I fuck Cody Seiya rather than my girlfriend now

Cody Seiya is hot. Would you fuck him rather than your girlfriend? Braxton Cruz would and did

If I ever get to that sort of dilemma, then fucking Cody Seiya will always be my choice. What would be yours? Did Braxton Cruz enjoy fucking Cody? Let’s review and rate the “Third Wheel” – gay porn video production by The BroNetwork.

Braxton Cruz – Gay Porn Actor Profile

Braxton Cruz appears to be a new face on the professional gay porn scene. According to my usually reliable source, Braxton started his career as a gay porn actor in 2023 and performed in four gay porn videos. He is African American. Braxton appears to be strictly gay top.

Cody Seiya – Gay Porn Actor Profile

Cody Seiya is a mixed Caucasian, Asian Multi-Tenic American whose gay porn career started in 2020. He participated in the production of thirty-one gay porn videos. Beautifully slim and smooth, Cody Seiya is versatile and strongly prefers being a gay bottom boy.

“third wheel” – the official description

Braxton Cruz and his girlfriend are visiting New York City on a couple’s weekend getaway. They have scored a place in Manhattan for free, thanks to Braxton’s girlfriend’s boss. The only catch is that they have to share it with Cody Seiya, the owner’s cousin staying in the spare room.

Upon arriving at the apartment, they find Cody hanging out in his underwear, his hot, extremely defined body soaking in the summer city heat.

Before they head out sightseeing, Braxton needs a shower and a power nap after a long day of travel. So, he convinces his girlfriend to take 30 minutes and kick off her authentic NYC experience with a classic slice, solo! But, before heading out, she is sure to remind her beau not to waste his load in the shower.

After stripping down, Braxton can’t seem to find a towel, so he slips into Cody’s room for some info. Braxton’s buff chest and sexy bubble ass excite Cody, who heads into the bathroom to bring him some lotion.

Cody likes what he sees and climbs into the shower to give Braxton a hand. He sucks his 9-inch cut cock but struggles to take it deep in his throat.

Returning to the bedroom, Braxton’s tongue fucks Cody’s smooth hole, getting it nice and wet.
He slides his huge cock on his hole and fucks deep and raw. Cody rides Braxton, his hard cock slapping on his abs. Braxton shoots his huge load on his cheeks and puts his cock back in, causing Cody to cum all over.

Well, one thing is for sure, Braxton’s load sure wasn’t wasted! Welcome to NYC.

Review, links and rating

I would fuck Cody Seiya rather than my girlfriend anytime. I am pretty sure that you would, too. Braxton Cruz was the lucky one. Did Cody enjoy that big nine inches black cock penetrating him? He certainly did. I am rating this gay porn video by the BroNetwork with nine (9) stars. Visit their site to see it all.

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