Nick Floyd, the new gay boy toy for Cade Maddox

Nick Floyd is the new boy toy for Cade Maddox! Just as you would expect him to be – slim, smooth with a boyish body and face and in love with taking big cock. The Review

Nick Floyd is gay boy toy in porn video with Cade Maddox - Wet Lust
Nick Floyd and Cade Maddox

I declare Cade Maddox the unchallenged authority for choosing the hottest gay-bottom boys. Nick Floyd, you know you would be good if Cade Maddox invited you into his bed. He is young, boyish, slim (sort of skinny), smooth and willing to please. What else do you expect from a perfect gay boy toy? If you are a gay daddy searching for a gay boy toy, then you will watch this video. If you are a gay boy-toy in the learning stage, get this video to see how it is done.

boy toy Nick Floyd - gay porn with Cade Maddox
toy boy Nick Floyd - gay porn star in sex scene with Cade Maddox - explicit - oral sex

Is it a boy toy or a toy boy? I just consulted the dictionary. Both are in use widely. However, the word boy is a noun, and the word toy can be a noun or an adjective. In the English language, the adjective comes before the noun. Therefore, toy boy is the only grammatically correct option. I am lazy to go back and re-type it, but from now on, folks, it is toy boy!

wet lust - gay porn - explicit scene - oral sex - Nic Floyd and Cade Maddox
wet lust - gay porn - explicit scene - anal sex - Nic Floyd and Cade Maddox

How do you like your toy boy? Do you want him wet? Sex in the shower is the way if you like your gay toy boy to be damp and ready. Water is quite a good lubricant, by the way. Did you know that? Let’s shower together then!

All I know about Nick Floyd is that he joined the gay porn industry in 2022 and has managed to participate in seventeen gay porn videos, photoshoots and compilations since. Most of them are with SAYUNCLE studios. Nick Floyd is a natural gay bottom toy boy. As far as Cade Maddox is concerned, he is the most-reviewed producer of gay adult content on this site. You can check it out by visiting my gay porn library. I also found some sort of a porn profile about Nick Floyd.

Wet Lust with Nick Floyd – The official description

Nick Floyd and I were prepping for our video. He told me he loves getting wet, so he joined me in the shower. Man, I love fucking in the shower! Especially with a slim sexy bottom boy such as himself. I edited this one with multiple angles and POV shots; I hope you enjoy it! And be sure to check out his socials, too!

Cade Maddox
Wet Lust with Nick Floyd by Cade Maddox

Gay porn review, ratings, and links for Wet Lust with Nick Floyd by Cade Maddox

Wet Lust. We all love it. At least most of us, I guess. I enjoyed watching this video, and it is evident that Cade put some good effort into it. Both, Cade and Nick Floyd performed very well. However, I have some reservations about photo preview and representation. I am talking about landscape photos being joined horizontally. In my opinion, it does not look the best. Those hooked vertically are fine. Anyway, if you are after my opinion about the whole project, I am happy to rate it with four and a half stars! Great job, Cade and Nick! I hope to see more of both of you again.

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