Is Reno Gold blowing his load on Daniel Montoya?

Is Reno Gold wanking and blowing his hot load on Daniel Montoya in his latest gay porn video? The answer is – YES

The other day, Reno Gold released his latest gay porn video. Together with Reno Gold we have the opportunity to observe Daniel Montoya. These are two hot gay guys playing with each other cock and followers of either of them must be very excited about that.

I must admit one thing that is probably obvious. Obviously or not, here it is. I am not really convinced that wanking is considered to be as having sex. Particularly if we are talking about a solo act of sexual self-satisfaction. Even, when two guys are involved and are playing with each other’s cock. Do you agree or disagree with me? Please leave a comment.

Daniel Montoya is extremely popular on Twitter with 1.1 million followers! Similar to Reno Gold, he is very much into body building. Now, I will have to start guessing. I have found only one available video of Daniel Montoya being engaged in what I call the “real sex” (penetration required). In that particular clip he is performing as a bottom. I will assume, clip,therefore that Daniel Montoya is sort of versatile bottom. Here, I run into another dilemma. What is it. Again, without firm evidence, I am convinced that Reno Gold is rather a bottom boy. When and if he engages in anal sex. Please share your view on this.


Anyway, back to the business of reviewing the latest production by Reno Gold. If you like observing two very fit guys with well looked after bodies playing with each other, then you will like this video. Both actors are looking great and seem to be enjoying their erotic encounter even without violating each other’s body.

“Blowing my load on Daniel Montoya”

I finally got to blow my load all over Daniel Montoya and eat his famous bubble butt. 🤤
Check out his Twitter: @themasonblaze

Reno Gold

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