Gay Military Dream – Becoming Sgt. Sex Slave

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The secret is out! Private Lorde is a gay bottom boy willing to be Sgt. sex slave

The new chapter of Gay Military Dream for private Max Lorde just started. He was passed to the new Sgt. Max Konnor to serve his sexual desires. Will Max Lorde enjoy Max Konnor’s cock as much as he did with Dalton Riley? For Max Lorde, any Sgt. is simply Sgt. Dick now.

Do you remember the sexual adventures of a recruit Max Lorde? It started very soon after he joined the military. A young closeted country gay boy unexpectedly started living his gay military dream. Dream of being bitch for a strong military macho man. He was thrilled with his first sexual experience involving Stg. Dalton Riley. You can read all about that HERE.

Military life is unpredictable, and private Max Lorde has been transferred to another platoon. Just before he left, Sgt. Riley gave him the sealed envelope and ordered it to be delivered to his new commanding officer, Sgt. Max Konnor.

Private Lorde was sad to part with his Sgt. Riley. He loved feeling his dick inside, rubbing all right points. Who knows what the future is bringing to our Private? Will his gay military dream continue?

Gay Military Dream – Mk 2

Private Lorde arrived at his new platoon and reported to Sgt. Max Konnor handed over the sealed envelope sent by Sgt. Riley. Sgt. Max Konnor took the envelope and told Private Lorde to settle in one of the tents. The night that followed was eventless, and Private Max Lorde was dreaming about his fun with Sgt. Riley.

Sgt. Max Konnor opened the sealed envelope. He has not heard from Sgt. Riley for some time now. What is the message in the envelope about? He read the news and started smiling.

Drills in the desert

Sgt. Max Konnor makes recruit Max Lorde run drills in the desert heat in one-on-one exercise. He stopped to rest his recruit. With a big smile, he offers Private Lorde a reward by sucking his fat cock. That was after he made Private Lorde go on his knees and pull his huge dark cock. “You know what to do,” he said. Private Lorde realised what the message was in the envelope. His gay military dream continues, and he is happy to serve his new Sgt. and even become his sex slave.

They move from out in the open to an empty hangar where Max can keep showing his expert cock sucking abilities to his Sgt. When Sgt. Konnor wants more, he buries his tongue in Max Lorde’s crack and doesn’t miss an inch. To earn his stripes, the young stud must bend over and take Sgt. Konnor’s massive cock raw.

Private Lorde does his best to accommodate every inch of his hung Sergeant’s cock. As Pvt. Lorde’s walls get stretched, Sgt. Konnor drills bareback, deeper and deeper into his Private’s ass. When the Private ends up on his back taking thick dick, Sgt. Konnor doesn’t stop until he paints the stud’s balls with his high-ranking load.

Max Lorde goes over the edge when the Sergeant slides back in and erupts with a creamy stream of cum. The thought of Sgt. Konnor’s semen deep inside him made him satisfied. He knows that his new master just marked him with his sperm. Now that the Sergeant is satisfied, the Private is sent on his way to continue his work.

From our hidden camera

“Join Us”! From straight to gay threesome

What to do when a straight college student is a roommate with a gay couple? They told him “Join us”, and he agreed! Discovering gay sex through a threesome

JOIN US! A gay couple’s invitation to their college roommate is an exciting proposition. What does a gay sex threesome feel if one of the participants is straight? Watch and find out!

You must admit that scenario of a straight college student joining his gay couple roommates in their sexual adventures is a bit brave. However, think again. Many new college students have not been completely formed regarding their sexuality and sexual preferences. Many males see this process extending to their mid-twenties. It is true that I, just like most of the other gay people I know, knew about my sexual preferences before the time to start college education, but there are young men out there that were not sure at that stage yet.

OMG! They are GAY!

Can you imagine how shocked Cody Viper was when he discovered that his roommates, Grey Gold and Des Irez, are gay? It was undoubtedly a shock of his life! Just put yourself into that position. Fine, I know that all readers of this article would be delighted to come to that discovery. However, try to imagine. Young, straight new college student walks into the apartment that he shares with two other college students and sees them hugging and kissing each other in the lounge!

