Are Gay Latino Boys the Hottest Fucker Mates?

Gay Latino boys Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce are the hottest addition to FuckerMate stars. All in for Him by Oscar Mishima – Review

Gay Latino boys Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce brought my levels of horniness to an absolute maximum. I was pleased to review another gay porn video directed by Oscar Mishima for FurkerMate Studio. It was a total sexual pleasure that kept me horny from the start to the end. I am in love with gay Latino boys. Particularly with gay Latino bottom boys. Have you ever fucked a Latino bottom boy? I did only once. I wish it were more than that. What do you think about them? Please use the comments box if you want to share anything with the rest of us.

I watched this video last Monday and then again today (Friday) for my final review. Ever since the first viewing, I have fantasised about that hot and so sexy mouth of Austin Pence wrapped around my cock. After seeing so many gay porn videos, I am tough to impress. However, “All in for Him”, starring Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce, impressed me. Do you know the feeling of getting so horny that it is almost painful? I got that horny when watching this video, the first and second time.

Franklin Acevedo

Imposing gay Latino top guy. This Venezuelan is 6’2″ (187 cm) tall and weighs 182 lbs. (83 kg). He is slim with a firm body and an extra-large uncut cock. Franklin started his career in the gay porn industry in 2018 and has clocked fifty-two gay porn movies for various studios. All his roles are as a gay top. And the impressive gay top he is. Most of his engagements seem to be with FuckerMate studio but not exclusively. Franklin Acevedo also has his content presented to the public through the OnlyFans platform.

The best head job in the town
Thick and XXXL cock sucked

Austin Ponce

May I start with one observation? He is beautiful. And he is a gay Latino bottom boy I would never let leave my bed. According to my reliable source, this is his FIRST gay porn video! I am sure he lost his virginity some time ago, but this is the closest you can get to observe! How many would kill for a slander body of his? Austin Ponce just joined the gay porn industry with this project. I will keep my eye on him for further development. May I make a prediction as well – He will turn into a big gay porn star. Remember what I just told you.

Don’t bite that huge cock boy

“All in for Him” – starring Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce by Oscar Mishima – FuckerMate studio production – the official description

Colombia is one of our favourite places to spot the hottest and most passionate guys. The horny mate Austin Ponce making his debut this week, comes from there and is no exception. When he meets our XXL ass-lover Franklin Acevedo, Austin’s willingness for rough sex goes wild while he gets down on his knees and welcomes that monster dick right into his mouth. So many inches of hard meat could have frightened anyone, not our Colombian newcomer.

That shows off all the skills of an experienced bottom when Franklin takes him from behind and sticks the huge raw dick deep inside his pulsating ass. Austin moans and begs to be fucked harder and harder: he ends up with his hole destroyed and his face covered in cum, but he is happy for giving relief to his hunger for cock!

My rating

“All in for Him” deserves top ratings in every sense. Both actors performed very well. They delivered a great pleasure and made me horny as hell. That is what gay porn is all about. Great camera works. I would like to congratulate FuckerMate and Oscar Mishima on consistently producing some of the best gay porn available. Giving it five stars without any hessitation. I can only urge you to get it and enjoy it yourselves.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The best gay locker-room tales – Threesome

Gay tales from the local locker room! It is even better than that – we are about to watch a gay threesome in the locker-room

We are back to another set of gay tales from the locker room. A gay threesome in the locker room is on the menu today. It was prepared for you by Falcon Studios. Hot Taylor Reign will have his ass and mouth filled with horny fuckers Bruce Beckham and Drake Von. Don’t get embarrassed by your erection in the locker room. There are not one but two doctors to care for your gay sexual desires. Have you ever had your erection exposed in a locker room? Maybe somewhere else? You are welcome to share your gay only sexual desires here. That is why we are here after all. Come on!

According to Porn hub insights, the locker room appears to be at the bottom of the top twenty most popular searches regarding gay porn. I just checked that and must admit to being surprised. It is not at the top of my search words, but it would not be so low. What is your favourite?

Most Popular Gay Searches
Most popular gay searches

What is your most popular search for gay porn?

What is your most popular search for gay porn?

I am reviewing a lot of gay porn, as you probably noticed. Yes, I am trying to cover most, if not all, categories of gay porn, but your input and suggestions would be welcome. I want to thank you for filling out the survey on the left.

The list of the most common searches above is based on previous surveys and the popularity of specific search terms regarding gay porn. You might notice that many people are using it for straight/gay sexual encounters. Is that still the case today? Let’s find out.

