexy bottom boy such as himself. I edited this one with multiple angles and POV shots; I hope you enjoy it! And be sure to check out his socials, too!

Cade Maddox
Wet Lust with Nick Floyd by Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Wet Lust with Nick Floyd by Cade Maddox

Wet Lust. We all love it. At least most of us, I guess. I enjoyed watching this video, and it is evident that Cade put some good effort into it. Both, Cade and Nick Floyd performed very well. However, I have some reservations about photo preview and representation. I am talking about landscape photos being joined horizontally. In my opinion, it does not look the best. Those hooked vertically are fine. Anyway, if you are after my opinion about the whole project, I am happy to rate it with four and a half stars! Great job, Cade and Nick! I hope to see more of both of you again.

Twink Porn – Alexis & Austin – New BLAKEMASON

Alexis Scott and Austin Greenwood star in the recent BLAKEMASON Twink Porn Library. Here is the review

Alexis Scott and Austin Greenwood

Do you like twink porn? I certainly do! I am sure most regular readers on this site live it too! Alexis Scott and Austin Greenwood are two hot gay twink boys. This porn video feels almost like a classic for several reasons. One of them is the fact that condom was used in anal penetration scenes! When was the last time you used a condom? Do you think that gay porn with condoms is as hot as bareback? I do. The boys enjoyed fucking with condoms, and I did not mind it.

Alexis Scott twink porn review

Teen boy Alexis is just starting in gay porn. However, with his attitude and look, he will be around for a while. This twink is quite experienced and very level-headed. He also knows how to have a good time. Alexis Scott admits he has a thing for masculine straight guys. Are you one of them, reading these pages secretly? How many straight guys watch gay porn?

Alexis Scott

Austin Greenwood twink porn review

Twink Austin has moved around the country but now enjoys the Manchester social scene. Austin Greenwood looks forward to a promising career making hot gay porn videos with plenty of hot guys. He is a natural on camera and wants to have fun. That is not hard with his big uncut cock and a very willing ass!

Austin Greenwood

The official Description

It happened again. When teen gay boy Alexis appeared on the site, we started getting calls from the other boys who all wanted to come and fuck his sweet little hole! You can bet the feeling was mutual for Alexis. He could not wait to meet Austin and his big uncut cock! You can feel the lust between these two smooth boys. Passionately making out and grabbing dicks, sucking and slurping their wet dongs, and fucking out some hot loads! Young Alexis can’t seem to get enough of that dick, but Austin delivers the fucking the boy needs, and they finish off with a buddy wank that has them splashing their sperm all over themselves!


Gay porn review, ratings, and links for the Alexis Scott & Austin Greenwood scene

Do you like amateur gay porn? BLAKEMASON proved to be a great platform for presenting amateur gay porn in the best possible way. This gay twink porn surpassed my expectations before watching it. Two gay teen boys performed as professionals. The use of condoms did not bother me at all. I can recommend this video. Four and a half stars from me

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