Hey young man, it is twenty first century. Chill out! Cody Viper was frightened with the fact that he will be stuck with this young gay couple for the rest of the year. They were not moved by his surprise. They had no intention hiding their gay preferences and relationship (including sex) in their own home. What would you do if some handsome straight guy walk in the shared house when you and your boyfriend are kissing? Here is one suggestion. Just tell him – “Join us”. If you are lucky, he might agree.

There is one thing better than threesome – It is a threesome involving a straight guy!

Join us! How do you get a straight college student to join a gay threesome?

I would lie if I said that my erection lasted less than the length of this video. All three young actors are beautiful. I guess that is why gay fantasies involving college student are probably the most common of them all.

Did I hear someone saying “Join us!”?


Gay military dream – Pleasing Sgt. Dick’s dick

Recruit Max Lorde on a special mission of sexually pleasing Sgt. Dick – every gay bottom boy’s dream comes true!

Max Lorde could not even imagine that his special mission will be to sexually please Sgt. Dick. He is a recruit that just moved to the unit when the whole brigade was ordered out of the barracks and to the training fields in the bush. Soldiers completed their tasks and proceeded to set tents late afternoon. Each tent was built and occupied by two soldiers or officers. Just as everything else, building and setting tents is a part of an exercise.

Sgt. Dick finishes reading the names of his unit’s soldiers in pairs to start making tents where they sleep for several days during exercise. Max Lorde was the last one on the list. The crew had an odd number of soldiers, and there was nobody to share the tent with him. Sgt. Dick looked at Max, said, “You will be with me,” and walked away.

Max did not understand why several recruits were giggling as he followed Sgt. Dick. He thought sharing the tent with a sergeant was some privilege, and others were jealous. Max had no idea that it was more than just a little privilege. However, he started sensing what might happen after one of his fellow soldiers whispered, “See you in the morning, girl.”

From stroking cock to pleasing Sgt. Dick

Sgt. Dick did not say much while making and setting up the tent. Max was thinking about what the other soldier had told him. He liked the possibility that Sgt. Dick will use him as his “girl”. Max had a couple of girlfriends since his teenage days, but more and more, he was looking at other guys. Already in his late teens, he fantasised about being fucked by another guy. He grew up in a small town, and seeing other guys was a no go zone. That is probably one of the reasons he decided to join the army.

The night

In the middle of the night, recruit Max Lorde is stroking his cock in his bunk. He is trying to go unnoticed. The strokes are heard by Dalton Riley (Sgt. Dick). Without saying anything Dalton climbs out of his bunk. He then assist with his mouth moving up and down on Max’s cock. After deepthroating, Dalton feeds Max his throbbing cock until he gags.

Dalton wants, so Max bends over and gives Dalton total access to his hole. Max was dreaming about this as a teenage boy stroking his cock. Eager for more, Max braces on the bunk and opens up as Dalton thrusts his raw cock with powerful strokes deep into Max’s prostate.

When Max wants control, he gets on top and bounces on Dalton’s piercing rod. Switching positions, Max gets fucked missionary style and bareback as the feeling of Dalton going inside him makes his cock twitch and shoot a thick load onto his abs. Dalton adds his spunk to the mess on Max’s stomach and takes one last taste of the raw hole he just fucked.

It is hard to develop anything sensationally original when making gay porn in a military environment. However, there is no need for anything particularly original anyway .The actors played well, and this video will make anyone horny. Those of you that are into boys in uniforms fucking each other will probably stroke as well… Get tissues read, please to avoid unnecessary mess. If that is the case you should


For those that are not sure yet, here are some photos

Pleasing Sgt. Dick

Naked Swords- The Ultimate Gang Bang

Naked and brutal – Prisoners gang bang – their erect swards are naked, and one of the famous gay fantasies is rolling in front of cameras – Scene Six of the Naked Sword Series

Title: Ride or Die – Scene 6

Studio: Raging Stallion

Director: Tony Dimarco

Starring: Reign, Bennett Anthony, Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe, Drew Valentino.