Let’s get back to the video produced by Falcon Studios and starring Bruce Beckham, Taylor Reign and Drake Von

Bruce Beckham

According to Pornhub, he is ranked 150 among gay porn stars. So far, he has attracted 5.8 million video views and 4.1 thousand subscribers. These numbers are impressive by any standards. Bruce Beckham is also active on his OnlyFans platform. He is 6’0″ (183 cm) tall and weighs 195 lbs. (88 kg) from New York. For those looking, Bruce is single. All videos starring Bruce show him as the gay top guy. Many videos are describing him as a gay daddy. He is undoubtedly a daddy with a big curvy cock.

Taylor Reign

Professional faggot, known to make art and passionate connections. The exhibition, Kinks, Bareback, Groups, Leather & Porn, & Exhibition are just some of my interests. Check out my videos here and at TaylorReign.XXX

Taylor Reign

Born in October 1990, Taylor is a very experienced gay porn actor. His career spans back to 2011. It would be fair to classify him as a versatile bottom. Ranked 88 among gay porn stars by Pornhub, Taylor Reign attracted 7.3 million video views and two thousand subscribers. Would I fuck him if there is a chance? You bet I would.

Drake Von

Born in November 2002, Drake Von joined the gay porn scene in 2021 at nineteen. Out of thirty-two roles he played for various gay porn studios; Drake was bottom only once! It is pretty evident to me that this boy is a top. He is American, 5’8″ tall and weight 145 lbs. (66 kg)

Gay Tales from the locker room 3 – Falcon Studios – Official description

Football twink Drake Von is embarrassed when he pops a boner in front of muscular doctors Bruce Beckham and Taylor Reign. However, both docs assure the hung athlete that he has nothing to be ashamed of and they want to examine his bushy hard-on further. With Drake’s girthy dick being so fat that it requires both medical men’s oral attention. They begin sucking him off before working their way to his fur-lined hole.

Drake then gets a chance to show off his tongue’s talents as he rims both bent-over physicians. Still, in the team’s locker room, Drake and Bruce start stuffing Taylor at both ends, each taking turns to bareback the doctor’s ass. Getting double-teamed by the young jock and the daddy doctor has Dr Reign cumming all over his stomach with Drake and Dr Beckham, then unloading themselves on bottom’s face and still-stiff dick.

My rating for Tales from the locker room 3 – Another solid production by Falcon Studios in every sense. All three actors performed well too. I am happy to rate it with four stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Club Cruising by Benjamin Blue & Philippe Massa

What excitement to expect from Club Cruising by Benjamin Blue and Philippe Massa in TheBroNetwork gay porn studio?

Is cruising still popular among the gay population? Some decades ago, cruising was the way to get some gay sex. You could go to some secret, well-known cruise areas in every town on this planet and feel excited about having sex in a public place. I remember fucking some guy in Centennial Park in Sydney in the early nineties quite vividly. Do you remember your last gay cruising adventure? Some guys regularly visited gay cruising clubs. We also periodically visited gay saunas. I must say that I could not make myself do any cruising in public toilets. I did not like the atmosphere there. What is your experience? Please share it with us in the comment box.

Benjamin Blue is a lovely gay bottom boy. I would fuck him anytime. Who would not love to push his cock up that beautifully rounded ass? He has beautiful eyes too. Benjamin Blue is French Canadian who was born in 1995. Yesterday, the 22nd of January, was his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful Benjamin Blue! Benjamin has been part of the gay porn industry and scene since 2016. I will let you calculate how many cocks he accommodated during that time in front of cameras from various studios. In short – quite many. If you are a gay bottom boy, then you would be more than jealous. You can check more information about him here.

Philipe Massa is a mysterious gay top guy playing in this video production by TheBroNetwork. I could not dig out any information about him.

Club Cruising – TheBroNetwork production starring Benjamin Blue and Philippe Massa – the official description

Philippe checks himself out in the Club bathroom when he notices an unmistakable shadow visible under-stall. Peeking over, he finds Benjamin Blue jerking his stiff cock, but gets caught peeking and ducks away. Excited at getting seen, Philippe spits on and strokes his growing rod and knocks at the stall door for access. Benjamin is eager to fuck and unlocks the door, inviting the muscular peeping top inside to devour his thick cock. Philippe throat-fucks the slim blue-eyed bottom hungrily, going in dry and immediately delivering a hard deep pounding, putting him in the throes of pleasure and pain. Benjamin rides Philippe before shooting his load all over the stall floor before getting a deep bareback breeding.

