College gay boy and fuckbuddy

College gay boy who brought his fuckbuddy to meet his old fuckbuddy for Thanksgiving

A college gay boy named Aiden Jacobs is heading back to his hometown with his fuckbuddy Benjamin Blue. It does not sound like much of a story to make a gay porn. Does it? Well, that is just one part of the story. If you get to know the whole story and watch the entire video, you will like it just as I did. What makes this story much more interesting (and sexually stimulating) is the fact that Aiden is taking his fuckbuddy to visit his old fuckbuddy. Where is that leading us?

Thanksgiving has always been a prime time for Aiden Jacobs. Ever since he was little, he has never missed his friend Gabriel Clark’s family Thanksgiving. And he wouldn’t miss it for the world. This year, he brought home a college buddy, Benjamin Blue, to meet his second family. After all, nobody should be alone on Thanksgiving. His college buddy is also his fuckbuddy. How convenient is that? Things are getting interesting if you follow up.

College is good for some sexual experimenting. When Aiden introduced his college fuckbuddy to meet his original fuckbuddy, he could tell they would get along from the moment they laid eyes on each other. After all, Benjamin sucks a mean cock, and the holiday is all about sharing. Gabriel soon finds out for himself, as he gets his cock sucked and has two gorgeous boys to play with! There’s nothing like rekindling old flames for the holidays, especially when it leaves Aiden covered in double buddy cum!

Back from College

College gay boy Aiden Jacobs will remember this Thanksgiving forever. Getting covered with cum from two of his fuckbuddies does not happen regularly. If you like threesomes, you will like this video. A friend of mine who is into group sex thinks the video is good. I have no objections to that at all. Do you? I have reviewed more of Masqulin videos, and you can check them out here

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