Austin Young is Gay Boy for Sale

Austin Young is one of the biggest prizes on the Gay Porn Scene today

Austin Young is not a veteran of the gay porn scene but is one of the biggest stars today. He worked for many studios and also started the OnlyFans page for posting gay porn of his own creation. Austin would be one of my choice’s three most perfect bottoms today. However, he is not strictly bottom. Most of his roles are as a gay bottom boy. Because of his physique, he is also frequent on sites targeting the gay family genre.

Do you like bottoms that are small in size, slim and smooth? Or do you maybe prefer schoolboys? How about some relatives? If your answers to these questions are positive, then I am sure you would admire Austin Young. He is the boy that will get your erection working perfectly.

One of many productions made by Austin Young is The Prize, produced by the Boy for Sale studios. Imagine winning the prize that is a young, slim, smooth and tiny boy who will obey your instructions and try to please your sexual desires? What type of story can you associate with the “boy for sale”?

Fantasising about Austin Young as the prize

I am going to let my imagination lose. Porn is all about fantasies.

A much older guy owns young and beautiful Austin. Is he some sex slave? Let’s say that he is. If you had asked me, I would not know how he got into that position. That is probably not important for the story I am trying to make here. What is essential is the fact that young Austin has been handed over to another “owner”. His role will not change, though. His young boy-pussy will still be used. Is the new owner going to be gentler?

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