This video managed to maintain my erection from the start to the very end. I have one complaint that I have mentioned several times before. It might be just me having that particular problem, but it will affect my judgement of this video. I have a problem with actors looking at the camera in a way that makes it evident that it is all acting. That is the main reason for awarding this video three and a half stars instead or four.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Is your ass under attack – Alberth & Thiago Fuck

Is your ass under attack? Let’s watch Argentinian gay bottom boy Thiago da Silva’s ass being violated by Latino gay top Alberth Pineda!

I guess every gay bottom boy fantasises about his ass being attacked by some stud with a giant tool. My experience is that size matters and that all bottoms would agree with me. Some are publicly, and some are shy but firmly in agreement. Yes, I know that your prostate is only 2-3 inches deep, but there is more to it than that.

Thiago da Silva seemingly enjoyed his ass being attacked and violated in many different positions by another Latino stud named Albert Pineda. Do I need to mention that Albert is well equipped gay top sporting a sizeable uncut cock with a tight foreskin?

What is your “ideal” gay bottom boy? Please help me find out what most of you desire to see and experience with your bottom partner. I promise to bring up another survey that will be asking what is your “ideal” gay top.

What is your “Perfect Bottom” appearance
Perfect Bottom Appearance
The question for all tops

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

What is physical appearance of your “Perfect Bottom”

Who are these two Latin gay lovers that enjoyed sex in front of cameras so much? I am finding Fucker-Mate very consistent, not only in bringing us all those beautiful Latin gay boys but in delivering almost perfect gay porn videos.

Alberth Pineda

This is my second review of a gay porn video featuring Alberth Pineda. In the previous one, he fucked one of my favourite Latino gay bottom boys, Alfonso Osnaya. You can read more about that HERE. Alberth Pineda is very new to the gay porn scene. According to my reliable source of information regarding gay porn actors, Alberth started his gay porn actor career last year and has starred in only four projects.

He seems to be top, as that was his role in all four appearances. I cannot provide any more information about him at the moment. It will be a great surprise to me if he is not active on other platforms, such as OnlyFans. Alberth Pineda is from Venezuela.

Thiago da Silva

Thiago is a more experienced gay porn actor with twenty-seven projects. I am free to say that he is a “versatile bottom” boy. The majority of his roles so far have been as a bottom, but he did appear as a top on some projects. Thiago is Argentinian, 5’8″ (174 cm) tall.

Ass under attack – the official description

Our XXL-hung twink Alberth Pineda wanted to hook up with one of our best cock lovers, and our choice was evident when we heard that Thiago da Silva was back in town. When the guys meet, they like each other from the very first moment, and minutes after, the beautiful Argentinian is already gagging on Alberth’s thick gift with expert mouth jobs.

The horny twink then aims at the epic ass that Thiago serves him. He buries his face in it, taking a luscious taste, and once his workspace is prepared, he sticks his massive perfect bone deep in Thiago’s hungry ass.

Alberth doesn’t use any half-measures and hammers his new fuck-friend bareback till the last moment when he paints Thiago’s mouth and face with an incredible load of boy juice!

I would love to be in position to attack that hot smooth Latin ass. Yes, I enjoyed this video and have no problems recommending it to you. The only dilemma I had was about giving it four and a half or five stars. My rating is:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Latino Gay Lovers – Antonio Pena & Marcostone

Latino gay lovers are a regular feature of Fucker-Mate house of gay porn. In their latest production, Antonio Pena is fucked by his lover from daily life, Marcostone. Now, how hot is that?

Latino gay boys are hot! That is a straightforward and very accurate statement. Do you agree with me? If you disagree with me, please share with us your reasons for that. The comments box is all yours, as usual. Fucker Mate house of gay porn has more than a fair share of gay Latino boys. That is one of my reasons for following them. And to be honest, Antonio Pena is beautiful. Don’t you think so?

It is not unique, but it is not common to have real-life boyfriends star in gay porn content. In the era of bareback, Antonio Pena prefers to do it with his boyfriend in case he gets pregnant… Kidding… Liar… Just typing my secret fantasies. You know what I mean.

Antonio Pena is a beautiful tall, Latino gay boy from Venezuela. This gay bottom beauty is 6’2″ (188 cm) tall and weighs 160 lbs. (73 kg). He is smooth all over and decorated with several tattoos. Antonio Pena, like every beautiful Latino gay boy, is uncut. It might not be essential for a bottom as he is, but that uncut cock is longer than average for sure. This is his only third gay porn video. I have two of these in my collection, and I promise to get the remaining one soon.

