Watch Cade Maddox is stretching out Chenny now


Cade Maddox has never failed to impress me with his choice of beautiful gay bottom boys. Here, I declare that Cade Maddox has exactly the same taste as myself. How can you resist them if they are young, slim (even better if skinny), smooth and willing to spread their legs and take your cock in? Chenny fits perfectly into that picture.

Cade Maddox is one of the most celebrated and decorated gay porn actors today. It is not just by an accident. His acting abilities are beyond any doubts. His physical construction (large cock) are definitely contributing to that. However, he has that, often forgotten, third element in that success. It is his choice of extremely beautiful and sexy gay bottom boys for his partners.

Who is Chenny? Is Cade Maddox hiding him?

All my efforts to find out who is young and beautiful Chenny have been unsuccessful so far. Cade Maddox did provide some links, but unfortunately, none of them worked. Do you know who is Chenny? Please contact me if you know who is he! I would like to interview him, so we can all get to know him better. I suspect that Cade Maddox is deliberately hiding information about Chenny. If I know Chenny personally, I would do exactly the same. However, we can, at least, enjoy some more photos and videos of these two.

Stretching out Chenny – The official Description

Cheney is a slim Asian twink with a tight ass who loves a good dicking. He’s so sensual, I fucking love it. There’s nothing like a sweet, gentle fucking that stretches an ass to the limit. A highlight for me is the shot when he’s on top. You’re going to love the sight of my thick cock sliding in and out of his tight ass. Looking back at the footage, I’m about as big as his arm. It’s just an amazing fuck. What do you think? If you like him, check out his Twitter and OnlyFans @xChennyxx

Cade Maddox


Cade Maddox understands that making porn video is all about sex. His videos are following that simple rule. One cannot get it simpler – Two horny guys are having great sex and enjoying it in front of cameras. Both of them enjoyed sex in this video. Cade understood, as every sensible gay top would, the importance of having a nice, easy and gentle start with a small built gay bottom boy as Chenny is. Did Chenny cry as Cade inserted his enormous chock in his little boy-pussy? You better get the full video, if you want to find out. I am rating this video with 5 stars!

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