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Gay boys Club. Exclusive! Is it just my dream? It is more than just a dream. It is Club BelAmi – gay boys club

Gay boys club. I have been looking for one for quite some time. Is it just my dream? No, it is not my dream only. I found Club Belami – gay boys club. It is real. It is full of gay boys. Not gay men, but just boys. There is a difference, and you will see it. For gay men like me, gay porn is not just getting an erection that will erupt in ejaculation and then forget about it. Gay porn often does more than that. It can turn back the clock and bring some pleasant memories. Do you remember all those horny games we played?


This morning I posted another review. It is about gay porn orgy. It is great video and a good quality production. However, my type of sex and therefore the porn I prefer is more about gentle touch. Even in group scenes. I must admit of taking part in threesome several times but not in any group bigger than three. I have nothing against it. However, I prefer scenes with more intimate feel between two gay guys.

BelAmi gay boys club consistently produce gay porn that is more gentle and somehow romantic. Another thing about this studio is that all actors are boys in appearance. I did not notice any man-to-boy scenes. It seems to be just boy-to-boy sex and porn. Gentle and kissy.


Jim Durden, Hans Lagerfeld, and John Leto raw threesome – BelAmi Club

Jim is supposed to be the training supervisor in today’s scene between Hans and John. However, as we all suspected, he cannot remain on the sidelines. Barely a minute passes before he is in the thick of the action, and a good thing that is, too, as Jim can always be relied upon to turn up the heat in any encounter.

In this scene, John Leto is our Lucky Pierres. He takes turns sucking and getting fucked by our horny trainers.
Not to be left out, we have a surprise twist in the middle when Hans decides that he likes the look of getting fucked by Jim just a little too much and sidelines the newbie in favour of his pleasure. John doesn’t get entirely left out. After the two old pros have sown their seed all over each other, they return their attention to him to ensure that the session is one John will remember for quite some time.


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