Marcostone is allegedly Antonio’s boyfriend. I suspect it is correct. That makes me jealous… However, life must go on, and we will be watching more porn to satisfy all those secret sexual fantasies of ours. This is his first gay porn for a professional studio as Fucker Mate. I could not find any more information even on my regular source. I will make a guess here. It might be Marco as his name and Stone as for the hardness of his cock.

Couple on Fire – starring Marcostone and Antonio Pena, directed by Oscar Mishima for Hot House Studios – Official Description

This week we bring you one of the hottest debuts we have filmed. Our new top mate Marcostone comes from Medellin, Colombia, where he lives with his boyfriend, Antonio Peña. You may remember Antonio from his debut scene we released a few weeks ago: this time, we paired them together, and it has been impossible not to be impressed by the beauty, the hotness and the chemistry between these two guys. As well as Antonio, Marcostone got a huge Latin cock that he knows how to use masterfully.

Taking that monster’s raw meat deep inside the ass and being hammered like an absolute bottom deserves pure bliss for his boy, that soon reaches ecstasy and blows a massive load all over his body just before bending over to leave his lover to fill his hole with juicy cum!

Antonio Pena and Marcostone performed flawlessly. Everything was done professionally to deliver another outstanding performance by the team at Fucker Mate. I am not hesitating to give it five stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sweat, Fuck, Repeat – Gay Sex in Gym porn now

Gay sex in Gym. Sweat, Fuck and Repeat. Interracial gay porn is brought to us by Raging Stallion, starring Andre Donovan and Caden Jackson. Do you prefer the smell of sweat or the odour of sperm? Let’s mix them!

Gay sex in gym is another very common fantasy of many gay guys. Going to gym is boring. It is like sweat, sweat a bit more and back to a daily grinder. What if we add sex to that ritual. Like, sweat, fuck… repeat? Imagine that mixture of smells from sweat and sperm! This is exactly what Raging Stallion is bringing to us in their latest gay porn video. Andre Donovan and Caden Jackson are stars in this interracial gay porn production. Is it worth your attention? Let’s find out!

Are gay men more likely to visit their local gym regularly than straight men? The answer is PROBABLY YES. I am not quite regular (I guess due to laziness) visitor to my local gym, but I get there from time to time. I don’t live in an area that could be considered popular among the gay population anymore. However, quite many visitors to my local gym are gay. How often can one see a call to meet in a local gym on Grindr? Many gay men love the gym!

Is interracial gay porn still some separate category? I don’t think so. Yes, we all have our racial prejudices and fantasies, but an interracial mix of the population here in Sydney is ever-growing. Please let me know if you think interracial gay porn deserves to be separated from the rest of adult content production.

The cast

Andre Donovan is African American (it is not wrong saying black American here in Australia) with a long history of working in the gay porn industry. He started having sex in front of a camera in 2015 and participated in over a hundred gay adult content projects. Andre is a giant, measuring 6’2″ (187 cm) in height and has a massive cock – as everyone would expect. He is a pure top gay boy, and what a fucker he is! Andre Donovan was nominated for numerous awards in the gay porn industry. In short – he is an impressive gay porn actor and performer.

Caden Jackson is Caucasian from the United States. He is taller than Andre Donovan at 6’3″ (190 cm). Caden started his gay porn actor career in 2021 and has participated in twelve projects. He is a pure gay bottom boy and performed in that role in all his appearances so far.

Sweat, Fuck, Repeat – by Raging Stallion starring Andre Donovan and Caden Jackson – Official description

Sweaty stud Caden Jackson has been working with Andre Donovan for half an hour when the personal trainer decides to pull down Caden’s shorts to get a taste of his salty hole. Confused but intrigued, Caden gives into the sensation of Andre’s tongue in his crack and leans in as Andre buries his face, fingers, and cock between his furry cheeks. Wearing only a jersey and a white jockstrap, Caden works up an even greater sweat as Andre rapidly pulls his big dick in and out of his beefy butt. After some ass-to-mouth action, Caden covers Andre’s abs in his cum right before leaning back to swallow down his trainer’s hot load.

My star rating for this project is four stars. Those who are into gay sex in gym environment would probably rate it five stars. Andre Donovan and Caden Jackson performed very well. Those into gay interracial sex will love every bit of this video. Go and get it now!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Why Random Fucks with Roman Todd & Cade Jaxon?

Random Fucks – unplanned sexual activities and pleasure. Roman Todd will fuck Cade Jaxon just for you. Courtesy of Hothouse Entertainment and Raging Stallion

What are the random fucks? According to some dictionaries, random fucks are made, done or happening without method or conscious decision. Can we call them opportunistic fucks? Like grabbing an unexpected opportunity to fuck a stranger you find attractive. Some call them casual fucks. I will not argue about that. How often do you experience random fucks? Are these entirely unplanned? I don’t think so. In any case, Roman Todd will fuck Cade Jaxon in Random Fucks. If you are keen to see what that looks like, please stick around.