THE GANG IS ALL HERE: To punish Beau Butler for his misconduct at rap star Andre Donovan’s estate, the warden instructs his henchmen to take it out on the one thing that Beau loves most, his boyfriend. The guards arrange for intimidating inmates Bennett Anthony, Chris Damned, Reign and Alpha Wolfe to gang-bang Drew Valentino until he is completely broken down.

Bennett pushes Drew over a cafeteria table as Chris and Alpha hold the hairy prisoner in place. Ripping Drew’s prison-issued boxers at the back, Bennett rams his ginger cock straight up Drew’s bushy butthole before letting Chris have a turn.

When Bennett notices that the stoic Reign is tentative and hanging back, he pressures the tattooed hunk to get his enormous cock warmed in Drew’s guts. With Drew on the ground, he is served not only the raw cocks that were just deep inside him but also Bennett’s red-hot cum-chute.

Once Drew is flipped onto his back, his legs are held wide apart by Alpha and Reign while Chris squats down to smother Drew with his sweaty asshole. Bennett next licks Drew’s meat ring, warming it up for the second round of bareback hole-punching that leaves Drew covered in everyone’s cum. Will Drew survive to protect his boyfriend from The Warden’s wrath?

Lovers of gay jail sex, particularly those enjoying rough bareback, will be more than satisfied with this product. The director and the crew successfully recreate the feeling of an ancient gladiator pit in today’s harsh jail ambient. Just as gladiators in the past, today’s prisoners are enslaved. Sword was a symbol of an erect penis in the old days.



Prison Gang Bang

“Dorm Revelation” – Young, Gay and Horny

DORM REVELATION – Starring Cole Link and Leo Louis – They are young, gay and horny – One of the best queer porn productions I have watched so far this year!

“Dorm Revelation” was released today (Australian Eastern Standard Time). It is well produced and hot, starring Cole Link and Leo Louis. They are young, gay and horny in their dorm room. And boy, they let loose. They kept me erect from the very start to the finish. Both are young, beautiful and very keen.

Getting Hard has never been easier

What is an engineering student to do when he’s alone, bored, and horny in his dorm room? Browsing some technical drawings, Cole Link surfs to to finally blow off some steam. When he remembers his hot Arts Major roommate Leo Louis’ laundry basket is just over on the other side of the room.

He sneaks over and pulls out a pair of white boxers, calling his name. He inhales his roomie’s scent enthusiastically. Immediately, his hard cock jumps, resulting in an erection only a young student can produce. His penis is becoming wet, and the smell of his precum sperm is filling the room.

Leo barges into their dorm room, nearly catching Cole in the act. Excited and mischievous, Leo is pleased with himself, having gotten away with his scheme all the while avoiding his arts-school initiation.

Lust is in the air!

In all the excitement, Leo finally realises how swelteringly hot their little dorm room is, devoid of AC. He strips down to his under-shorts and regales his roommate with the tales of the evening and the hotties in his program, which like to give him blowjob eyes.

Lost in thought, he plays with his growing bulge, and Cole can’t help but be stunned at his good luck, getting turned on by Leo’s bulging cock. Leo is a free-spirited artist and never wastes an opportunity to get off? He recognises a look in Cole’s eyes and convinces him to give his cock some attention. Leo could also smell precum dripping from Cole’s erect cock.

Orgasm Together

With a timid lick, Cole tries his roomie’s cock for the first time. Unsure, he slowly gets into it and plays with Leo’s low-hanging balls. He’s on his knees, hard as fuck in his shorts, sucking on Leo’s monster cock. Leo face-fucks him but stops before he cums, and dives into his ass, rimming Cole’s tight hole before standing him up, dicking him down with his hands on his throat, stretching him out, and plowing his sweet ass. Cole rides his thick snake, pounding out his thick load, his abs flexing with each thrust, and comes on Cole in nearly simultaneous orgasm.

