Who is Allen King – Hot Gay from Europe?

There is heaps to admire about Allen King. Welcome to more graphical presentation of this gay porn star from Europe!

There is a lot of stuff that people would like to know about Allen King – Hot gay from Europe. However, there is not much information about him available to the public. At least, I was not able to find much. This post will therefore be more graphics and less narrative. I am sure that most of you prefer it that way anyway. Before pictures, let’s see what about this hot gay porn actor and content producer is available!

Based in Barcelona, he films exclusively for Lucas Entertainment and produces super-hot content for his fan-subscription channels.

He has also been named the Best Jock at the 2022 Grabby Awards Europe! Congratulations!

There is also some information about Allen King available on Lucas Entertainment site:

The youthful, slender sex addict Allen King was born to have sex, and he’s not letting us down! Currently 28 years old, Allen lived in Madrid and was born in Bilbao. And his pure Spanish heritage comes across in his libido since he’s always ready to have sex.

After all, it’s why he decided to pursue adult modeling and filming:

“I wanted to be an actor and model because I like that people think I’m sexy and enjoy wanting to see me getting fucked. So, when I connected these three thing, that equaled porn!”

Allen King

When Allen (who considers himself 60 percent a bottom and 40 percent a top) is in bed with a guy, he especially enjoys using his mouth on his partner, both sucking dick and eating ass. The wildest place Allen ever had sex was in a cemetery filming a movie, and he’d love to one day fulfill his fantasy of getting fucked rough and raw by an on-duty policeman or servicemen.

Statistics and Graphics

I am not going to publish how big is his cock. You can search and find out. Or, I would suggest, try to imagine it. His cock certainly looks significant and potent, and bottom queens are probably a bit disappointed that he is more bottom than the top.

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