I used to live in Darlinghurst in Sydney. That area was where most gay infrastructure was located (gay clubs, bars, saunas…). Random fucks, there was something you almost planned or expected. I think you know what I mean. There are places where you wish opportunity to fuck randomly and areas where that is not very likely.

Have you ever fucked at a car scrapyard? I have to admit being to one of these decades ago and never since. No, I did not expect any random fucks there before arriving. However, lucky fucks happen anywhere. I guess that is why they are called random. Let me know if you had a similar experience, please.

Random Fucks starring Roman Todd and Cade Jaxon – Official description

While hauling some worn tires out back, Cade Jaxon notices the raging hard-on that handyman Roman Todd has stuffed in the waistband of his shorts. Never one to hide his manhood from a curious friend, Roman lets his pal grab the meat spilling out of his jock and even goes in for a taste. After the two blue-collar men suck each other off, Cade is stripped down to nothing, but his work boots and Roman’s wet cock starts finding their way into Cade’s smooth hole.

The muscular handyman uses all of his strength to bareback the big dick bottom as Cade sprawls out and throws his beefy legs in the air. Stroking himself, Cade shoots out an extra creamy load as the hung top pulls out to cover Cade’s six-pack in his warm cum.

Maybe it is because I started this year with three great gay porn videos, but I am not particularly impressed by this one. There is nothing I could point to as being inadequate in particular. It is hard to say. I am not saying that this video is terrible. Not at all. It is not my type of gay porn, but I know many of you will like it. Remember that all my reviews are based on my taste, expectations and interests. Just for and example – I don’t find fucking while wearing boots only particularly sexy or exciting. Many people do, however. We are not all the same. In any case, I will mark this video with three and a half stars. You are invited to make your judgement based on provided photos.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What happened In the Night in Hot House Porn?

In the Night is the latest title of gay porn video production by Hot House. Do you want to know what happened between Jordan Starr and Luca del Rey In the Night in Hot House? Let’s find out together!

Hot House just published their latest gay porn video titled In the Night. It was my pleasure playing it this early morning. I mean, very early morning. What is this about? What happened In the Night in the Hot House?

Gay porn actors Jordan Starr and Luca del Rey are stars in this project. Jordan joined the gay porn industry in 2021, and Luca del Rey started appearing in gay porn projects in 2022. According to my reliable source, when it comes to information about gay porn actors, Luca has performed in eight gay porn projects so far. He is a newbie in the trade of gay porn performance. However, you will not notice that when watching this video. Luca is performing like a pro. Well, he is a pro, after all. Jordan, on the other side, is more experienced.

Jordan Starr is hardly versatile. This boy is top, and that is his role in this video. Needless to say, that he performed very well in that role in this video. There is not much information regarding Luca del Rey’s preferred position. He seems to be a natural gay bottom boy, which was his role in this video. He performed well.

If you were to choose, what would be your favourite environment set-up for filming gay porn? Maybe it is better to ask, what would be your favourite set-up for having sex with your partner? How about poolside sex? That also qualifies as outdoor sex but not as sex in a public space. Unless it is a public swimming pool. In this case, it is not public. I don’t think you expect me to disclose much more than this. Let’s get graphical then!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gay Threesome on Snowmobile – Winter Skyy Riders

Threesome on Snowmobile! Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion are bringing winter gay sex to your monitors in Winter Skyy Riders. Time to watch Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark, and Tayler Tash fuck on a snowmobile

Threesome! Something many of us dream about often but participate in rarely or never. What is the probability of a threesome among the gay population? Is that probability higher among gay guys, or is it more prevalent among straight people? I don’t think that anybody can answer these questions accurately. Is that important? I don’t think so. Have you ever fucked outdoors in the wintertime? I enjoy winter fucks, but these are always in the warmth of my bed. Winter Skyy Riders are bringing us a gay outdoor threesome on a snowmobile! Guys in Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion have good gay sex imagination.

Outdoor sex is another thing that is much more often part of our fantasies but not something we practice often. If ever. I might be wrong, though. If you scroll through your local Grindr, at least one person will suggest some gay sex activities outdoors. I suppose that sex in car qualifies as outdoors sex. Please let me know what your take on this is.

Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion assembled an excellent cast of gay porn actors to produce this video. Everything is done professionally. It is hard to find any faults in this production. Gay porn actors Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark and Tayler Tash performed very well. Keep in your mind that fucking on a snowmobile is not something bound to be comfortable. Particularly outdoors during winter.

Winter Skyy Riders – Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark and Tayler Tash – Official description

Snowmobiling studs Skyy Knox and Gabriel Clark went behind a random building for a public quickie without realising that horny security guard Tayler Tash was monitoring the area. After walking up to Skyy, who has a mouth full of Gabriel, Tayler takes both men inside and begins to pump Skyy full of his meat. Tayler barebacks Skyy’s muscular ass and only pulls out for Gabriel to suck him off to get a tease of what Skyy’s hole tastes like.

With both tops sitting on the snowmobile, Skyy gets a workout as he repeatedly moves back and forth between sitting on each of their stiff cocks. A few more pumps into Skyy have Gabriel busting a nut right before Skyy unloads some cum for Gabriel to lick up, and Tayler finishes all over Skyy’s face.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gay Porn Bliss – The Bro Network Resolution Time

Gay porn bliss is the way to start New Year! The Bro Network is presenting their latest video, Resolution Time, starring Bruce Huxley and Edward Terrant

Gay porn bliss is reaching a state of perfect happiness. The Bro Network is starting this year with a true gem named “Resolution Time”. Gay porn actors Bruce Huxley and Edward Terrant will deliver gay sex bliss to your monitors with excellent performance. This video will be released tomorrow (by Australian time), January 5th, 2023. With some more luck, some of us had the pleasure of seeing it before the release date. It was a true pleasure. My cock is erecting every time I think about this video. I will try not to uncover too much. Get this video and take the gay porn bliss for yourself and your lucky partner.

Bruce Huxley seems to be very new on the gay porn scene. According to my reliable source of information regarding gay porn actors, Bruce joined the gay porn scene in 2022. This seems to be his second-only video for professional gay porn studios. My review of his first video is available HERE.

Edward Terrant is a Canadian gay bottom boy. His presence is enriching the gay porn scene since 2020, and he has participated in over seventy gay porn projects. Overwhelmingly starring as a gay bottom boy, Edward is getting under my skin. Take my word; any top would love to have him in his bed. This hot gay boy was nominated for On-screen duo of the Year and Twink of the Year CYBERSOCKET AWARDS. I promise to follow up with his new roles.

Resolution Time starring Edward Terrant and Bruce Huxley by The Bro Network – The official description

Bruce Huxley and his girlfriend have been fighting a lot, but tonight is the last straw. He’s tired of taking her shit and is finally swearing off women for good. To prove it, he immediately downloads a dating app to line up a quick suck and fuck.

Edward Terrant matches with Bruce. He is a slim twink who’s close by and down for a quick to give Bruce his revenge fuck. Edward loves when a guy doesn’t waste any time and arrives in a flash, ready to show Bruce how great guys are at getting guys off.

Ed pulls Bruce over and pushes him onto the couch before grabbing at Bruce’s bulging jeans. He hoovers on his stiff cock, and Bruce gives him a hard face-fuck, choking him on his dick. Edward climbs on top and rides Bruce’s uncut cock. Edwards is rock hard, and his cock throbs as Bruce’s fingers his smooth hole and dives in to rim his hot little ass. Bruce milks Edward’s prostate, causing him to shoot his thick load all over the floor before face-fucking to hot creamy cum facial.

This is my third gay porn review for 2023. And, significantly, this is my third five-star rating for this year! Resolution Time is an excellent gay porn video. Get some gay porn bliss on your screens. Go and get it – what a great way to start your horny new year.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gay Tales from the Locker Room – Mk III

The Locker Room Tales are among the most popular among gay consumers of pornography. What are the latest tales from the Locker Room between Devin Franco and Jordan Starr? Let’s find out!

Locker Room seems to be an enormous source of gay tales, rumours and fantasies. There should be no surprises about that. Nowhere else but in the locker room can you be nude in the presence of unknown guys. The locker room is one of the few places where you can walk around naked in the company of strangers. Devin Franco and Jordan Starr are not strangers to each other, though. Let’s find out their (not so) secret story from the locker room in Falcon Studios’ production.

Devin Franco is one of the most productive gay porn actors and content creators today. According to a reliable source, Devin was born in 1989 and joined the gay porn industry relatively late, at 27, in 2016. He was part of over two hundred projects! Devin is a natural gay bottom boy but is more than capable of performing as a top. This born exhibitionist is 5’10” (178 kg) tall and 154 lbs. (70 kg) in weight. Beautiful well looked after naturally smooth body would make any top horny. If you are looking for a kinky sex buddy, then Devin Franco would be the right choice for you.