Let’s get Graphical!

Conclusion – I recommend “Dorm Revelation”

“Dorm Revelation” is the best gay video released recently. It is targeting the most significant chunk of the gay audience. Yes, we all have particular interests, fetishes and kinks, but the bottom line is that the young actors sweating while exploring their sexual pleasures are the biggest magnet.

Cole Link and Leo Louis are not only two young, horny and beautiful gay boys but have shown some good skills in front of cameras. I am sure that their acting future is going to be successful. I can only recommend this video and find it hard to find any faults. Quality of picture is also very good. My congratulations to TheBroNetwork!

Horny in Gay Sex Club – Diego and Bastian

Diego Reyes and Bastian Karim, newbies to the NakedSword Originals’ family, happen upon a sex club and we let the cameras roll!

While filming Diego Reyes and Bastian Karim in Europe, we walked upon a gay sex club and let the cameras roll! The best thing you experience in sexual life is not planned. Young gay guys are always horny. Be it in school, work, public transport or a gay sex club. The advantage of being horny in a gay sex club is obvious. You can take your clothes off, and show your pride, be it your cock or round bubble butt. You can bet your pride there will be some action following. What happens in gay sex clubs eventually leaks to the public.

Diego Reyes And Bastian Karim

NakedSword Originals

Marc MacNamara

Models: Bastian Karim, Diego Reyes

The short narrative of this production

Through the hanging chains of this Barcelona sex club, thick muscle daddy Diego Reyes can be seen pumping his hairy dick into the gaping mouth of expert cocksucker Bastian Karim. Without gagging on a single inch of Diego’s impressive meat! Bastian swallows his new lover before suspending himself in the air for Diego to suck him off from below.

With the taste of his young partner’s delicious dick still in his mouth, Diego moves over to some stairs and invites Bastian to sit on his pulsating dick. The bearded fucker uses all of his force to pound Bastian over every available inch of the room until his furry body is drenched in sweat, and both men are ready to blow. With Bastian on his back, the bottom strokes himself off and watches as Diego pulls out to emit an overpowering waterfall of cum that thoroughly soaks his naked body.

Bastian Karim is a young gay stud with smooth skin and a nice uncut penis. Rather dark foreskin of his penis makes it all even more sexy and boiling hot.

Diego Rives is a hairy guy with a beard and hairy chest. His uncut penis looks very impressive in every sense. Size queens, pay attention!

This is gay sex you always want to watch.

Bastian Karim

Diego Reyes

Horny in Gay Sex Club – Diego and Bastian

Follow the links to more

Join Diego and Bastian!

All Cocks Out – Ride or Die – Episode 5

Ride or Die – Bad Rap – The review of Episode 5 – All cocks are Out and hard

The program today is – Ride or Die – Episode 5. Am I watching gay porn on Monday afternoon? Yes, I am. Nothing is wrong with that. I am very horny at this part of the day, regardless of Monday or another day. And indeed, this video has an excellent chance to get you horny if you like them having group sex, multiracial and bareback, of course.

The title is: “Ride or Die Scene 5”. Yes, scenes one to four are available from the same producer. It has been produced by the Raging Stallion studios and directed by Tony Dimarco.

Actors showing their cocks

Hot and horny actors starring in this production are Pheonix Fellington, Andre Donovan, and Beau Butler. Their cocks are out and hard all the time. Expect sperm in all usual places and then some.

What is the story of episode five of “Ride or Die” gay sexy saga?

Billionaire casino owner Pierce Paris wants to provide high-rolling rap star Andre Donovan and his agent, Phoenix Fellington, with the gift of some premium ass. The warden, who owes Pierce large sums of money in gambling debt, offers up handsome inmate Beau Butler.

Tossed into the smoke-filled living room of the world-famous recording artist, Beau is stripped down and proceeds to suck Pheonix and Andre’s humongous cocks. They make out with each other. On the couch, Beau continues to blow Andre while Phoenix sucks on the convict’s man-hole – until they spin him around and switch places.

