Gay Spit-Roast of Sean Weiss on the record

Gay Spit-Roast is gaining popularity! Just recently Rudy Gram and Vincent O’Reilly spit-roasted Sean Weiss. In front of cameras and recorded!

Spit-Roast (or Spit-Roasting) by Urban Dictionary: A three-way sex act in which a person is penetrated orally and either anally or vaginally. It is good to ensure that we all know what we are talking about here.

Sean Weiss describes himself as “Muscle bottom who also likes to top” on his Twitter page. Apart from being part of the Lucas Entertainment crew, Sean is also posting his own gay porn production on OnlyFans and Just For Fans.

Let’s share some fantasies. The name of the game is simple: How would I write scenario for this video? Why not. We are all production directors when it comes to gay porn. Every time you are in bed with another guy you are creating an original story. Let’s get creative!

Sean Weiss is a hot young punk who typically has a big attitude during the day, but when he’s in the bedroom, he turns into a submissive bottom bitch. That would be hard to figure out as he looks rather macho than submissive or feminine. He has tried many cocks, but his dream is to be squeezed between two tops in a spit roast. However, it is not easy finding two tops keen on being sexually adventurous.

Rudy Gram and Vincent O’Reilly spit-roasting Sean Weiss

Older folks will tell you that if you are looking for something hard enough, you might find it. Finally, young Sean managed to organise a little orgy with two other gay boys. Their names are Rudy Gram and Vincent O’Reilly. These two guys live together, and Sean Weiss was invited to come to their place for some hot fun.

There is one thing that Sean does not know. What is it, and how important is it? Well, it all depends. Sean does not know that there are several hidden cameras in the room, and everything will be recorded. Does he care? We don’t know that yet.

Are you bottom and craving to be speat-roast? Let us know in the comments section.

Oh, enjoy watching this great video by Lucas Entertainment.

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