Jordan Starr is a somewhat mysterious young gay porn actor. I cannot provide much information about him except that he joined the gay porn industry in 2021. Jordan has participated in around forty gay porn projects so far, proving his popularity. Versatile but mostly a top gay boy. I promise to do more research and bring more information about him.

Tales from the Locker Room 3 starring Devin Franco and Jordan Starr – Falcon Studios production – The official description

Custodian Jordan Starr rarely works overtime, but he always manages to clock in a few extra hours if he can catch Coach Devin Franco alone in his office. With no one else in the building, the two hunks get to ripping their clothes off, licking pits, and sucking dick right in Devin’s open doorway. Devin’s legs get thrown in the air as the eager janitor rims him and slides his girthy cock in his hole. Knowing that Devin’s hungry for more than just his hog, Jordan grabs a bucket and a mop for Devin’s wet ass busy and fucks the coach with the mop’s wooden handle before sticking his bareback meat back in Devin’s horny hole.

Devin’s championship trophies watch over him as he gets rammed all over his desk, and Jordan strokes off the coach’s big dick until he’s busting all over himself. Both men taste Devin’s load as the drained bottom drops to rim Jordan and take a creamy facial from his custodian cock.

This is another completely well done production by Falcon Studios. Two stars performance could not be faulted. I am so happy to award my second five stars in this brand new year. Gay porn industry is getting better and better.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Who is Fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Random Fucks?

Alfonso Osnaya is being fucked in front of cameras again! Who is fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Hot House Random Fucks? Roman Todd is the lucky gay top, drilling beautiful Latino gay boy. Let’s watch them together!

Watching Alfonso Osnaya is the second-best way to start the new year. Do you know what the best way to start it is? I am sure you guessed it. The best way would be to fuck him. I wish… So, who is fucking Alfonso Osnaya in Random Fucks by Hot House Studio in my first gay porn review for 2023? HAPPY NEW 2023 to everyone! It is almost evening here in Sydney, Australia. The rest of the world followed us and entered the new year throughout all time zones. Let’s start this year with a bang! Who is better to make you horny than beautiful Latino gay boy Alfonso Osnaya?

Roman Todd is the lucky gay top-raging stallion. What do we know about him? According to my regular source of information regarding gay porn actors, Roman Todd was born in 1985. Roman Todd is an experienced gay porn actor who joined the industry in 2010. He is American, 6’1″ (185 cm) tall, and weighs 189 lbs. (86 kg). A versatile but overwhelming number of his performance is as the gay top. Todd was a nominee for various gay porn industry awards. His latest award is the winner of best duo scene for 2022.


Alfonso Osnaya is one of my favourite bottoms on the gay porn scene. I have a little collection of reviews covering his performances.

Random Fucks by Hot House Studio starring Roman and Alfonso – Official description

When Alfonso Osnaya decided to borrow a power drill from handyman Roman Todd, he wasn’t expecting to get his ass power drilled by the muscleman’s big tool. Still, in Roman’s garage, surrounded by equipment, Alfonso kneels to worship and deepthroat Roman’s already hard cock. Roman returns the oral favour before turning the young jock around and barebacking his hairless hole.

Alfonso stays stiff as a brick while a sweat-drenched Roman insatiably thrusts himself in and out of his hole. The ripped handyman pulls out just in time to shoot a thick load all over the tip of Alfonso’s dick, with the satisfied bottom busting his nut load seconds later.

I enjoyed my first gay porn review for this year. Actors, scene, choreography, photography and everything that matters for a good gay porn video was delivered. I am glad to start the news year with a bang and award this video five stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gay fuckbuddies Kenzo Alvarez & Marco Bianchi

Kenzo Alvarez was the High School bully and Marco Bianchi was his regular victim. Is their random meeting on streets of Montreal turning into another nightmare for Marco?

Gay fuckbuddies could be found in many unexpected ways. Does Kenzo Alvarez look like a typical bully? He might be. Do you have any personal experience as a bully or as a victim? Why don’t you share it with us? Please use the Comments box. Many gay boys were victims of bullies in their school days. However, some bullies were (and still are) gay guys themselves. Relationships between bullies and their victims are often very complicated, and there are hidden reasons behind these relationships. Is there something secret and special behind Kenzo Alvarez and his bullying of Marco Bianchi in High School? Would a new gay fuck-buddy saga be possible? Let’s find out together!