Beau gives in, and the two hulking men spit-roast their hirsute whore. Beau rides Andre’s raw fuck-stick before he and Pheonix take turns pumping Beau’s hole while he’s on his back. Phoenix pops his load onto Beau’s stomach and then pushes his still-hard cock back inside. After, Andre takes the opportunity to lick out Beau’s hole so he can sample the intoxicating cocktail of Beau’s wet ass mixed with Phoenix’s steaming nut milk.

I am horny! Let me in!

Andre thrusts his massive rod into Beau again. Beau is overtaken with physical pleasure. Getting plowed by two hot cocks, and he soon shoots pools of cum around his belly button. It is allowing Andre to wipe it up with his fingers quickly and then shove it into Beau’s overworked mouth. In the intensity of it all, Andre continues to bang the prisoner bareback. Even after Beau has climaxed. Until he erupts and creampies Beau’s wide-open asshole.

As Andre slams his huge cock back inside the used-up bottom, Beau is pushed to his limit, bringing the afternoon to an explosively jaw-dropping climax. How long can the Warden’s sex ring go on, and who are all the players in his intricate web of deceit and corruption?

Sex, no drugs (apparently) and corruption! Pretty hot mixture.

Let’s strip and get graphical!

Ride or Die – Episode 5

“I am a Good Boy Sir” – Nathan Wonder to Cade…

Cade Maddox is having a great time with submissive Good Boy Nathan Wonder. Let’s join them!

Cade Maddox is making some good stuff that suits my desires and fantasies. Frankly, I enjoyed his latest video starring with Nathan Wonder.

I like how Cade Maddox plays the dominant role in this video. I am pretty convinced that Cade is naturally dominant regardless of having sex in front of cameras or not. Maybe because that is how I behave, be it sexually in bed or in general with my partner(s). Many people believe that a dominant partner is rough in sex. This is not a scientific claim, and I don’t have any statistics to back it up. However, I have a reasonably long experience, at least when it comes to finding a compatible sexual partner in our gay world. Like Cade Maddox, I am dominant but not rough.

One should not confuse “passionate” with “rough” either. The urge to penetrate as deep as possible during an act of sexual penetration is part of our instinct. We are not much (if any) different to animals. The desire to perform penetration in a way to please both partners and in the form to initiate the partner’s response is what I would call “passion”. Doing it without any concerns about your partner’s (bottom’s) feelings (physical and mental) is being “rough” (if that is the way you achieve climax and ejaculation).

A dominant partner is the one that governs, prevails and controls in a way that is not selfish and is looking for a mutual sexual climax and satisfaction. A rough partner (particularly top) is narcissistic and only has one thing on his mind – to empty his balls. Unless there are two compatible partners- a bottom willing and enjoying being fucked roughly.

Yes, I just realised that I am talking too much. Let’s get back to Cade Maddox and Nathan Wonder and their bed gymnastics!


I am a Good Boy Sir

Horny Wet Dream – Twink and Men’s Briefs

Cade Maddox getting wild between Shae Reynolds’ Legs – Is it real or twink’s wet dream?

I like the scenario for this video. It might not be perfectly original but is different from most of the products lately. It is actually about something quite common. Fantasising about having sex with someone you have seen on TV commercials. Don’t all gay guys like boys that stare in underwear advertisements? Of course, they do. Particularly younger bottom boys.

Some of the models in these commercials are probably desired destroyers of someone’s virginity. Was your first crush one of those fit models with athletic bodies and a big bulge hiding inside the underwear they advertise? Do you remember that advertisement still now? Who was part of your wet dream?

The story of Men’s Briefs

Twink Shae Reynolds has been seeing A-lister Cade Maddox and his fat bulge on every billboard in New York City. Suddenly the hung hunk is magically in the middle of his living room. Convinced that he must be dreaming, Shae gives in and goes down to suck off the famous fucker’s massive cock.

