Are Gay Latino Boys the Hottest Fucker Mates?

Gay Latino boys Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce are the hottest addition to FuckerMate stars. All in for Him by Oscar Mishima – Review

Gay Latino boys Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce brought my levels of horniness to an absolute maximum. I was pleased to review another gay porn video directed by Oscar Mishima for FurkerMate Studio. It was a total sexual pleasure that kept me horny from the start to the end. I am in love with gay Latino boys. Particularly with gay Latino bottom boys. Have you ever fucked a Latino bottom boy? I did only once. I wish it were more than that. What do you think about them? Please use the comments box if you want to share anything with the rest of us.

I watched this video last Monday and then again today (Friday) for my final review. Ever since the first viewing, I have fantasised about that hot and so sexy mouth of Austin Pence wrapped around my cock. After seeing so many gay porn videos, I am tough to impress. However, “All in for Him”, starring Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce, impressed me. Do you know the feeling of getting so horny that it is almost painful? I got that horny when watching this video, the first and second time.

Franklin Acevedo

Imposing gay Latino top guy. This Venezuelan is 6’2″ (187 cm) tall and weighs 182 lbs. (83 kg). He is slim with a firm body and an extra-large uncut cock. Franklin started his career in the gay porn industry in 2018 and has clocked fifty-two gay porn movies for various studios. All his roles are as a gay top. And the impressive gay top he is. Most of his engagements seem to be with FuckerMate studio but not exclusively. Franklin Acevedo also has his content presented to the public through the OnlyFans platform.

The best head job in the town
Thick and XXXL cock sucked

Austin Ponce

May I start with one observation? He is beautiful. And he is a gay Latino bottom boy I would never let leave my bed. According to my reliable source, this is his FIRST gay porn video! I am sure he lost his virginity some time ago, but this is the closest you can get to observe! How many would kill for a slander body of his? Austin Ponce just joined the gay porn industry with this project. I will keep my eye on him for further development. May I make a prediction as well – He will turn into a big gay porn star. Remember what I just told you.

Don’t bite that huge cock boy

“All in for Him” – starring Franklin Acevedo and Austin Ponce by Oscar Mishima – FuckerMate studio production – the official description

Colombia is one of our favourite places to spot the hottest and most passionate guys. The horny mate Austin Ponce making his debut this week, comes from there and is no exception. When he meets our XXL ass-lover Franklin Acevedo, Austin’s willingness for rough sex goes wild while he gets down on his knees and welcomes that monster dick right into his mouth. So many inches of hard meat could have frightened anyone, not our Colombian newcomer.

That shows off all the skills of an experienced bottom when Franklin takes him from behind and sticks the huge raw dick deep inside his pulsating ass. Austin moans and begs to be fucked harder and harder: he ends up with his hole destroyed and his face covered in cum, but he is happy for giving relief to his hunger for cock!

My rating

“All in for Him” deserves top ratings in every sense. Both actors performed very well. They delivered a great pleasure and made me horny as hell. That is what gay porn is all about. Great camera works. I would like to congratulate FuckerMate and Oscar Mishima on consistently producing some of the best gay porn available. Giving it five stars without any hessitation. I can only urge you to get it and enjoy it yourselves.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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