Marco Bianchi is walking the streets of Montreal when he runs into a blast from the past, Kenzo Alvarez. Back in the day, this hunk of a man used to make his life a living hell. Marco knows he shouldn’t even give him the time of day. However, he still looks incredible and never loses the ability to make him melt inside. Against his better judgment, he decides to let Kenzo say what he has to say.

Kenzo Alvarez knows Marco has always been into him. Recently he has been wanting to explore his fantasies and gay sex. He was too repressed in High School and worried about looking cool in front of the guys. So, when Marco made a pass, he told everyone and made Marco’s school life difficult.

Gay bully and his new fuck buddy rather than victim

The past is the past, and it is his chance to apologise. Bygones are bygones, and it isn’t long before Marko’s mouth is wrapped around his old bully’s throbbing cock. Kenzo spreads Marco’s hairless cheeks and pushes his big cock into his waiting pink hole before pounding him. The slim bottom’s big twink cock bounces with every thrust, and he revels in the pleasure of his teenage fantasy before shooting a giant load all over his hairless chest. Kenzo keeps pounding his hole before shooting his load onto Marco.

Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful new gay fuck-friendship. What could be better than your bully turning into your gay fuck buddy?

Great video by The Bro Network team and stars Kenzo Alvarez and Marco Bianchi!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gay Sex with Cade Maddox – Milo and Me now

Gay sex with Cade Maddox is always unique. Who is his latest pray? Milo and Me is all about Cade Maddox screwing bonanza

Gay sex now! Do you ever have enough of it? I am not sure about you, but it seems that Cade Maddox never has enough hot and steamy gay sex. If you check some other pages HERE, you will see that Cade Maddox is strictly top gay with a monster cock. Who is the lucky bottom this time? His name is Milo. I have consulted the best source of information about gay porn actors without much success. The list of porn actors classified under “Milo” is very long. Maybe Milo is not a very prominent performer in gay porn studios. I will return to him as Cade Maddox generously provided Milo’s Twitter account link.

How does Cace Maddox find partners for his videos? I think Twitter is his source of new talents willing to make new content with the star of the gay porn scene. Cade regularly provides links to his partners’ Twitter accounts. That is a great way to support other gay porn content creators.

Milo has 106 thousand followers on Twitter and that is quite impressive achievement. I would not hesitate to call him Queer Twitter Influencer. See who else is in that group of influencers HERE. In short – Milo seems to be very attractive versatile gay boy with his own gay porn content on several platforms.

Gay sex with Cade Maddox is a regular feature on this site, and I am not sure if any of our followers here do not know a lot about him. I will return to his new sexual adventures in my next article about him.

Milo and Me – by Cade Maddox

I did a video with Milo back last year, and I was looking forward to meeting back up with this smooth tattooed stud and getting more of his sweet hole. Let me tell you, he’s as hot as I remembered, and the anticipation made the wait even sweeter. Be sure to check out his new Twitter @xodemilo

Cade Maddox

Raw fuck in Barcelona – Hot and Jordan screwing

Raw fuck. Or bareback? Let’s watch fucker mates Hot Bllack and Jordan Jameson screw Latino gay boy Andrea Novak at Raw Feast at Night Barcelona!

Raw fuck or bareback is a familiar scene in gay porn movies these days. We are delighted to watch raw cocks penetrating bottom bitches asking for more. Do you fuck raw? I do. If you still insist on using condoms, please let us know your preferred role. Who is more willing to enjoy raw fuck? Tops or bottoms?

Fucker Mate has published their latest gay porn in which two solid gay tops, Hot Bllack and Jordan Jameson, raw fuck and screw gay bottom Latino boy Andrea Novak. Are they going to plant their seeds (or sperm if you prefer to present scientifically) in their bitch? You will have to watch the whole video to find the answer. I will not tell you. And I will not apologise for that.

What is Night Barcelona?

In the heart of the Gaixample, the gay district of Barcelona, Night Barcelona gay bar is the most popular bar in the zone with dark room, cabins, glory holes and cruising area. In the bar zone we have photo exhibitions, and every Thursday a happy hour from 6 to 9pm. Free condoms and cloakroom. Opened daily from 6 pm to 2.30 am. Friday and Saturday until 3.00 am.

Trip Advisor

Raw Feast at Night Barcelona – Hot Bllack, Jordan Jameson and Andrea Novak by Fucker Mate Studio

When our sexy Latin mate Andrea Novak went spending some free time at Night Barcelona, one of the most lively gay spot in the city, he couldn’t imagine how things were going to end up. Just before the closing hour he remains alone with our two horny guys Jordan Jameson and Hot Bllack and gets a double hard dosis of raw ebony cock and thick white juice!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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