Cade pumps himself in and out of the boy’s mouth before taking his experienced tongue to Shae’s cheeks. With his ass wet and ready, Cade guides his girthy penis into Shae’s hairless hole. The room fills with the sound of Shae moaning and Cade’s balls slapping loudly against Shae’s taint as he continuously thrusts himself into the young man’s hungry ass.

After both men bust, the twinky bottom wakes up with a wet spot on his underwear and realises that all the intense bareback action with the man of his dreams just existed in his dirty, hopeful mind. Wet dream is over…

The Actors

Cade Maddox and Shae Reynolds play well in this production by Raging Stallion Studios. I would not mind being invited to please young Shae’s desires in reality.


For those of you who need a bit more to achieve sexual explosion the link to this video is below

Will Cade Maddox Cum in Shae Reynolds?

Breaking Now! Johnny fucks Zach Covington!

The latest release. Right now – Johnny Ford seduces and fucks young Zach Covington!

The latest news from a vibrant gay porn scene is not a sensation but is worth mentioning. Now, we can watch Johnny Ford seducing and fucking young Zach Covington! My first reaction is – I am very jealous of you, Johnny. Young Zach is a cute, attractive, smooth-bottom gay boy.

What would you do if given a chance to meet young Zach Covington? I am going to spice this hot production with some of my fantasies. Do you fantasise when watching porn? Most of the time, I do. I understand producers must pack as much action as possible in one video. However, I am an old-school gay boy. I love the story behind every fuck. A story I can remember later.

Do you know when you spot someone in a bar and are keen to pick him up? First, you try to make that all-important eye contact and to see if there is any chance of getting a response. What do you know about that person? One vast and empty nothing. Usually, I fill that open space with my imagination. Once you get into conversation with your “pray”, you start getting a partial picture of the person. Based on that, you build more of your imagination…

What if I try to make a story about what happened before cameras were switched on and two gay lovers got into each other on the bed? Let’s make our own gay porn story before we watch the video! I am going to try!


The healthy sexual fantasy that makes you horny with your eyes closed

Johnny is a good-looking guy in his mid-forties. He is a regular visitor to the local gym but is not into bodybuilding. That is his way of maintaining good health, fitness and fabulous physique. His beard-framed face does not signal his sexual preference. Johnny is gay. He is the “predator” top only for bed gymnastics and other activities. Johnny was exceptionally horny this morning and decided to leave office early.

Zach is a fresh country boy that just arrived in the city and is still settling down. He got up mid-morning and decided to get out and check out his new neighbourhood. Zach is a red-haired and bearded student. He is a sensible young gay guy who is just starting to find his new freedoms in a big city. Zach walks into the coffee shop and orders his espresso while casually glancing around to see who else is in. He noticed Johnny, who had just settled in with his cappuccino. Johnny looks very similar to Zach’s mathematics teacher back in his little town. He always had a crush on his teacher. Zach settled in a corner opposite Johnny.

Johnny noticed the young lad that had just walked into the shop. There was something attractive in him—a slim body and boyish face despite trying to look older with his beard. Johnny’s body and mind immediately responded with a healthy erection. It is time for action, old boy.

Look at my eyes

Two lads enjoyed their coffees, and shortly after, their eyes met. Zach quickly turned to the other side but could not resist looking toward Johnny soon after. Johnny was still looking at him. Zach did not know how to respond and looked at the floor. It is time to act now, Johnny! If you want to fuck this beautiful young guy. Johnny took the cup in his hands and walked towards Zach’s table. “Hello… May I?” He did not wait for permission to sit down. Something was telling him that he had just got a new pray.

Eh, I just realised that I might be talking too much, and you want to see some graphics from the video. Fine… Fine. I do get boring sometimes. Before I show you the photos, I need to apologise for the quality; that is the best I could do when capturing them on my screen. There must be a better way to do it. Any suggestions?

Click if you want to get real horny!

Before I provide another link for those who want to see it all and uncensored, out of my own curiosity. Did you like my story? Let me know in the “comments” box please

Johnny fucks Zach Covington

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